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When Healing is Dangerous
By 2CrowWoman

I'm reading an interesting book at the moment about shamanism and healing. ("Shaman Healer
Sage" by Alberto Villoldo) I've actually been "reading" it for two years and only reach chapter
three, but there was a wedding and immigrating to Scotland in between. He made a point that I
hadn't thought about. He says how people need to be aware that random healing can be
dangerous, even with the best intentions. He cites a case of a woman with cancer. Her church
group held a group prayer healing for her.. and the cancer sped up to double speed with all the
extra energies. I hadn't thought about that, that some diseases you really don't want to send
energy to, like cancer. Anyone have any comments? This is a new line of thought for me.


I know for myself when I do healing work, I don't focus on the disease itself, but more on
returning the spirit and body to a state of optimal well-being.


I am with Katt, here. I would do it the same way!


I tend to wait until someone asks for healing, or if it isn't asked yet I feel they are *wanting* to
ask, I ask them if I may send ...Then, I don't send it to the person directly, or to the disease. I
send the healing energy to their higher spirit so that their higher spirit can decide what is best
for the person at which moment and at which strength. Sometimes all I am shown to do, is send
them the message that Spirit's energies are always there to connect with. Sometimes that
message is silent, sometimes it is spoken.


Hmmm...interesting. I send healing to the *whole* person and ask Spirit to heal what needs
healing according to his will. It's not my focus that is important, but Spirit's.


I personally ask Spirit to guide and send healing to the areas of the person and their family and
friend lives where it is needed in order for them to overcome the trying time. I do ask for the
return of the sick person's health, that I always do. Over it all I do say this is what we feel is
needed but You know what is best for all and I pray that you lend understanding and guidance
through it all. I have learned that there is so much more within the web-fabric of life; there have
been times if it was not for the sickness, healing and growth would have never occurred
elsewhere in places that have been forgotten, buried, or unrealized.


I only send healing with permission from the person. Same way as I don't impose my will on
someone for a hands on healing. I wait to be asked and if they don't ask I respect the fact that
they don't want a healing session for whatever reason they have. I can't judge what is 'right' for
another person. It's the same with Dolphin, he knows he can ask me for healing if he has a
problem. Now and again I may say that he can always ask me for healing and then sit back and
wait for his decision. Even if he doesn't ask and keeps on complaining about a problem I have to
respect this even though I may think it would be such a good help to be involved in a session
with him. To be honest I wouldn't like anyone sending me energy if I hadn't asked for it. I don't
mind prayers and good wishes but I would want to ask for healing. I'd want to know who was
'meddling' with my energy field and what their intentions were. In fact I'm careful who I ask for
healing. As you pointed out the outcome isn't as a person may anticipate when they think they
are 'helping'.


I totally agree Maat Actually, people sending impromptu and un-asked for energy for healing
disturbs my energy quite strongly, and depending on the reason behind the uninvited healing
energy, it can actually feel very invasive, demanding, clingy and disruptive.


While I agree Alberto Villoldo is a good writer, I found some contradictions in his interpretation
of the energy levels according to what I have been taught. The techniques elaborated are his own
synthesis and interpretation of ancient healing practices and he strongly emphasizes that they
must be employed with the highest code of ethics and integrity ... and I do agree, this is an
"absolute." This book was an interesting read, and since I do practice "energy" healing, I agree,
one must be dedicated to developing ethics and values grounded upon a deep reverence for all
life. As a Reiki Master, even though I know Reiki can never do harm, I always wait until I am
asked and receive permission before sending Reiki or any other healing. I love the gentle energy
of Reiki as it always knows what a person needs and will adjust itself to create the effect that is
appropriate for them. One never need worry about whether to give Reiki or not. It is always
helpful. In addition, because the practitioner does not direct the healing and does not decide what
to work on, or what to heal, the practitioner is not in danger of taking on the karma of the client.
Because the practitioner is not doing the healing, it is also much easier for the ego to stay out of
the way and allow the presence of Spirit to clearly shine through.


