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Body Language
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It's becoming increasingly accepted in what is called "mainstream allopathic medicine" that there is a correlation between the soul and the body. I am coming from that perspective here. For me, a physical ailment is a sign from Spirit telling me that something is up. It has become necessary for me to become aware of it more acutely, thus a material manifestation of the issue appears.

There are several ways in which one can "read" the ailment.

One of them is through physical action. What action is restricted by the ailment? Testing the actions that are possible with that part of your body can give you an idea. When does it hurt most? What associations do you have with that action? Are you acting appropriately or accordingly, or is something blocking that action?

Another way of determining what the ailment might indicate, is to find sayings and expressions that are associated with that part of your body. Picking up a dictionary to find sayings about that body part might be very useful. Shrugging something off, elbowing your way through something, something making you want to puke, kick someone's butt. They can be more colloquial expressions, and more traditional.

A third way to figure out what the message might be, is to literally see what that part of your body does, and how that could translate to your spiritual well-being. Stomach is about digestion, bowels are about elimination, lungs are about breathing and air, teeth are about grinding and biting into something.

Then there is the symbolism that is culturally attached to body parts. The heart is about love. The head is rational. Eyes are windows to the soul. Index fingers are pointers. Feet are symbols of footing.

A more abstract approach could be to see in which general area of the chakra system the ailment is. Is this the first ailment you have had in that general area, or are there recurring problems near that chakra? What energy center is it? What insight can you get from that association?

Last but not least: sometimes we don't need an ailment to draw our attention to something. Sometimes it is a series of bumps, stumblings, bruises or cuts. Needing elbow space or being alerted to a situation of elbow rubbing. Needing grounding when constantly stubbing a toe. Needing clarity or focus when bumping a head. Needing to handle something. Making a knee fall. Pointing something out… the list goes on.

I've focused mainly on the external body, yet the same goes for organs and internal body processes. When working with this style of gaining insight, it is not meant to replace the care of a physician. In fact, a physician can often help in homing in on the particular ailment. The body could very well still need medical treatment, but the process of healing could be assisted by gaining insight into the spiritual lesson behind the ailment.


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