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Discussion on Healing Spiritual Trauma
By Earthwalker

Can anyone speak to the healing of the Spirit of Trauma?

StarBear Walking:
Let me ask a friend who is working on this.

Thank you! I read a book this weekend called "Master of Lucid Dreams; In the Heart of Asia a
Russian Psychiatrist learns to Heal the Spirits of Trauma" by Olga Kharitidi M.D.. It was
presented in story style and discusses what is called Walking the Soul of the Dead which equates
to Transpersonal Transformation. I am really interested in this being presented in another
context. Personally I find that I come to a fuller understanding when these worlds are discussed
from a mixture of perspectives. I do not know what it is called in other traditions. As described
here "it is a particular state which you can enter when your dream space and your memory space
are open and clear and you can move through them easily (I think this would equate to Scared
Space). It will be up to your memory to choose what images to create to generate the healing.

Your memory images will be carriers of transformation, but the effects of the changes will
extend beyond your personal memory.....Your experience will take its own special form but the
content will not be the main thing that matters. What matters is the process of change. And what
matters is the process of finding the memory demon and conquering it to make it serve you and
further healing in the future." It is noted that this healing occurs back through generations.
When I read this I was bothered by the war like connotations but in reality it was talking, I
believe, about facing and filling in the absences found in memory so that the negative
connotations which are hidden becomes neutral and therein no longer binds one to it. I am
interested in this type of going within to help heal first oneself and then others. Does anyone
know of any good books on this subject. I find it fascinating but feel I would understand it better
if it was discussed or described in a different style other than one based on fear.

There are some articles in the Library on the Dream Lodge which I feel is what you are
describing here rather than sacred space. This type of work can go on in the Dream Lodge and it
can happen through the art of journey work too. It denotes soul-retrieval techniques and I
believe that is what is being presented to you. I don't have any books on it, just my own training
and experience but that's what it sounds like to me. Fears do have to be confronted as do wounds
that are emotionally and often physically painful through the senses. What happens is that in
confronting that and stepping into it we understand the situation and our reaction to it. We see
the lesson and in that can release it and reclaim that part of the self that was lost. Trauma has
many forms. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It doesn't matter how it happens, but that
we can define the cause, see the lesson, and release the pain it brings us to heal.

Thanks Cinnamon, You were right it is more dream work. Still in some dances I can feel I
myself within the scenes as well as in the dream world. So for me Scared Space and the dream
stage overlap a little. However I have never melded when dancing that happens primarily in the
dream world or journeying. This book was interesting in some of the tools mentioned where
symbols I had seem=n in a dance and were trying to figure out . I need to re-read parts to
understand more fully what I am to take from it. Thanks again!

StarBear Walking:
Greetings! Okay here is where we went with this if it is what you are looking for. When healing a
body or a place where trauma has happened, it is good to heal the reason that caused that
trauma. If it is not healed the memory continues and will manifest in another way. Example: I
had my gallbladder removed. But I never healed the reason behind the trauma. Why did my body
create this disease?

Ted Andrew's 'The Healer's Manual', the metaphysical lesson with the gall bladder meridian is:
Anger, decisions, and proper expression of will power. So I ask myself What am I angry about?
What decisions am I making or not making? And am I using proper expression of will power?
Then say a Forgiveness Affirmation to heal the cause.

I forgive myself for______. / I forgive ______for _____. From this moment forward we have
Love, Peace and Harmony between us. Say this four times a day for four days. Out loud! Burn
this page with some sage. Write one for each conflict, person, place or thing. Just my two cents
worth. Don't know if that is what you are looking for or not.

Thanks! It is similar but this was to go within the dream world to help others that couldn't get
through the layers to Spirit because they hadn't reconciled the trauma that had been passed on
through generations. In order to end this this woman traveled into this place and searched for a
friend who had passed over. The friend needed to remember to be able to let go of the "memory
(heal the spirit of trauma) which was controlling" to move forward. The teacher was a Chilten.
The book, although presented from a perspective I don't totally accept, was interesting and gave
another jiggle to and explained through example and story many of Cinnamon's teachings that
are presented here. Ones such as impeccability of intent, shamanic death, soul retrieval, being
able to stand your ground and the absolute need to ensure that the self is healed first so there
would be no repercussions. In the travels to find her friend in this in between place it also
presented images of shadows and the use of a symbols I have seen in dreams ( such as
individuals in shadow watching and reaching out, hand with a cross vs hand with swastika). This
symbol the swastika predated by thousands of years in Germany and had positive meaning to this
culturally: it was actually a symbol used to help enter the in-between state. So I think I have been
shown the teachings from a different cultural perspective and that aids in understanding even
though it added a bit of confusion initially. I am very interested in this and would like to read and
learn more about the process of healing. Thanks for your help!

The swastika also represents the Wheel. I forget the country of origin for that, I want to say it
was used by the Scandinavian countries but can't recall. The 4 spokes of the elemental forces
and overlaid with a 2nd you had the 8 spokes of the wheel of the year that includes the crossquarters.

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