Lotus, may I ask you a question about the use of Reiki? It is an experience my mother had. I am
not asking this on behalf of my mother, but on behalf of my own curiosity. My mother was at
church one day. As she was in church, she felt something very unpleasant coming from behind.
About two rows back, a person was holding up hands in her direction, smiling a big smile at her
and nodded in a form of acknowledgement. My mother knew it was energy being sent to her, but
it didn't feel right at all. (She's a healer who works with energy professionally and recognizes
healing Spirit energy/disruptive lower-self energy). She shook her head at the person, indicating
as quietly as she could to please stop. But the person did not stop. Over the next ten minutes or
so, my mother continued to feel the energy, and had to shield herself from it. She felt the energy
was pulling her out of balance, that the energy was trying to draw out her own energy and that it
was pulling her toward that person. All of them feelings which didn't sit well with her. My
mother stepped out of the row and went to the other person and asked the person to stop,
verbally. The other person said "No, it is Reiki, it's good for you". Needless to say, my mother
didn't believe a word of it, since as you say, Reiki energy does not harm. Since the person kept
working around localized shielding, she felt it necessary to block the energy entirely and she
later left. The person would not stop, and continued to "hook" her.

What is your take on what could have happened here? Was this person indeed sending Reiki but
with a whole load of personal baggage attached? Was this person just "hooking"? Why did the
person not respect my mother's request for it to stop if this was indeed Reiki? How can one
shield/protect from a person who is so blatantly tapping/hooking/sending something that does
NOT feel right or even appropriate? She shook her head "no", then verbally said "no", she
shielded localized, severed cords, yet the person kept going. Any insight? Advice?


(((Mouse))) what an awful experience for your mother. I have no idea what this woman was
doing and I have never heard of this happening before. I assure you she was not sharing the gift
of Reiki even if she claimed to be a Reiki Practitioner. One never assumes that another is in need
of Reiki, one always receives permission first. Freewill is paramount and if someone refuses
Reiki it is her/his right to do so.

Reiki is totally positive and can never cause harm to any living thing. As you already know, I use
it on terminal patients, on children, animals, even plants and the results are always very
encouraging. Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive, it never causes pain. It comforts, calms, soothes,
relieves pain, speeds up physical healing, releases emotional trauma from the present or past and
brings healing. It cannot be misused or twisted into evil or taken away from the healer. To wrap
it all up, I am sorry your mom had such a negative experience and I would say this woman was
not a Reiki Practitioner, she more than likely was coming from a different place.


Nodding - that's what my feeling about it was too. Thank you Lotus .


Next time your mom comes into town, I would love for her to allow me an opportunity to share
the gift of Reiki with her. It might help to erase that nasty experience she had. I use Reiki all the
time on my daughter's dog. Jez just loves it and she lays down at my feet when I finish and looks
at me with her big beautiful brown eyes as if to say ahhhhhhhhh, that felt soooooo good. I
haven't tried "hands on" healing with birds yet but I have worked with cats, dogs, horses, one
snake, several guinea pigs and if my memory serves me correctly two baby goats. I have been
sending distant healing to a SL member's dog and just the other day I was asked to try to work on
a cat ... I'm not sure how that went.


Awww Lotus, thank you for the offer! However, to clarify - my mother does know what Reiki is
and has experience with Reiki treatments... she knows it wasn't right what happened and how it
*could* have felt had it actually been Reiki. It is *me* who is curious about what happened.
Partially because what my mother related was over the phone, a quick recount of what
happened, and I agreed that it could not be Reiki. But neither my mother nor I are Reiki
practitioners, let alone Masters, so I find it reassuring that you, a Reiki Master, also concur that
this incident did NOT involve Reiki. Unfortunately, over the years while working with people
who are healers and who call themselves healers, I have found several people of who's healing
abilities I am doubtful. Well - I am sure they have the ability, but I am doubtful of their integrity
while using it, the pureness of the energy being sent - I have noticed (perceived) status (ego) in
the way. The alleged energy healer would be feeling superior in their ways to those in
(perceived) need of healing... and then when they impose their healing, that just validates it for
me. However, I also feel uncomfortable with my own feelings of judgement around this. Is it
arrogant of me to determine who is a "good" healer and who is using their healing abilities as a
form of spiritual materialism? Or is that trusting my feelings? Is a Reiki practitioner per
definition clear when using Reiki? Or can it be cluttered with baggage such as status, ego, or
victim/perpetrator issues? Just to make it clear - I have not perceived this here at Spirit Lodge;
these are experiences I have had in real life in Canada and back in Holland, and online at
various other groups.


