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The Eye, psychological symbolism and general ailments:
The eyes radiate the content of your being outward, like two sparkling suns. The eyes symbolize
being open to your inner Self, to the divine, peaceful light within yourself; they symbolize
receiving beautiful Consciousness energies and impulses from the depths of your Self with open
hands. They reflect the warmth of the heart of your soul, and of your inner wisdom. They
represent the amount in which your external ego has a harmonious contact with your inner Self:
to be yourself in a powerful one-ness. Your eyes are the gateway from the outside to the inside:
how much do you close yourself, how much you build a defensive shield, or refuse access to new
impressions; or do you open yourself full of confidence and longing to that which is new? To be
able to see clearly within yourself, to be able to clearly grasp or understand the situation in which
you find yourself.

Fear,… because it isn't "seen" clearly; there's not enough trust. The eyes reflect in which quantity
you acknowledge or deny your inner Self, your solar center; are you only focused on the external
world, on false appearance, shiny bits and matter, or do you see everything as it really is, and
deeper, do you see under the surface? Do you look at details or problems too much, full of fear
or anger: your eyes would reflect your joy and your sadness, your depth or your superficiality.
They are symbol of our ability to pass on communications. How much does your satisfaction,
your solar warmth, radiate to others? Do you drown in your own deep emotions, only to then be
unable to get out of the muddy swamp you have got yourself stuck in? Then this means that you
have insufficient trust in your deepest Self. To truly see clearly means peace, joy, warmth; The
eyes are the symbol of self-LIBERATION, a clear and open view through inner freedom: don't
get yourself caught in emotions, in worries, in self-destructive aggression…; the freedom to be
yourself, true to your real nature; allowing your feelings to flow freely, to no longer fixate
yourself on the past, on those matters that you are not releasing. If you see yourself as "bad",
then you will, unconsciously, seek validation for that in the outer world. An honest, balanced
insight in yourself and others; don't fool yourself, dare to evolve, your eyes will tell you where
you are.

I'm sure you are aware that the right would indicate the masculine, rational vision, and the left
would be the receptive, intuitive, feminine vision, yes? What comes to mind is that you are not
wanting to see with a rational, active, masculine view, only if it is at a certain distance, and when
it is "in your face". The feminine, receptive intuitive eye has taken over your vision. It is also
very interesting in combination with the nerve article… but I'll leave all that to you.

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