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Crossing Over - A Spiritual Perspective
By © Copyright Lotus ~ July 12th, 2004

What happens to us when we die? Is death really the end? What about Karma? Is Karma the
unerring law that adjusts effect to cause, on the physical, mental and spiritual planes? Does the
key to breaking through the wall of “bad” karma lie in our own thoughts, words and actions?
The question of the continuity of life in the hereafter has been and continues to be studied by
philosophers, teachers, scientists, religious leaders, and people in every walk of life. Can anyone
answer these questions with 100% certainty? I don’t believe so. No one can assure us death is or
is not the end of our existence. However, most ancient civilizations, nearly all-current major
religions and the majority of people today including myself, view death as a “transition.” Dr.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, author of “On Death and Dying” revolutionized our thinking on “death”
and opened up another door for us to explore the hereafter as well as after-death communication,

Many skeptics are quick to discount the experiences of others insisting, since there is no
scientific proof life exists after death, therefore it isn’t so. But there has been an increase in
public interest in reincarnation, a concept found in my cultures and religions. The exploration
and understanding of death may never be fully comprehended for some things cannot be named,
but what I’ve learned over the years, suggests death is not the end of our existence. Spirit has
been instrumental in assisting and guiding me in the process of how we evolve to the next stage
of our spiritual development. Working in the realm of Spirit, teaching, and being taught, I am
convinced, similar to life on Earth, we continue on beyond this physical journey into the realm of
the spirit world.

When the body is shed and we cross over we open the door to eternal life and go through
different levels of consciousness. Each ending is merely a new beginning, an opportunity to
expand our awareness.

From Edgar Cayce's perspective, we are not simply physical bodies or even physical bodies with
souls, but are instead spiritual beings that are currently having a material experience. As souls,
we have manifested on earth in order to learn lessons that will enable us to return to our former
state of spiritual awareness. At the same time, one purpose we all have in common is to bring the
spirituality of the Creator into the earth. Cayce’ goes on to say he doesn’t believe it really matters
if an individual believes in reincarnation or not. For some it can be a helpful concept, for others

Near Death Awareness
Near Death Awareness visions have been reported by the dying for centuries. It is not unusual
for Hospice and health care workers to hear conversations between a patient and an invisible
force unfolding … discussions with loved ones who have already passed. We are often asked,
"What is she/he staring at? At times a dying person will fixate their gaze on a particular area of
the room, usually a corner. In some cases they will appear to be following something with their
gaze. For years the medical profession has told us this is just the by-product of the brain dying.
In some cases this is true but in others, I believe we should be more receptive and open to Near
Death Awareness. I have had several personal “Near Death Awareness” experiences and I would
like to share one with you now …

In the fall of 1977, my mother-in-law called urging us to come quickly. My father-in-law, who
had been ill, suffered a severe setback and he was not expected to live much longer. Without
wasting a moment, we hurriedly packed and drove the windy country roads arriving in record
time. Encountering death once more left me remembering my own son’s death. Another death
was looming yet I knew my father-in-law would be freed of his pain and one day we would be

“Immersed in feelings of sadness, we sit by his bedside, taking turns spending the night. No
longer able to swallow, he drifts in and out of consciousness. We are beginning to notice a
change in the sound of his breathing. Several moments now elapse between breaths. I am
intrigued as I watch him periodically extend his hand as if greeting an old friend. We listen as he
carries on a conversation oblivious to our presence. He speaks of a party, a feast to celebrate his
homecoming and wonders why the yellow gladiolas and the long black sedan have not yet
arrived. He is eager for the celebration to begin and says so. Much to our surprise, he tells us we
will have to manage without him as he has business to tend but promises to stay in touch. In
particular he is deeply engrossed in conversation with his youngest son, JR. who is deceased.
They are planning a special dinner for Sunday and are discussing who should be invited. Every
single person named is deceased! Early Sunday morning he quietly slipped away. Had he been
giving us a glimpse of the “other” side?

Guidance from above

People question me about their loved ones who are deceased. In particular, they worry about
loved ones lingering in hell or purgatory because of an act committed, an act of serious violence,
or taking one’s own life. Most mediums will tell you Spirits usually communicate in readings
they have regrets for their actions. Another question people ask me, “What happens in that all -
encompassing darkness we read about, the tunnel; will we make the journey alone?”

It seems awesome to realize each of us have Spirit Guides/Angels who are dedicated to helping
us not only in our day-today living but also when our mission on earth has ended. No one steps
upon the path to death without a helping and guiding hand. There are souls waiting to greet us
with arms outstretched and joyful hearts. Even more comforting is the knowledge that the lovelink
created between our loved ones and ourselves will not disappear, nor will it ever be broken,
not even in death.

Soul Development
Most of us agree we are here to evolve and develop spiritually. Therefore our primary purpose of
life upon the Earth plane is to become more aware of our true spiritual nature by experiencing a
”potpourri” of circumstances and conditions. Each of these lessons helps us to advance
individually and as part of a soul group. Sometimes we fail for whatever reason to complete our
lessons in this lifetime and we embark on a new journey.