Crow, Thank you for this topic! Whilst i was in Canada/America (keep forgetting that I visited
America too!) I was told something, or read something on this topic, that I feel is pertinent here,
but for the life of me I cannot remember where I heard/read it. What I was told is that sending
out energy without a person’s permission can be felt by the person as an attack: just as Mouse's
mum felt it. I am pretty sure that the example I was given was to do with terrorists: that wellmeaning
healers could, by sending out loving/healing energy to these people, in fact prompt
them on to further atrocities as the terrorists perceive the energy as attacks: I think that was how
it was put to me, but certainly Mouse has given us a very good example of how sending healing
can be counter-productive.

However, on the point of sending healing increasing the spread of disease....who are we to judge
that this is not in the best interests of the soul concerned? If a soul has finished their walk on
earth, then increasing the spread of the disease may be in their best interests: surely the thought
that this spreading is not in the best interests of a soul is only the fear reaction of the lower self or
the people left behind? I'm not saying this is the case, but merely asking the question...

However, by the same token I totally agree with the following statements from Maat: “In fact I'm
careful who I ask for healing.” “To be honest I wouldn't like anyone sending me energy if I
hadn't asked for it.” When i first started out on my spiritual path, I came across a couple of
people who would send energy to others without their asking or permission. After a while i
began to feel that these people were doing this more for their own healing (or more pertinently,
to avoid their own healing by projecting their issues onto others) than for the healing of the
person they were sending energy to: and I cannot help but feel that this is what was going on
with Mouse's Mum. I find it quite shocking that someone should carry on sending energy to a
person after that person has specifically asked them to stop.

I have that book 2Crow, I bought it a few years back, and, at the time, found it a good book as a
starting point, but for some reason, i never finished it, even to this day. I think sometimes we
read certain things at certain times according to what and when we need to read these things: We
might move on at a later point to a better understanding and some of his basic knowledge stuff i
found quite helpful: I don't remember the stuff about the cancer healing: but I might not agree
with his reasoning as I have already stated, but overall I liked his style of writing.
No, Mouse, I don't think its arrogant perhaps it’s just concern or maybe you are sensing
something on a higher level that leaves you feeling unsure about their ability or even their
personality. Healers come in all shapes and sizes - as they say - and I am sure the "intent" of
some could be merely financial gain but for the most part, they are a caring group and manifest
healing for the highest good of all. I can't speak for other healers Mouse but when I am working
in this area, it is given freely without any financial gain. Of course this is my choice and while
others may not agree with me they respect my decision.


Hi everyone, this has been very interesting. I've never tried or even considered myself able to
send healing energy so I can't comment much there. When people ask for help here I send love
and prayers and that's it. my dad was told years ago that he should be a healer. He can sense
injuries/pain by running his hands above a person, but that's as far as he's ever gone as he's never
known anyone to teach him anything about whatever his ability might be. Wolfie, I can
understand you not finishing the book. I've had it three years and I'm still not beyond chapter
three! I like his style of writing too, but I just don't seem to be getting anywhere fast with that
book. Mind you, I'm not getting anywhere fast with any of the books I'm reading so that's not
saying much! Mouse - your mother's story was fascinating. Definitely something very wrong
there as why would a woman meaning good keep on insisting when your mom was telling her
"no"? Kind of creepy.


