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Discussion on Healing Energy Systems as a Gift
By Tarra & Community


I do understand the need to charge for an event/session/healing. In the world we live in energy is
exchanged for energy, money is a form of energy. I am lucky! I have a soul mate that supports
me in every way! I don't have to work *good thing as I'm not good with people .* I was given a
gift, at birth, by God/Spirit. Energy that comes from my hands to heal. Before I knew what
'systems' were out there I could use this energy. But I could not turn it on and off at will. Reiki
attunements gave me that ability. The Reiki system did not increase the energy flow, as that
comes from Universal Life Flow and is not in my control.

Each healing is different. How it works? on what part it works? which part is being healed?
Those questions are of the Mental plane. The 'think' energy that helps keep us in this physical
plane. The 'how to' that humans need. I am the 'Hollow Bone' through which the energy flows
and I receive as much of a healing as the person/animal/entity that my hands are touching. (this is
the energy exchange) I don't charge for Reiki Sessions nor do I charge for Sweat Lodge
Ceremony. The teachings were from humans and humans were given their due. I agree that the
symbols in Reiki, or any teaching, are a sacred thing. And should be given only when asked for
properly. The energy that comes from those sacred teachings are not physical, not of this
material world, but are of Spirit. The Magic that happens; the connection to Universal Life Force
Energy, is free to all. I guess my point is, pay for the knowledge of man. But, please realize that
the energy you receive is from Spirit. The control of flow is not from the knowledge, but from
Universal Life Flow. Believe in what you are given and it will 'move mountains.'

I can only say that you are so right. I also got the gift of energy healing from Spirit, and I used it,
in my very personal ways before I got a *long distance* attunement in Reiki. I only did this to be
able to say : I have the Reiki attunements. I still use the energies in my very own ways. The
energies are also always with me, and I can, if I have to, use them anytime. I can only underline
this. I am very aware from where these energies come.

You're Welcome! I don't know where they came from I've been asked to open a Reiki practice,
and I'm doing my own soul searching. I'm thinking of doing some classes first, "What is Reiki?"
type. Maybe explore other types of Energy systems. Oh, no! This looks like an outline. LOL

Sister Cyber:
TerraMoon thanks for posting this. Last week I was talking with Lotusbud and she brought up
healing by touch, which I told her I experienced (as a child). I've been reluctant to post anything
of it since the memories now seem so dream-like. I do recall healing by touch; not really
knowing "how" it was done, but just having the confidence and passion to help someone so much
that I was able to...But now when I look back at the past, it seems like a dream... so unreal... like
it may have not even happened, but I know it did. Some form of "denial" I guess... Either way, it
doesn't matter; if I can never heal again in that way, at least I was instrumental in the past.
Healing by touch also reminds me of Bishop's wife, who has what appears to be a hole/scar in
the middle of one of her hands ~ she believes it represents the nail through the hand of Jesus ~
and that's her "source" to heal by touch. People have testified of her laying hands on them and
them being relieved of headaches, and some aches and body pains. I've seen the term "Reiki" but
haven't read about it yet, though I did print some information on it over the weekend.

Terra, I believe the Great Spirit endows each person with special gifts and a mission in life. We
are all born with the energy that allows us to share the gift of healing with others. Reiki is merely
one modality of doing just that. There is an enormous diversity of techniques and ceremonies
based on differences including tribal cultures, individuals and what has been taught. All healing
comes from Spirit, we are merely the vehicle, a hollow bone for the Great Spirit's power. It is the
Great Spirit who touches the patient/client/ and sends healing. I have always found remaining in
a state of prayer helps keep me connected to this Power. Like so many other things in life, there
are some who assume they have to power to heal. Whenever I hear that I find those words
troubling, that speaks of Ego and not of Spirit. I have been working with healing energy for
many years now and have adapted what Spirit has given and shown me in my work. I often used
Reiki and other healing methods when I am working with Hospice patients and with others, each
session varies, depending on the need. I simply follow Spirit's guidance. I like what Black Elk
said, "Of course it was not I who cured. It was the power from Spirit and the visions, and
ceremonies that only made me like a hole through which the power could come to the twolegged.
If I thought that I was doing it myself, the hole would close up and no power could come
through. Then everything I could do would be foolish."