James Van Praagh says, “Many souls who have committed suicide in this lifetime have
committed suicide in past lifetimes. They return to overcome the inclination to commit suicide
but are unable to accomplish what they set out to do. They will return again and be given the
opportunity to master the lesson.” Learning and growing seem to be what it is all about.

Then there are souls who commit suicide who have mental and biochemical imbalances. These
souls are not fully conscious of their decision. When they pass over they find themselves in a sort
of hospital where they can be helped. A few souls return to quickly to the physical realm. They
have not had enough preparation in the Spiritual realm to return to earth and when they get here
they realize they have returned prematurely.”

I have been told, when a person takes their life, it’s up to each individual to learn from one’s
mistakes and progress in the Spirit world. Guides are always around to lend a hand in helping
others find their way. Once they become aware of the suicide they realize in order to progress
spiritually, they must accept responsibility for what occurred and make the appropriate changes
to move forward on their spiritual paths. Our prayers surround them with love and are one way to
help move them forward.

When Someone is Murdered
At some point we may experience being unjustly mistreated or killed. Horrible things can
happen. I have been fortunate to spend time with other bereaved families and have had the
opportunity to bring through messages from the other side. As difficult as this is to write, I am
told, there are several reasons murder occurs. It may be due to a karmic debt, it may be the
person was born with little regard for life [this can happen if a soul has not evolved spiritually
and remains at a low conscious level such as a psychopath] or it may be a matter of interfering in
the direction of another’s life … the end result … murder. Perhaps each soul’s choice depends on
Divine/Universal Justice and Karma.

More words from James Van Praagh, “When someone is thrown out of the physical body
suddenly, as in a violent death, there is a mixture of confusion and concern. The spirit may not
know for a while it has passed over. These are the souls that become restless until an adjustment
to the spiritual level is made.”

Pre Birth Communication
Incredible pain and catastrophe may happen causing us to ask why all the suffering? I am sure
this question has plagued humanity perhaps since the beginning of time. How could a loving
Creator allow so much suffering and pain to happen?

Do we arrive on earth with a blueprint, a destiny of how life is meant to unfold pre-choosing our
lessons? What kinds of communications occur between potential parents and souls announcing
she/he is ready to advance by being born into earth life? Do we accept the challenges and
responsibilities of a physical life, to make the most of this opportunity for our soul to return with
the knowledge and experience gained?

We rarely speak about dying until it occurs, then we are thrown into the midst of chaos, our lives
turned upside down, each of us haunted by that fear of the unknown. For a long time I searched
for answers to one of life’s most perplexing questions, “Why me?” After the loss of my son, I too
wanted to die until my Near Death Experience. Back in the early 1960’s, NDE’s were dismissed as hallucinations.
[Thankfully the rules of the Universe have changed.]

During this mystical experience I felt Creator’s breath caressing my soul, whispering through the illuminating light.
For the first time since my search began my concept of life and death changed. Why me … Why
not me? After all these years, that experience remains vivid and still suffused with wonder. It
influenced my life in many ways including how I feel about dying.

It doesn’t matter how enlightened we are, or how much experience we have with death, when
someone we love dies, the feeling of loss touches and changes our life forever. There will always
be reminders, upsurges of grief and memories to sustain us until we meet again.

Through the tragedy and pain of loss I have managed to find great comfort believing loved ones
who have passed into Spirit choose to be born enduring hardships necessary for soul growth.
This simplistic thought-form doesn’t take away from the mourning or make the journey of grief
less painful, but it helps me understand there are many reasons … many beyond our
comprehension, why some souls are born to live life briefly, why physically or mentally
challenged souls are born … why some parents lose a child tragically in an accident and why
some lives are cut short by disease, suicide or murder. The laws of the Universe are based on
much more knowledge than we mortals can possibly envision.

Until we learn, the same lessons will recur taking on new forms, time and again. Wisdom,
intriguing and perplexing, awaits and she will come when invited. Bringing light to the darkness,
quietly teaching that life is inspired by every thought, word and deed.

Three Universal Laws
Love is forever, it never dies
Each soul has a choice …
Every thought, word or deed is a choice

I have never really heard any complaints from the other side. The transition seems to be like a
form of spiritual rejuvenation, parallel with this plane. When we become one in the next
dimension we are of spirit, beings of light, who will help guide those of the earth plane when
called upon.

I am called Lotus, I am soul, and I am spirit, even as I am human, with faults and failings, yet I
try. I make a commitment to life with great humility, filled with compassion and love. Like the
rising sun, I look upward to Creator’s Grace as a new day begins. I hear my soul’s heartbeat, and
I recognize the warrior within, a gentle and loving warrior … and I honor all my relations.

Reference Source
James Van Praagh - “Talking to Heaven”
Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records

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