This is a wonderful thread, thank you for posting it 2Crow. I am totally on the side of Maat
regarding sending any healing. I do send up well wishes and thoughts to spirit regarding
someone who is on my mind, but nothing towards them unless asked. Also, I am very wary of
who I grant permission to in sending any sort of healing energies to me. I have had not so good
experiences when very young regarding *well-meaning or placed healing*, physical and

Mouse, “I also feel uncomfortable with my own feelings of judgement around this. Is it arrogant
of me to determine who is a "good" healer and who is using their healing abilities as a form of
spiritual materialism? Or is that trusting my feelings?”…I have to agree with Lotusbud. I is you
who is on the receiving end of the energy, you are the one who has to incorporate it into your
energies... there is the Sentinel within you who protects you spiritually, emotionally, and
physically and is always on the lookout for what is best for you. It is not ego, although at times
the ego is strong enough for usurping the Sentinel part of you; yet in this, I truly don't believe it
is. You have every right to be on guard for being on the receiving end of an others’ intentions.
One day I would love to receive Reiki treatment, it sounds like it is something that I truly need to
partake in.


Imperviouschild, I hope you do get to experience the loving, gentle energies of Reiki someday. I
just want to say that for the people that aren't able to give us their permission to send them
energies, for example people who are comatose or a distance away, my personal approach is to
ask their Guides and/or their higher self, first for permission before sending any energies of any
type to them. You will get a definite yes or no from them, and I always respect the answers.


With a true intent of healing I do not believe there can be danger. The energy in essence is
offered and either accepted or rejected at will (either in the mundane or by the inner spirit in
another world). The energy is used as is appropriate by the recipient there are no strings
attached. Healing to my way of thinking is not a contests of wills but a choice, an understanding,
and an opening to universal energy.


I've been thinking about this again today. Intent is one of the key factors. The intent of the healer,
but more so the intent of the recipient, how they intend for the energy to be used. Without talking
with this lady it's difficult and maybe disrespectful to pass judgement on this particular case. Not
referring to this case specifically, sometimes the healing is rejected, and, or, symptoms increase
depending on the recipient. Providing the healer was working for their highest good of course.

Not everyone can accept healing even though part of them wants to. A person may want
'punishment' or believe they deserve punishment for events in their lives. It's extremely complex
in many respects, as complex as we are individual. Each case is unique, the life factors are
unique, and so many issues come into play, through the life experience to the chakras and finally
the physical is affected. Tapping into the initial cause by the relevant chakra in that area of the
person’s life can be worked on as they make their way towards health. The willingness to work
towards health is our decision, in effect we heal ourselves by relaxing and allowing and
intending the energy be used for healing. A situation or crisis may have to develop where we
learn from what we are dealing with, and then are willing to take steps towards wanting to be
healed. There are many who simply don’t want this, and that’s when non judgement is the best
course of action, their decision being respected at all times, otherwise a ‘healer’ will be coming
from ego trying to impose his/her will. This is tapping at the door of enormous territory.


I too have been thinking about this today. As Maat says there are some people who simply do not
want to be healed, if they were they would have to change some aspects of their lives and this
may not suit them. But what I wanted to say is this: whilst I was out in Canada, and since I have
returned, I have found that I no longer wish to send wishes or healing to the person, but rather I
send it to the Universe, then it is up to the individual concerned whether they wish to tap into
that healing or not. That way we are not imposing our will on others and any healing they do
receive they have instigated, by calling upon it. It seems more empowering to the person who
wishes to be healed to me and more likely to effect the desired result. I am not entirely sure how
this works for us, as people who wish to be of service to Spirit, in that the healing is obviously
out there in the Universe already, the only thing i can think of is that we somehow intensify the
energy somehow through our physical body?

Something came to me on this as I drifted off to sleep last night....If we take up a call to be a
healer of some description, then we are shown ways and means to tap into healing energies and
become a conduit to bring that healing energy into the more mundane realms. So, even though it
is still up to the individual to call upon that healing, we have brought it into the widerconsciousness.
So, when we send out healing to the Universe for people to tap into it, we are
transmitting it from Creator-consciousness to human-consciousness...How does that sit with
everyone else?


