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High Blood Pressure
By Mouse

Not enough love for yourself, self-repression. Unconsciously holding back and repressing
emotions, often holding on to experiences as a child. You seek, by *thinking*, for solutions on a
confused way, you can't see it clearly. As an adult, just like when you were a baby, you still look
up to people, systems or Authorities outside yourself. Your heart is tightened because you deny
yourself your own full Self-Worth. You would like to acknowledge your Solar Plexus, your SunCenter,
and you show it in a tough way to the external world, but in a way this is only an Ostrich
attitude: sorrow, feelings of unworthiness, humiliation that you've endured in the past, you were
possibly born with these feelings of self-crushing, you feel powerless and tiny like a baby. You
would like to manifest yourself strongly! There is an inner resistance against this unconscious
self-lowering: the blood pressure increases. Because you don't resolve emotional problems by
stepping over them and hiding yourself behind the mask of the tough Hero. Look into your heart:
why do you not love yourself the way you are? Which elements within yourself do you
condemn? Do you think some of your feelings are "bad" because past conditioning spoon-fed
you that "this was just not done"? Are you so afraid of your feelings that you put these feelings
away with such force? Have you been taught that emotions, feelings and relationships with
others are unreliable and threatening to the human race? Or do you mistrust your own deep
energies and feelings and do you think that they will suck you away into a vortex, a whirlpool?

Do you not dare to show your feelings for others? Do you not dare to acknowledge your own
softness? Do you try to camouflage yourself with a hard shield? You can't truly move forward,
you are jogging on the spot because you are not resolving these problems with your true inner
feelings. You force yourself, and reach further than you can… Because you don't trust the nature
of your feelings, because you deny your self-worth, you become afraid of death. Fear...

Stop running from reality regarding your feelings by looking at false hopes. Dare to take a close
look at your deepest feelings. Slowly move forward, based on both sides: don't switch off your
emotional side in preference of your cognitive side. You have thought enough now. Cherish the
soft, smaller feelings within you and don't follow the cold, rigid example of perhaps those who
raised you. Nobody can say what is good for you, so only follow your own heart. Dare to let
those soft, living energies of joy and pleasure through. Stop distancing from yourself, stop
looking at yourself with a stern or punishing eye; welcome yourself. When this split within you
has been resolved, you can feel a love for yourself that will chase away fears. Resolve the
pressures in your life; the pressures of self-denial and self-rejection. You drew the circumstances
of the past towards yourself unconsciously, convinced that you, as a person, in the core, are not
worthy of experiencing joy and to be as you are. That was a self-destructive attitude with all the
subsequent consequences. Be convinced NOW that it is good to be as you feel. Live!

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