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New Information for Asthmatics
By Silver Eagle Dream Dancer

Being open in Freedom and Trust to yourself, to others. The Light of our Awareness is finding
its way to a new dimension: the nervous system functions as an important receive-send
communication system. The nerve cells react immediately to changes in our conscious or
unconscious experiences. Communication with our deepest Self, communication –through all
matter and distance- with others. Nerve channels transport messages. Through feedback, through
pain signals in our bodies, we understand what it is we need to "change" in our bodies.
Becoming Aware is a very important process; the nerves in our brains immediately make it clear
to us when we are on the wrong track, when we are exclusively applying our rational mind, and
switch off the intuitive channels; we would then get nervous and tense.

A healthy exchange between the rational, logical on the one hand, and the intuitive, emotional on
the other hand is necessary in order to lead a calm, joyous life. When we open ourselves in trust
to our inner Self, fears will vanish. You are in touch with yourself, with your body. You enjoy
stimulation of the senses and sensual pleasures. An atmosphere of gentle peace, a deep primal
trust in your deepest Self and in life: your nervous system receives these Awareness experiences
and transmits it to all possible directions. You radiate: to others, to each fibre in your body.

Electro-magnetic forces also move through the nerve channels; you send, you receive. A balance
between the Aware you, the here and now, and your deepest Self is necessary for a good health,
so that you can find support within yourself, safety and comfort and security, so that you would
not hold onto others and other things outside yourself. When you don't trust your Self, your
nerves will run amuck; when you don't open yourself to those light energies inside yourself, you
will feel caught, fearful and dark. The nervous system immediately translates how much you are
open to the Living Light in full Trust, or in which amount you close yourself off to this inner
light, so that you cannot really feel free and relaxed: you hurt yourself. If you refuse to
acknowledge mastership of yourself, then you can go "haywire", nuts, paranoid or full of panicky
fears. Pent up emotions, mistrust, disbelief, and self-destruction "weigh down" and "slow down"
the light vibration of your nerves; sad signals reach all parts of your body, until eventually the
negative can nest itself in the form of an ailment or growth.

It is also necessary for healthy nerves that you don't "leak" from the top, through your head, into
higher realms, so that you would lose all contact with the Earth, with your body: Stay here,
within certain earthly structures, don't flee to much into dreams and thoughts. But don't restrict
your intuition, your receptive channels; free yourself and open yourself to the most beautiful
experiences. Feel safe, in surrender to life, aware of your worth. You know, you feel what you
must do in each moment, when you listen to those messages and signals within yourself. A basic,
primal trust in this inner clock. You don't close your ears to these messages, you don't close your
eyes. You are fully open; you are aware of your unlimited possibilities concerning
communication, transmission power and the power of radiation.

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