I was wondering about a experience that I had back in 1999. This is when I met what I thought
was supposed to be a teacher to me.(My first in sight in to the spiritual path).Things went will for
the first 2 weeks. Then my teacher got online, with a person who called herself Blessed Mother.
She said that she was a Reiki Master. Next thing I knew all my energy was drained and my
teacher was flushed and hot. And I felt a real bad vibe. I asked my teacher about this and he said
that I didn't know what I was feeling. One week later, my teacher said that I had learned all that I
needed to know. He said next that I was too negative to learn any more. I was just a baby in this
path. After that I quit following the path. Until now. Was I wrong to feel the way that I felt? Or
was something wrong with my teacher and this Blessed Mother? Please help me. Because now I
am confused on how to go forward on my Spiritual Path.


Well, in my opinion no decent teacher EVER runs down a student to their face, whatever the
form of studies! I've done tutoring in the past (high school subjects) and had to undo the damage
of teachers convincing perfectly normal kids they were failures. Makes me really angry. Even if
you think you're teaching a dunce you never ever SAY so, because a dunce with encouragement
and guidance will go even further than a talented genius who is constantly criticized. At best
your teacher was tactless and cruel, at worst he was deliberately being destructive. The only
time I've ever known of a teacher that told a student something similar it was a case of the
teacher (music) fearing that the student would one day be greater than he was. So he ran down
the student and belittled them, hoping to make them give up.

I do realize this is a different kind of "subject" were discussing, but every teacher/pupil
relationship is basically the same. It's all about trust, encouragement, guidance and growth.
There is ALWAYS a possibility of growth and for this teacher to imply you had reached as far as
you could go and then add that it was YOUR fault because you're negative and a "baby"? He
sounds a real twerp to me. As for the woman. If you felt your energy drained something was
wrong and you were right to say so and right to trust your instincts in the situation. Since we
don't know anything about the woman anything said here would be speculation, but draining
your energy certainly doesn't sound right to me. I met someone online three years ago who
professed to be a Light Worker, yet he gave off a very different "vibe". I withdrew, but a close
friend of mine trusted him and ended up having a very nasty experience. Trust your instincts,
most of the time they're Spirit's way of giving you a nudge in the right direction.


Thank You CrowWoman. For your words have given me hope again. Because all this time I
thought it was all my fault. Back then I was not trying to be negative. I just didn't understand
anything about a Spiritual Path. But I am willing to work hard to walk whatever path the Creator
leads me to.


We might meet teachers that teach us not WHAT to think/WHAT to do but HOW to think/HOW to
act on our own... These teachers encourage us to find our own way - even if it looks different
from their own way. A teacher telling you "This is all you need to know.." must be an enlightened
person somehow (at least in this moment Spirit must speak through him) - otherwise he could be
wrong - and this could mean a lot of harm to you - and to him, too. Sadly in the field of teachers
there are also those who came to teach us shadow lessons. What does this mean? They connect
with our inner self, they get us hooked, and then they drain us. They need us MORE than we
"need" them. They need to feel bigger than we are, they need to make us small - all this because
they need to take our energy (we feel drained...) - and they feed themselves from what they take
from the students. The good thing about this is to see/feel/get this mechanisms they work with -
and then to leave them, claiming back the own energy - and to walk in the own shoes, then.

Coming out of this and walking in the own shoes - this is the good outcome of such a shadow
lesson. Sometimes it is not easy - we might feel guilt, shame, not worthy, small, dependent, even
ill when we want to leave them. Sometimes the mechanisms they use are so very subtle - the
teachers might look "good" from the outside, they look as if they care - but in fact they do not.

They care about their own wellbeing, often about their own ego... What we may learn from them
is to stand up and to say "NO!". This is a "YES!" to our own path in our own shoes... A helpful
teacher will see the light in you, he will not take your energy. Because he knows how to get the
energy he needs on his own. He will help you to find your own path yourself - he will be there for
guiding you - in freedom. This is very short what I want to share right now. I had to walk
through lessons to get things for years... If you did not feel well during what you experienced and
afterwards, StarButterfly, then trust your inner voice - then it was time for you to leave. It is
good to leave not too late. Let go feelings of guilt. This may get you hooked again (or still)... Be
free to walk your own path - in your own Beauty. Be gentle to yourself - and stand strong in your
wish to walk in your own shoes if it is what you wish for yourself...

