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Favorite Blendings
By Silver Eagle Dream Dancer

I thought I'd start a post for oil, aroma therapy etc... blendings and what you use them for
I was cleaning my room today and thought I'd mix a couple of room scents (essential oils) while
I was at it. I got a couple of small cheap spray bottles at Walmart so I could experiment.

1. Peppermint/Sage/ White Camphor and Myrrh - not too bad for cleansing but I think next time
I'll leave out the myrrh.
Half a part each Myrrh and peppermint - 2 parts sage - 1 part white camphor.

2. Lavender and Clove. I REALLY like this one. Clove is a bit strong so make it 2 parts
Lavender to one part clove if you're not a clove fan but it's a wonderful room energizer and

3. Lavender and Sage - Great for before you sleep.
I may just start mixing oils for the heck of it!


Although not an essential oil recipe, here is a slightly different take on Lavender, a favorite of
mine. A delicious way to incorporate lavender and receive all its benefits. The creator of the tea
is a friend of mine who has a lavender and herb farm.

Shakespeare's Tea
A combination of lavender, mint, savory and marjoram, just as the tea appeared in Act 4 of the
Bard's "The Winter's Tale".
1 cup dried Lavender blooms
2 cups roughly cut dried Peppermint
1 cup dried Summer Savory
1 cup dried Sweet Marjoram
1 cup dried whole Calendula blooms

Collect your herbs mid-summer and rub off the stems when dried.
Crumble the Peppermint leaves to match the size of the other greens.
If your Calendulas are huge, break in half when dry.
Use 1 tsp. per cup: in a pot add 1 tsp. per person and 1 for the pot!
Steep 3 minutes and enjoy!

Lavender Jelly
1/2 cup fresh Melissa lavender flowers
2 Tablespoons white wine vinegar
4 cups sugar or to taste
1 three-ounce pouch liquid pectin

Bring two cup water to boil- remove from heat and add flowers and steep for twenty minutes and
strain. In heavy saucepan, add infused water, vinegar and sugar, bring to boil, stirring constantly
for 10 minutes or until; sugar is dissolved. Add pectin, return to boil and boil for one minute.
Remove from heat and skim off foam. Pour in hot sterilized jars and seal.

Here is a great night oil I like to use on my face ...
geranium 1 drop
lavender 5 drops
sandalwood 4 drops
ylang-ylang 1 drop

Mix into 25 mls of vegetable oil and massage sparingly into clean dry skin before retiring.
My favorite vegetable oils are sweet almond, peach or apricot kernel. Almost as good are grape
seed, sunflower seed, and safflower seed. I usually pour both essential and vegetable oils into a
small dark amber colored bottle and gently shake a few times so that the oils completely mix
together and then label it. Oils made in this manner can last up to three months.

I put lavender essential oil into a spray bottle with water and iron my clothes with it!
I use marjoram mixed in sweet almond oil to rub down SW's back when he's had an especially
tough work day...

Marjoram is a nice scent for a relaxant for men. It isn't to flowery. As an analgesic,
antispasmodic and nervine it is good for minor large muscle aches. As a hypotensive and
sedative it is good to use before going to bed. If he plans to be active after the rub you might try
a blend I like. Lemon, peppermint and black pepper in your favorite carrier oil.
The lavender and clove spray is a good one as we get into flu season. By using clove in the air by
spraying or in steam you decrease the risk of families spreading flu to one another. It reduces the
air borne virus as it is an antiviral. As an antibiotic it helps with bronchitis which is high risk
during flu season.

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