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By CinnamonMoon

Spiritual paths (whatever form they take) are laced with the use of tools to aid us in our work. Many question whether they should make them or purchase them or if they should be accepted as gifts from others. It really doesn't matter.

Tools that are handmade by you take on your essence in that process. You are focused in their construction on the use that particular tool will function by, you put your touch to it as you fashion it, and that seeds it with the energy you contain creating a bond. Some feel this is the only way to acquire them. I personally disagree. Not everyone has such talent, some prefer better quality in their tools than they are capable of achieving on their own, and there are numerous other reasons, some as simple as not having the time to devote to this kind of work.

Tools fashioned by others and purchased are just as effective. If something catches your eye, and speaks to you there is no reason you shouldn't acquire it if it's within your means to do so. If you do purchase a tool you are going to want to imprint it with your energy, often accomplished by a purification ritual and then placing it near you for a period of 7-30 days so it absorbs your energy. There are other rituals that are added to the process and I'll get to them in a minute.

Tools that come to us through Spirit's grace, gifts through nature, are meant to be accepted and embraced. We need to give thanks for the gift and the blessings it brings and we need to attune to it to know it's powers. Some tools that have been passed down through generations, or from Teacher to Student come to us as gifts too. In that case we are to again give thanks, take the time to know how to use it, and honor it.

Sometimes tools fall into our hands through circumstance, we are their Keepers. Their function does not serve our work, and we are to protect them for someone else until the time comes to pass them on. You will *know* when that time has arrived.

All tools are sacred. They should not be handled by others without your permission and you should never assume it is okay to pick up the tools of someone else. For one thing, the tool itself has its own energy and you may not like the reaction you have to it. Touching it connects your energy to its energy and can be disruptive to you and to the tool. Always ask for permission and do not be insulted or take it personally if it is not granted. Many practitioners let no one touch them. Respect their wishes. Respect your tools as sacred and keep them out of reach from curious hands.

Once a tool is fashioned, there are certain rituals (these vary according to the path or tradition you follow) to consecrate them, giving them sacred blessing and bringing their energy to life. In most cases, this will involve presenting the tool to Spirit, and passing it through the four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth in ceremonious fashion. Many like to expose them to the elements over a period of 30 days (a full Moon Cycle) before using them.

Prior to any consecration ceremony or process, the tool is "Loaded". Loading your tool is a ritual way of adding your essence to it. This Loading generally consists of adding your body's essence through a blood deposit. For instance, if you are making a Prayer Staff, working Staff, or a Wand, perhaps even a wooden knife hilt, you would prick your finger (cactus thorns work great and are less painful than needles), letting three drops of blood fall to a piece of 100% cotton (cotton balls are great for this). A small hole drilled into the tool (usually the end you hold it by) is then filled with the cotton plug and sealed with white candle wax (beeswax if you have that available). You want to use natural substances. Once Loaded the tool is then decorated.

Decorating your tool consists of inscriptions. You may want to use ancient script, Runic symbols, or other symbolic representations that are akin to the work or ownership of the tool itself. This can be done by painting them on, using a wood burner, or carving them into the wood. Knife blades are often etched in this way. Other decorations can include adding beads or adornments such as fetishes, stones, and feathers. These adornments should also hold symbolic meaning and contribute to the work of the tool in some way or at bare minimum, enhance the tool with your personal totemic essences.

There are times, in the Dream Lodge, during Journeywork, or in a Vision that we are shown specific tools. These tools will either come to us in some way or they are to be fashioned by hand. In either case it often takes time to acquire the tool but with it you are also instructed on when and how to use it. Pay attention to these things. They are important factors to your pathwork and will guide you along the way to make the acquisition.

I do want to take the time here to note an important warning. When someone wants to gift you with a tool, the only time it should be accepted is if you know the person well, and are comfortable with the gift. If a stranger wants to gift you, there could be deception involved and you need to ask Spirit if it is right for you to receive it or not. Do not hesitate to excuse yourself long enough to ask that question and receive your answer. It is very important you are certain it is right for you.

Having shared this much, I am more than willing to discuss construction of tools with you. If you are interested, please post your questions and I will address the specific tools brought to this thread. When it comes to constructing tools, I'd like to stay on topic so with those posts, please title them with the name of the tool itself and that way we'll have easy access for others who may be looking for the information too. Thank you for that courtesy.

Hi Cinnamon, I was wondering about the singing bowl, and for what purposes it was used for in Shamanic Healing. I think it is one of the most beautiful sounding things I've heard. I have found somewhere which sells them, but the person behind the counter unfortunately couldn't tell me much about it. I had a Shamanic healing once before where it was used at various parts of the body...do you know any more about this? Thank you.

I’m not familiar with this practice enough to address it so I spoke with Raven (my blood-sister) by phone and she has not heard of this either. However, a very seasoned Healer is coming to town this weekend and she will be working with her and ask about the Singing Bowl. She also said that she would check her own resources to see if she could learn anything.

