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Ouija Boards: Good or Bad? Discussion.
By WolfSpirit

Hi Guys, The subject of Ouija boards came up in a recent discussion - and so I thought I would ask the question of at SL. What do you think of Ouija boards - are they a valid method off divination or something more sinister? Are they good, bad or neither? Does it depend on the reason for use and/or who is using it? Just wondered what people thought!

Greetings! In my experience tools are not positive or negative. When working with the Ouija I have had both experienced. IMHO! It is a door. I have learned to protect any door I open. I usually use a white light to filter any harmful energies. Stating, "Only energy for my highest good and for the highest good of any who come in contact with this energy may come through." Grounding and smudge work for me also. Just my two cents worth.

Ouija boards... as a tool they are neither good nor bad. ...but a lot of harm has come to people, by just playing with it, like using it as a parlor game. I think one should have a pretty good idea what kind of entities can come through, and be able to handle them. ....and, of course, do all these things Tarra recommended! IMHO

I agree. When growing up we had one in the home as a parlor game and my mother loved it. I've used them myself, and I've had both good and mischievous spirits come through. I do not feel they in themselves are bad, but the person working them needs to not see it as a toy. It is a tool, and like any tool it needs to be handled appropriately, held sacred, and precautions taken. The trouble comes when that tool is placed in inexperienced hands. As a game the Ouija Board is going to open a door for any entity to come through. There is no guarding of the sacred space, no preparation, just opening up to whatever influence wants to be hanging around. Then trouble slips through that door at the first opportunity and I've seen abuse come from those working with it as well as spirits on the other side of it enjoying the opportunity to connect and serve their own needs. Personally I did not allow my children to play with it for that reason and I did not allow it in my house. It's just too tempting when you're not watching them. I taught them other forms of divination instead and knew they were much safer. The reason for this was that in other forms of divination they were relying on their own skills and level of control. With the Ouija Board often many gather around it and the more there are the less secure the situation. One person is all it takes to be careless and the rest will suffer for it. So to be in error on the side of caution I would recommend that it not be given to children to play with. Or adults. That's careless in my eyes.

They are easily manipulated both consciously and subconsciously so one needs to be very aware of what they’re doing. If it came with this knowledge in the directions that would be different but

by law those directions cannot provide that type of claim or they get into religious freedom, teaching, and other laws that make it an illegal item. It is, for those reasons, sold as a "game" for amusement. It's often called a Witch Board too...a name that grew out of the negative results and became a way of scaring people away from this "evil thing". It's not evil, but it can wreak havoc if not seen for what it is and used appropriately. IMHO

I have the Path Finder talking board I bought about a year or so back. I've protected myself and grounded myself, and have tried to use it several times, but nothing ever happened. I don't know if it’s the type of board it is, or if it’s me, or if my guides protect me. I've tried to do this alone and with others, so don't know what’s going on or if I am doing it wrong. I do agree, I think it’s not a game, and I think it shouldn't be sold as a game. I've gone to investigations where the kids played with the board and invited all kinds of trouble with it. Shame on Parker Brothers.

MizzMo, just a thought. Maybe this board of yours doesn't *talk* to you, because of the work you do. You do not need a board to get contact? Not every tool works for everybody. That just doesn't seem to be tool for you.

*Sighs and nods in agreement with you, Mizz.* This is a very old controversy with Parker Brothers. Money won the argument and their profits are more important. On the up side of that, it is a tool made available, and with proper teaching it is a good one. The down side is the fact that it does fall into incapable/inexperienced hands due to ignorance and that's as much society's fault as theirs.

Wisowl, reading your post gave me a solid validation, maybe I don't need it. Cinn, its always about the money it seems. Kind of Pathetic in my book.

Hi all. Thanks for your comments! I was not aware that it was sold as a "game", that actually quite shocks me....The reason I asked the question is that I know a few people who have "messed" with it without knowing what they are doing - and almost without exception they have had major problems in their lives - now whether this is more down to the type of people who would "play" with something like this - maybe this is more probably the case. Personally I do not like them - despite the fact that I have never even seen one! But I can see that they could be a valid tool, in the right hands, as per the comments above. Thanks guys!

Unregistered Guest:
I recently purchased a board. A friend of mine visits a spiritualist, he told this guy about my intentions of using a board. This spiritualist freaked out, he told my pal about a story of a girl he tried to help, she was attacked by an evil spirit, he showed him scars that were caused by this spirit. He wants me to phone him to talk me out of using a board. I feel confident enough to use one in the correct manner but this guy’s reaction has kind of put a spanner in the works. I am

very interested in the darker side of life, always have been. I want to give it a go but I now have a nagging voice in the back of my head warning me..........

