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Colorpuncture Therapy
By Minna

This was featured on the local 'mainstream "Fox" ' news tonight. It sounds like color therapy, and diagnosis is done with Kirlian photography - of course, they're not going to say aura photography on local tv with a straight face - but this is tooooo cooool. Love, minna

Colorpuncture Therapy
A tiny, colored light holds great power for Stephanie Hahn.
She tried colorpuncture after years of painful sinus infections.
"Tremendous pressure and discomfort kind of through this area, and horrible headaches in the frontal region," Stephanie says.
Colorpuncture is a holistic healing method developed by a German scientist.
Instead of needles, colored light is focused on acupuncture points. Correcting energy imbalances, with the physics of light.

"There is no living creature in the planet that doesn't respond to light. The cells get activated with light," says Austin Colorpuncturist Praveeta Rose.
Rose says color absorbs in the skin, and transmits specific information along the energy pathways of the body.
She says it heals not just physical symptoms, but their emotional and spiritual causes as well.
"Chinese medicine will just be regulating your internal organs, colorpuncture is jumping to the --
whatever information is stashed away in the computer of your brain that is sending down that message," she says.
That could be anything from childhood memories to work stress.

First, a picture is taken of the energy coming from your fingers and toes.
This is called Kirlian photography.
"They're like a guiding map that tell me, what does this person need right now," Rose says.
Based on that, Rose selects from a pre-determined pattern of colors.
"So that's my middle point. And I'm gonna do two more points -- one above and one below," she says.
All you feel is a little pressure from the light tool.
Rose says it can take days or weeks to see changes.
Stephanie found relief immediately.
"One time, I truly felt as she applied the light, everything just kind of started draining right then. It was really neat," she says.
Now, even her three sons receive colorpuncture...for a general sense of well-being.
"With this approach, I feel like we are addressing problems at a cellular, spiritual level, much quicker so that we don't have the big physical symptoms we tend to see later down the road," says Stephanie.

Colorpuncture treatments cost $60-$80 a session.
Some clients use it in combination with Chinese herb treatments.

Wow Minna! Thanks!
When I was studying marine biology, this is right along the lines of the experiment I was doing.
My serpent star (Eggbert) definetly responded to different light wavelengths (colors) differently.
Some of the colors he would go towards and some away from...wish I could remember which was which, but then it was about 15 years ago. Anyway, fascinating experiment.
Hmm.....wonder if I can persuade my dad to bring my research paper with him when I see him at the end of the month.

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