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Here is a transcript of the English version of Migraine from Christiane Beerlandt's book "The
Key to Self- Liberation". Please understand that this from the book, not from me.

I did suffer from migraines during my teenage years, and looking at that time with the insights from this
book do give a pretty darn good picture of where I was at, at the time of the migraines. In part
my healing from the migraines came from stepping onto the path of my intuition, and stepping
away from my parents, yet the healing was strongly supported by several visits to a chiropractor.
I only rarely have a migraine now, and will re-read the below text to help identify which lessons
are needing reviewing. I hope it helps you (those who suffer from migraines) in your path to
clarity and healing.

© Christiane Beerlandt,
from "The Key to Self-Liberation"

If one takes away the left side of the triumphal Arch, then the entire structure collapses. If you,
as a child of humanity, cut yourself off from that motherly, intuitive, emotional source in you,
then migraine can manifest itself.

Insufficient awareness of your own worth. You see yourself through the eyes of others. You
condemn yourself according to the norms of your parents, according to people to whom you
subordinate yourself. Paternal authority pushes away the gentle, peaceful feelings.

You don’t at all live according to your spontaneous nature. Perhaps you give the impression that
you are authentic, but you are misleading yourself.

Migraine now calls on you to be who you are, completely, in all rectitude, not to be the way you
are “supposed to be”, nor to appear a certain way in order to please others, nor to try to satisfy
that part of you which represents the authority of parents!

In this way, also, your emotional life – your spontaneous emotional flow – is being tied down.
You have, for instance, the feeling of being stuck to the Authority of your father, your mother,
your employer, etc., or you bow to another dominant “Eye” that constantly supervises you. But
this severe eye really lives inside yourself: you constantly place yourself under control. The
environment is just a reflection of this.

You are too dependent on what “people” think or say about you. You still always place
Authority outside yourself, or in a voice inside you that isn’t really a living voice.

You don’t dare to really autonomously live from your true nature! This leads to inner conflict.
Your emotional world battles to be free while you constantly suppress your nature. Migraine
raises the white flag, asks for a cease fire! After all, the eye with which you supervise yourself
really means thinking and fretting, lingering too much over problems; ruminating anxiously on
your problems because you try too much to control everything with your “reason” and your
senses, without daring at all to trust your intuition. Moreover, you are experiencing your deep
emotions, your rich emotional world, as threatening; you hold on to authority outside yourself.
You scarcely dare to build upon your own deepest Core, your fundamentally strong Living Self.
Because of this, you fixate endless “thoughts” on certain small problems: you are afraid to fail or
you think you aren’t doing things right.

You don’t trust in your intuitive, inner knowledge; you distance yourself from your feelings; you
ignore an important part of yourself. Migraine, therefore, attacks mostly “one-sidedly” in the

However smoothly you function via your outer ego, your freedom is deceiving: it is not freedom,
but imprisonment. You don’t really live from your total self, but habits cause you to not even
know who you are anymore – who you are separate from your upbringing, separate from
indoctrinating restrictive rules. It all has stuck to you like a second skin. (Don’t reproach
anybody: after all, you’ve attracted everything yourself, consciously or unconsciously.) You feel
like a victim who can be hurt.

Possibly, you’ve attracted in life a cold, dominating figure because you’ve also relegated your
emotional life to the cold, the shadow.

Find rest in yourself, relax, allow your brain to cool off, surrender completely to a deep, restful
maturity within. Now acknowledge your Worth and build your existence in an autonomous, selfassured
way; uncouple yourself from bindings or the Authoritarian Voice under which you have
placed yourself, and because of which you can’t spontaneously be yourself.

Become aware of the armor in which you suffocate yourself, throw out the nervous thinking
pattern, and live according to your personal nature. Don’t be afraid that you’re not good enough:
if you live in harmony with yourself, if you don’t deny your originality, then you can consider
yourself honest, good and pure. Dare to live from your deepest core! Stop self-curtailment; no
longer look at yourself through the eyes of others. Don’t desire to be like this or like that: be

With migraines you call yourself to order, harshly and severely! As long as you refuse to
acknowledge in yourself your inner greatness, the central authority, you will possibly call up
sever pointing fingers in your surroundings “as a result” of this – or do you have this feeling at
least, for in reality this doesn’t have to be: this “for as long as needed” dictator lives then first of
all within yourself. On the one hand, this calling to order of yourself, via migraines, bringing
yourself home within your own circle of wisdom, is necessary. But, on the other hand, this
happens rather harshly and painfully. Is this perhaps because otherwise you would not listen to
this demand to “return” into yourself?

Punishing yourself, also, because unconsciously you know that you have denied or neglected
yourself in LOVE and GENTLENESS’ acknowledge that grand, broad power in your being, and
stop punishing yourself now; stop directing yourself again and again toward minor things, things
outside yourself. Now, resolve to place the Authority inside yourself, no longer placing the
“priority” in things and people outside yourself. In this way your head will reach inner rest and at
the same time sense that you, as a Worthy, Loving Master, are ready to navigate your ship of life.

It is also asked of you to realize how secure and protected you can feel inside yourself: you, in
your divine, powerful being. That nothing or no one can take down that strong giant of a Human
Being – who you are – as long as he attunes himself to his great Heart, to Life, to his powers and
not to: “Look at this!”, or “How do others do it?” or trying to “force something through no
matter what”, “instinctively desiring” or sheer “sex without love” or “hard ambition” etc.
After all, this indicates only that you as a human being insufficiently realize and use your
creative powers, that you still have to discover the greatness of your Human Nature!

The chain has to come off your neck; you feel suffocated. It is YOU who keeps you suffocated – not one or
another Jupiter, pedantic index finger from the outside! Detach yourself, feel free, and no longer
take your breath away by acting like a tyrant toward yourself, nor by deviating from the
Highway of Life.

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