A name does not tell us much - but the actions of the people speak for themselves. Do not let
yourself be blinded by a name like "Blessed Mother". If a person is holy (I write here a veeeery
short version about "holy people"... *smile*) they will be open that you approach them with your
questions - even where they got their name from - because they want you to experience and to
know yourself. They have nothing to hide. To follow a name blindly is not always helpful. So do
not feel "bad" about that you do not feel to follow a person that carries a name that holds the
word "blessed". You are allowed to question these people. A good teacher will be happy to see
you curious - and he will encourage you to be curious. But to follow blindly any "good looking
name" - no. Look at the outcome of their actions, look at what they do... And you also might ask
"Who gave you the name?" Was it their own ego? Or was it a title that a tribe, a group, society
gave them for having done helpful things BEFORE? Then the name is a merit. And not first a
good looking name - and then (maybe) good actions... I write this a bit in a "harder" way to
make things clearer...


You have made a lot of sense in what you have said. I have thought much on your words, again
thank you!

Silver Eagle Dream Dancer:

And remember, teachers have their lessons to learn too. You don't stop living and growing when
you become a teacher, you just become a different kind of student. There may be a man on the
mountaintop somewhere... but I've not found him yet LOL. I would imagine though that he/she
would have clothes to wash, food to eat and clean up after and his own inner spiritual life to tend
- just like the rest of us do. I have a personal distaste for the teacher/student hierarchy imagery.
I'd rather think of it as paths we share together for a time, walking hand in hand.


heheh man on mountain top. I had seen a cartoon of that once. Unfortunately I can’t find it
anymore, but you have the guy reaching the summit where the guru is and the guru says to him:
Peace and Serenity are making the burgers, did you bring the brewsky. Anyhow I found that


This helps a lot to get Mother Earth under the feet again... And to "look around the corner" -
where the man on the mountain lives - what is behind the mountain... :o)) May be Mc Burger
Donalds King...

I’m late to the discussion, and love the openness shared by all. Thank you everyone. Let me
begin by saying I do not consider myself a physical Healer. I do at times do healing energy work
and when I do it is strictly through prayer. When I send the healing energies out, asked for or
unasked, I always do so asking Spirit to heal the individual, to wrap them in an energy blanket
according to Spirit’s will and their higher good. This way I know that the energy will be effective
if it is needed and if it is unwanted/unwarranted it will not be allowed to have an impact on them,
the creature or situation I’m focused on. I do not send my own energy out, instead I ask Spirit to
send the energy for healing purposes. I would never want to impose my will on another or have
something backfire.

If anyone is sending to me, whether I’m aware or not, I have stipulated long ago that I am only
open to receiving energy that is for my higher good and in this manner shield myself from
unwanted influences…something we all have the ability to do, we have free will and should
exercise it. Aware of my own feelings there, I respect healing practices for others in that same
light. I can’t imagine anyone wanting someone manipulating their life in a manner that could
bring problems, potential fatality or control over them. I believe we need not only look at our
intentions but the risks involved and extenuations of conditions tied to any illness or dis-ease.
And if we are unable to access clarity we have no business trying to interfere with matters. If
someone asks me for healing I will pray for them in a very focused manner. I will offer Sage and
light a candle and then turn to Spirit, Mother, and guidance in prayer to serve their higher good.
Someone’s needs are not there for us to take risks with and I feel that anyone forcing their own
will on another is coming strictly from ego, not love. Love, friends, is the power that heals, it is
the heart energy we infuse into everything we do. And if it is lacking the work we do will be too.