Wow, Terra - this seems like a synchronicity to me. I just got through posting about my
intentions and my wish to learn (or whatever the word is) Reiki. So then I look up and see this
posting of yours. Way cool. Way, Way, Way cool. I have done little healings for as long in my
adult life as I can remember and i want to learn more about it. You know, I had searched and
searched on the internet for a local Reiki school - couldn't find anything local. I'd seen some in
San Antonio, but that's 90 miles away. Finally, I thought, well heck, if I'm to learn this, I guess I
could 'go the distance' . So I searched once more for my area. And here pops up a website for
Reiki sessions and training just down the road from my father's house! There they do all the
levels, as well as Healing Touch, Three Heart Therapy (this looks cool), and flower essence
therapy. I set up an appointment with the lady for Thursday - it was a very nice get-acquainted
talk. Thank you, Spirit. I am so not to the place to think about a practice or a charging. But I was
told that if I do go there I should consider charging. Well - always one to get the cart before the
horse - or whatever that expression is - I thought about it. I was told about a love gift. Well, in
my thinking I couldn't assume for me that there might be love involved, so I thought about the
phrase, "Blessing Gift". For me, I got to thinking that it could be wildflower seeds or birdseed or
wind chimes or a hand-crafted item, something that would bless this place. Something for the fae
and creatures here, as well as me. I really like that idea - I'll give it to you. If it doesn't resonate,
then like Lotus says, let it go with the wind.

I am reading Cinnamon's "Walking with the Powers that Be" she mentions in the first chapter
that this forgetting is common as we grow into adults. But to some of us it's worth the effort to
rekindle such Spirituality. Cinnamon, We haven't spoken much lately, but I feel your influence in
my life. Thanks so much for being you I'm really enjoying reading you again. *wow that was on
many levels, LOL!* I am feeling the need to step forward with Reiki again. Thanks to every one
for your posts. Spirits way for us to support each other. There is a link to "Reiki Plain and
Simple" on the main page side board. (I don't know how to get it here) I feel this is a good study
guide. Even though it shows the symbols, they won’t work *IMHO* until an attunement is
given. I know some who tried to use the symbols without attunements with no success. I don't
know any who have succeeded. 'The Reiki Handbook' by Arnols and Nevius ISBN 0-9625500-1-
9 is my recommendation for those who want to know about Reiki and level I. (easy reader) 'The
Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui' by Usul/Petter ISBN 0-914955-57-8 is my
recommendation for reading material for level II and up.

Hi, I have used this for a while since high school. Here is how I do it. Basically scan the aura
and chakras for black energy, suck the black energy into an astral bottle, keep filling up more
bottles and when all of the bottles are filled and so is the persons aura/chakra, throw all of the
bottles into an astral stream that turns into a waterfall, an endless one and release the persons
sickness, it should work within a few days. I have tried it on other people and it worked,
especially someone with a really bad earache that turned into an infection, gone within 2 days.
Her doctor was perplexed. Anyhow I hope this helps someone.

Thank you ArianStar! I do something similar, I use a big vacuum cleaner in the center of the
room that sucks all the black patches away and brings it to the appropriate place for neutralizing.
Also - I ask that all energies that do not belong to that person go into a big heart and then the
heart returns that energy to its rightful owner... and on the way, it picks up energies that belong
to the person I am working with so that their own energies are returned. The heart ensures that
the energies are returned lovingly, not forcefully (my mother once returned energies that
belonged to me with a bulldozer. I was sitting in class and literally was shoved off my chair. That
was a bit too hefty, I'd say) and at the level that is for the highest good of all involved.

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