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Charging a Plant
By CinnamonMoon

*Sorry, I don't have the source of this article. It is not mine, a friend sent it to me years ago and there's no way to track the origin.

Charging a Plant:
The purpose of this technique is to raise, or grow a plant as a serving spirit or a magical plant. In ancient times, a small circle of stones was set around the chosen plant, to "bind" the numen there. Then a hole was dug down toward the roots (carefully) and a chosen power stone was set in place to "charge" the plant.

Today the technique has been expanded, but is still true to the original intent. You can begin with a seed, or young sprout. Simply prepare the soil for planting, in a secluded area, which is suited to the physical needs of the plant. Place a stone or crystal of your choice about three inches deep into the soil. Quartz crystals are a good choice, but you may wish to consult a table of correspondences for various stones, etc.

Next fill in the soil over the stone, and plant the seed (or sprout) as is appropriate. Then lay a circle of 8 stones around the plant site. At each of the four elemental quarters place a crystal of the same type as the one you buried (these four are part of the 8 forming the circle). The other stones may be any kind you wish, as long as they complement each other, in relationship to their occult nature. Space the stones to allow for the growth of the plant.

If planting by seed, wait 7 days after the sprout appears to proceed with the following (if a young plant, wait 7 days after planting it). Remove the stones between the quarter stones, and plant a seed at each point. Next bury the quarter stones where they lay, at least an inch deep. The seeds may be of the same type as the plant within the circle, or an assortment.

Each day, place both palms upon the ground within the circle, forming a triangle with fingertips (index fingers touching & thumbs touching). The stem of the plant will be in the open area of the triangle, centered between your hands.

Using your imagination and visualization abilities, sense your energy flowing out through your arms, from your personal power center (just below the navel for women, and at the solar plexus for men). You must also talk to the plant and send it visuals, communicating your needs and desires through mental images. You must take good care of the plant from this point on, and keep it from harm. To create a strong bond with your plant helper, you can add 3 drops of your own blood to a quart of water, and use this to water the plant as needed.

Magically you have first increased the level of the numen through the crystals. Secondly you have extended its power and influence to the other plants. This is because these plants become alive under the influence of the center crystal and plant. They were also bathed in a cross quarter current of energy, controlled from the center entity, through the quarter crystals.

If you need the physical parts of an herb for your spells, potion, or whatever, then use only the plants enclosed within the original circle of stones and never the center plant. The center plant is the entity and the others are merely extensions of it.

The final step in creating this plant helper is to establish your "link" and your "rapport". to do this, you must sit comfortably before the plant, and stare at it. allow your eyes to lose focus and your vision to blur. In this state, observe the shape of the plant, trying to leave your mind blank. The plant will "send" you an image as your stare. You will receive this as a distortion of the plant's shape,, so that it will begin to resemble some other creature such as an animal or insect. This new shape is the spirit of the plant, and you will employ this image as you work with it. The entity/spirit of the plant can give you extra energy in any magical work whenever you summon it. "House Plants" can become protective entities for your home through plant magic. Plants can be given as gifts, charged for a special purpose.

To summon the spirit of the plant you simply imagine your plant in its setting and visualize it becoming the spirit creature. Mentally call it to yourself, and allow it to enter into your personal power center.

To empower through the spirit helper, mentally send it into any herbs which you are charging (instructing it as to the desired effect) and imagine that it passes power to them, imagine them glowing after contact with the spirit helper. When you are finished, always return the spirit helper to the plant.

***A great helper for your gardens!

What a wonderful topic and information!! When I get my garden I believe I will try this on several herbs - such as sage, which I use often for sore throats in the winter. Question: You mention adding three drops of your own blood into some of the water. If I use these herbs in cooking, is there any danger of binding that person to you? Odd question, which I believe that the answer is likely no. But, I remember years and years ago reading a spell in which one added one's own blood to the food being prepared and it supposedly pulled that person to you. Nothing I ever tried, of course, as I believe it is highly unethical to interfere with the will of another. I doubt that what you explained is similar in any way, but thought I would put that question out there. I really enjoyed this information. I am so attracted to plant energy and feel a strong affinity in working with plants. many blessings –

Good question. No, in this case it is not fresh blood binding the food (and anyone digesting) it to you, but instead it binds the plant to you. In NA teachings if you plant anything by seed or seedling, or by transplanting then you are responsible for its care. Here that would certainly apply and the blood gives your essence to the plant for a healthy relationship. Sort of a personal sacrifice and blood oath. BTW, if you do decide to do that a barrel cactus thorn works much better (and far less painfully) than a pin does.

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