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Aura Colors When Healing
By StoneWalker

Hello Folks, I wanted to share an interesting and beautiful experience I had Wednesday evening. Two friends and myself have been blessed with Bear coming into our lives, partially as the bonding that has brought us together. One, a lady near my age is Grizzly, our younger Brother is Brown Bear and myself Polar Bear. We gather from time to time to catch up on things. Experiences, insights, questions...

This time, our Brother was emotionally stressed by family. Grizzly channels like a bandit. Her abilities are amazing. While she spoke with his Guides I could so feel my energy wanting to reach out to him, I felt his turmoil and asked to share Reiki with him after the channeling was done. The energy was flowing strong... Grizzly's son sees auras and out of curiosity asked him to read our colors while sharing healing energy. Mine was indigo with white sparkles, my Brothers was a deep red... After the Reiki I again asked what our colors were. Our Brother's color changed to Green and Yellow (Intelligence and healing for this Dear Soul) and mine had hanged to the deep red. A friend I spoke with later that evening thought I might have picked up some 'backwash' but this did not feel right in the least. When I asked one my Dear Guides, Lonnie, who is wonderful Teacher and Friend for some input, what I got was....

** I asked about the white sparkles being Spirit and I working together. Lonnie added... Yes, and joy you gift when healing.

** The blue... Blue healing is Broken Spirit being healed. Color was deep blue, indigo. Yes, emotions and intuition. Brown Bear was quite effected in his emotions. Blue healing is what he needed. Yes indigo was third eye being effected too, both yours and Browns. Indigo is Spiritual Healing.

** The burgundy.... Red color was not being looped. Yes, red was healing root, bring the root chakra into balance in Brother Brown. In you, red was love for your Brother not energy from him. Your feelings healed what was needed. I find myself smiling at the gift of learning how our love and healing works with others and myself.

Hi Stone Worker, That's a lovely story. I can just imagine you and the bears all gathered together. I recently had a weird experience of smelling an aura! At first I thought I'd gone a bit "odd", you know? Smelling a color hardly seemed normal, but that's how it worked for some reason. Since it's the first time I've tried to pick up an aura over the internet maybe that's why it came out differently? I'll have to try it out on other people and see I suppose! The greatest thing was that the scent turned out to have meaning for the person it was connected to.

Greetings! Thank you for sharing your experience. I am glad you got confirmation on the red not being "back wash." Reiki is a one way energy, it is brought through you to another. I like to think of this as a safeguard against picking up another’s energies. And is one of the reasons I like Reiki verses other types of Energy Healing. I also get a healing as I give one

Star Bear Walking, Ahhh, Reiki... I love it. Tonight our Reiki Share group meets and I am so ready. Though I missed last week due to a gem club meeting, I was able to share Reiki with several folks during the week which was a pleasure. This afternoon I am a bit wore out from my new job. A relaxing dose of Reiki is just what I long for. Usually I am one of the last to get on the table... LOL That may change this evening. I agree with you in that Reiki is a one way energy. ULE through me from All That Is to the recipient. As a plus we, the conduits receive some wonderful healing energy. Last January I was attuned to Master Level and still feel humbled to use the honorable words. I appreciate your post and look forward to speaking with you.


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