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Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Contributed By Mouse

Fear; you would like to hide away, you feel superfluous. A kind of shyness with the
environment. You run away from certain social contacts or from a specific relationship. You also
feel weaker than the others, you feel pushed into a corner by a group or person, a sense of
loneliness, desertedness. You lived like a shadow, the feeling of not being truly earthly human.
Nor do you really want to live. One the one hand life feels too heavy for you, you can't handle it,
others irritate you "Leave me alone"; on the other hand there is the fear of being the only one
left, of being alone… a confusion: there is too little grounding, too little solidarity and one-ness
and too little self-confidence. You're only letting your life-energies, letting yourself, come
through with jerks and jolts. You feel small and seek security outside yourself. Being afraid to
live as an autonomous, independent "I".

Comfort the little child within you; know that you are safe. Become aware of your boundlessness
and integrate air, earth, water and fire within yourself: become fully Human, self-aware and in
the Now. A bottomless faith in your very deepest Self. Let your energies and your emotions flow
freely, don't hold back, let everything go… Dare to surrender to contacts, without fear; don't put
yourself to one side with feelings of being worth less. Calmness and trust in your Self.

From Christiane Beerlandt's book "The Key to Self-Liberation, translated from Dutch by me.
The English version should be published and ready for distribution within the next half year.

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