What comes to mind for me is that Water is (in the Cherokee tradition) First Medicine...it purifies. So the Bowl of Water would be placed by the inflicted area to be healed, a song sung into it...a Medicine Healing Song...and the purification of the infliction would hence take place. A baton of sorts is worked around the rim of certain bowls creating a tone that is healing too but that’s about all I can tell you about the practice. I’ve never looked into it really. I'll see what she shares with me on this but that's what would make sense to me from the teachings I've had and putting the pieces together on that basis. I'm hoping to be back with more for you to work from though.

Thanks Cinnamon! I look forward to hearing more! The tool she uses is a metal bowl with a round wooden baton type thingy (I think that is the correct technical term ). The bowl is placed in one hand, and the other hand, using the baton in contact with the bowl, circles the outside lip. The contact of the wood on the bowl as it moves around builds up a vibration and the bowl literally begins to sing. The sound is incredible...very metallic and changes pitch as it circles the dimpled metal bowl. I would gather that it’s the use of its sonic vibration that creates the use of the tool and as you mentioned when used in certain places it does...certain things (sorry to be simple)...but...out of interest, she also does use a bowl of scented water and sings into with a powerful and piercing shrill...quite amazing. When I go back to Australia in November for a couple of weeks I would like to go and see her so I'll try to find out more.

Simple is always the truth of the matter. Never apologize for truth. In what you've shared it is the creating of a sound vibration that will penetrate the body for healing at a cellular level. I don't know this particular technique and it may be unique to the Aboriginal teachings. Perhaps when Lune swings by she'd know about this too. She's a Singer herself, though her Songs are to the Land, she may be aware of this method. Yes, if you gather more insight please share. It's always interesting to learn new things like this. Thank you!

Wildlite, singing bowls are very popular in healing. Their frequency assists in shattering blockages in the chakras or energy centers. There are different varieties, such as the copper bowls in the Tibetan healing culture (Tibetan singing bowls), and the Crystal singing bowls that have started to become more popular over the last 3 years.

For those who are interested in a link to a piece of meditation music with crystal singing bowls: crystalmusic.com

In the table there, it says "click and listen". Do that, sit back and enjoy (don't be too generous with volume of speakers to start off with... adapt it to your comfort level once it's playing). Don't forget to relax. An interesting aspect of this particular piece of music for me is that I can feel the different bowls on different parts of my body, corresponding with the chakra areas. It can be overwhelming if you're not expecting it, so hence the warning.

There's quite a lot of info via google if you search for "singing bowls", "crystal healing bowls", that kind of thing. The frequency of this kind of sound is quite the experience. The first time I heard a crystal bowl (it was one made for the first chakra, but I didn't know that at the time), I burst out in tears, felt something shatter around my uterus, and had to pee and cry non-stop for days. But BOY WAS IT BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

It's very beautiful and I thank you for sharing this Mouse. I could feel tingling in my feet and hands and the whole body relaxed and "rode" the music. It's so nice!

Oh mouse you sweetie! perfect! exactly what I wanted to hear. Thank you! Isn't it one of the most beautiful sounds you've heard? I've found a great place that sells them and I think it has been calling me...so I'm saving every penny (they aren't cheap!) Will research more now, thank you.

Unregistered Guest:
Oh that was soooooo amazing, thanks for sharing the link, Mouse. Very relaxing, very soothing. I felt the energy flowing through me, and very strangely, a tingling in the back of my throat.

I know them as Tibetan singing bowls. I haven't heard of crystal singing bowls, but you can get a crystal wineglass to sing so hey! I was taught the Tibetan singing bowls are made of a number of different kinds of metals, all layered into one bowl. Hmmm, sounds great. I LOVE the sound of them. The first time I got to play one I just couldn't get enough of them.

And I will never forget a very strange incident in Brisbane. I was staying in a backpackers, and was so tired and gone to bed quite early, so the dorm was empty but for me. I was woken by this singing that I recognized as a Tibetan singing bowl. It was so surreal. A backpackers is not quite the place you would expect one. The next day I don't know how it came up, but one of the people staying, I realized they had this bowl so I told them I had heard it last night. He was quite embarrassed because he had found what he thought was a quiet place where he wasn't disturbing people to play it. But it was so nice coming to gradual consciousness to it.

Wildlite, where are you going to be in Australia? They are not that expensive here where I live.

The singing into a bowl of scented water... Sound is the most amazing tool for healing. I sing quite a bit to heal, or straighten out energy. It just takes things straight to spirit. I am waiting for a friend of mine to get Internet access. She is the most gorgeous singer you have ever heard, and she uses singing all the time in her healings. It is spine-tingling.

If you want to experiment yourself, take a focus, like say singing the chakras clear or whatever, then sing straight from your heart both figuratively in that you let whatever sound come to you come, and literally let the sound/energy from your heart chakra rather than think of it as coming from your throat. Then you won't get a sore throat!

I was in awe the first time I ever heard the singing bowl, I think it is one of the most beautiful sounding things that man has made! In Australia, I'm going back home to Perth for a month and yes that's a good idea about getting one there as it will be so much cheaper! I'm not sure where I could find one in Perth...any ideas? I'm sure at some stage I will stumble on to one by "co-incidence".

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