Hello, if you are not "really" sure - and I mean REALLY - then do not use it. I am not used to Ouija Boards but I am used to work with tools. If there is an inner voice telling you not to use it or not to use it right now - then at least I would recommend to wait till you are really sure. I learned that to hold a tool we need a stable basis. Otherwise a tool will not really help or we will not be able to hold what comes as a gift from a tool. Or it might have an impact we do not really want...We are stepping into realms that we yet do not know. We need a stable basis to start - and to come back healthy and well. Allow yourself some time to be with this. This is what I may recommend. To use the time to learn and to see/feel whether a stable ground establishes. Otherwise - and I can only speak for me - I would not use a tool I do not feel well with. I would really trust my inner voice then. May be this is a gift you receive right now - to establish a stable connection to your inner voice. I also learned that it may be that we get what we need without a tool - maybe there is something developing in you and the Ouija Board was just a little hint to look deeper inside... I also would not start to be "angry" about what the person said. It may be that he was the speaker for something good - that you really might look inside whether you need this tool or whether it is in yourself to get the answers you are looking for. I experienced that sometimes I was gifted with a "tool" and that then I did not "need" it because the things developed inside. The tool was just a kind of mechanism that allowed my inner tools to develop - a kind of fertilizer that in the end was not "needed". This is what I may offer as an answer for now. If it is not too personal may I ask which kind of interest it is you have in the darker side and why? Please feel free not to answer if you do not want to or if it is too personal - it is just a question to get to know you a bit more. May be the answer would fit more in the "Welcome forum" - it feels better there... It is just a suggestion...

Regarding the Ouija Board: I myself have used it as a tool, but never by myself. I say used, because ever since my friend Lou moved away, I have not found anyone, who I felt, would be able to handle the board, the entities, etc. So both boards are just sitting for now, they are covered up, & in a safe place. Both boards that I have, have been blessed in 2 ways. My friend Lou used a White Witchcraft blessing on them, when they were received; plus I myself obtained holy water & blessed both boards. One is of the original size from the 1960's; the 2nd is a smaller version from the 1990's. Before we used the board, we would meditate, we envisioned a bright white light around each of us, the board, the room & the house and we most definitely grounded ourselves. And only good spirits have come through. Now, the Ouija board is Not a toy! Should Never be used as a fun game! And should Never be sold in game stores & toy stores, that Parker Brothers ships it to. If the user of the board Does Not know what they are doing, & feels that "oh wow, nothing will happen to me". They are just

fooling themselves & as WiseOwl stated: "one should have a pretty good idea of what kind of entities can come through". (Séances should also have a huge warning label on them: Not A Parlor Game, Beware!!) Also, if you are having nagging thoughts in the back of your head NOT to use the board. That may well be your spirit guide warning you to stay away. I feel that you should Definitely Listen to your spirit guide! Do Not Use The Board! But these are just my opinions.

One of the people I know who used the board was walking a spiritual path and was a teacher of mine for a while - and perhaps this person came off the worst -as NorthernStar pointed out - if an inner voice tells you to leave alone, then this is what I would do. My friend did all the things Friend to animals said to protect herself and she was in a circle of experienced spiritualists and still came out of the experience badly. If you are interested in the shadow side, then perhaps you have a propensity to be effected by it, and that could leave you vulnerable. I can also recount my own experiences when I first started walking a spiritual path, based on the teachings of the friend noted above. From her beliefs, I believed that dark spirits were everywhere, waiting to catch me out when I was unprotected. A lot of learning later, such fears have largely left me. The fact that you are concerned about scare stories might lead me to believe that you are not really ready to go down this route - regardless of whether the story you heard is real or not and whether such entities do exist. A fear has been created that, if we are to believe in evil spirits, is the kind of fear that could be latched onto. Regardless of any protection you might bring to the proceedings, this positive energy could disappear should a negative situation arise, leaving you vulnerable to your fears. Just my thoughts and said in highest interests

Hi Wolfie, I've never used one personally, but have spoken to people who have. Working with any tool, if centerd, grounded & protected with pure & good intent, nothing should go wrong. Some people see it as a novelty, and have no idea what-so-ever of what they're actually doing with it. They think it'll be a laugh to try it, then end up doing more harm than good.

I got one with a magazine I buy weekly, it came as a poster and it was called an Angel board, it said you could contact your angels and spirits too. It said you need to treat the spirits with respect or else etc. I tore it up and threw it out as I knew I would be tempted to use it and until I sit down to learn it fully and take part in the practice of one with "experts" people that know what they are doing I don't want to touch them.

WalksWith, Yes. I agree - and I think that that is how my friend got unstuck - and why she stayed unstuck ever since!

In college a friend had a Ouija board. We settled ourselves down to "play" with it. I don't remember any of the messages we received. But I do remember that all of a sudden we both startled and looked at each other. I know that I felt a presence and a warning to stop what we were doing. She asked in a whisper, "You feel it too?" I nodded and we threw the board on the floor and ran out of the room. We went to my room and spoke little for a while. Eventually, she left. We never used the board again. Didn't even speak about it to anyone. I haven't touched a Ouija board since. We went where we shouldn't have gone. We weren't ready for that kind of contact at that point in our lives. I know that I was very fear-filled, despite my youthful ready-to-take-on-the world attitude at the time. It's 30 some years later and I am still very wary of using tools unless I am guided to do so. Just as our guides are unique to each of us, so are the tools we should use. We are guided to the ones which will bring us and the good of all the most benefit.

As a child, we thought it was a board game and we would sort of push it towards the answer we would want, so that led to much skepticism on my part as I got older. Though, had a girl's night with 2 friends as an adult a few years ago, and we certainly didn't lead it, and it restated something that had been said to me in a reading a few months prior…mixed feelings on them, but the energy that was about us that night was almost electric. Was such an experience.

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