Years ago I had taken up an interest in herbal healing remedies for personal reasons. I had been
living with respiratory issues all my life and wanted to bring them under better control. I wanted
to be able to look after my family, perhaps friends along the way too. So, I began delving into
concoctions, simples and tinctures, etc. using supplies from a reliable source and learning from
the written works of old masters. I stored things properly and had invested a great deal of time
and effort into amassing a good supply of healing medicines. As I got deeper into it I realized
that there were many risks involved I hadn’t taken into account. These were risks I was unwilling
to take in administering some of these herbal remedies because some of them can be very toxic
and if you measure poorly or don’t know what all the plant’s properties are you can do more
harm than good…serious harm in some cases where they become poisons and could cause the
loss of life. I was not willing to take that risk and stopped working along those lines. Being I had
no physical Healer to study with at that time I looked for another approach. I will, today, work
with ‘safe’ herbs but always look into the side effects since I’m very sensitive myself and know
that others might be too. I do not offer herbal advice to anyone other than recommended reading
and standard basics with tools and preparations.

That was when I turned to prayer as a means of healing rather than seeing it as a supplement. I
feel that the higher good of the individual is served through heartfelt prayer…that Spirit knows
far more than I ever could and will act to serve that individual’s needs or block what is not
needed. I know the power of prayer, have seen many miracle healings as a result of it, and I’ve
watched as other healings were ineffective as others dropped their robes to journey Home. There
are often factors involved on different levels, factors that we cannot see, so forcing a healing on
someone in my opinion is wrong. As well, even the individual may not see their own factors at
play and can often be passing through a physical challenge while experiencing a lesson. In fact
that’s a very common situation since our growth and lessons touch mind, body, emotions and
spirit. We’re going to have levels that vary with those aspects.

An individual may have a higher Self agreement for the illness to be their exit point and who is
to know this? Forcing a healing on someone can interfere with that lesson and cause
complications, it could complicate the exit point if that time has arrived. So in my eyes, asking
Spirit to see to the matter at hand for the higher good of that individual is the way to go. At least
for me and I do know that prayer is powerful means of keeping things in proper perspective.
When the energy work we do comes from our hearts, in whatever manner or modality we’re
working with, and when we stipulate focus on serving only the higher good harm will not,
cannot, take place. When we pray in a right manner we open our hearts to the intentions we’re
holding in a loving manner. We may also run Source Energy through ourselves and become the
Hollow Bone or tool through which Spirit works. We may direct that energy toward a specific
individual/target/goal, however, when done this way it will never bring harm to anyone or

A Healer, one who is called to their path in that role of service, must serve with integrity, not just
intent. There must be respect for the wishes of the individual they are working to heal. Anything
else is ego-led. Every good Healer I’ve come to know practices those principles in the work they
do, they take into consideration the whole person, their healing includes mind, body, emotion
and spirit. Whether they gift their healing ways to others or make it their livelihood, walking
their path in a right manner and serving only the higher good is their code of ethics and they are
fair-minded in their practices. Some of us charge for some of our services and give others away
freely so I do not feel that fees being attached is wrong. We give where we can but we must
sustain ourselves too. What matters here is that the work we do, in any capacity, healing or
otherwise, is done for the right reasons and done properly.

Someone mentioned a Shadow Teacher aspect to this and I would agree, when someone is
forcing their will on another the Shadow Teachings are at play. We’re being shown what ‘not’ to
do and why. If you keep your awareness high and trust your own impressions when they come to
you then you’ll know if you want to work with a specific Healer or modality or not. When you
stipulate that you will not be open to unwanted energy or energy that is not serving your higher
good, you are shielding yourself from those impacts regardless of who or how powerful a sender
might be. We do not have to subject ourselves to the will of others. That choice is ours so I
suggest that shielding be done by all and in that process stipulations of what can pass through the
shield can be made. It’s okay to send unwanted energy back to its source. We can do this and, as
I was taught, add blessings to it when it arrives. Whomever may be sending harmful intent our
way needs those blessings to find their inner peace and happiness so they don’t behave in that
manner. They are either a Shadow Teacher or walking a path of Shadow Lessons and those
blessings will help them. It is also a means of gifting ourselves with the ability to transmute a
contrary situation into a positive one. Hope this helps some of you.

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