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Essental Oils - Rule of Thumb
By Lotus

Essential oil rule of thumb that I have found useful when shopping for oils. The list has helped
me, hopefully it will be useful to you...Buy the oil using the scientific name of the plant, and
look on the container for the country of origin. If you find essential oils that are typically very
expensive, but seem like a deal - it's NOT the real thing. If it's labeled "aromatic oil" it's a
synthetic fragrance oil. If it says "aromatherapy" on the package, look at the list of ingredients. If
"fragrance" is listed as an ingredient, there is synthetic fragrance in the product - even if essential
oils are also listed. Essential oils should evaporate completely from a test strip, or piece of white
paper (some may leave a little color). If there is a greasy spot, they've been extended with a base

NorthernStar, let me know how you make out with your search for Essential Oils. I have a good
friend who lives in Ireland, she is also an Aroma therapist and may have some addy's for you to
check out.

Awwww - Lotus, thank you soooo much! I will get established again a bit after my last workshop
(it was not about oils and essences *hehehe* but I was away for some days) - and I hope to get
into the depth of oils and essences very soon - to take some time to read and to learn more.

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