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Finding & Applying Healing Energies
By Silver Eagle Dream Dancer

You don't have to stand on your head or chant to the oldies to just get a feel for your own healing
energy. It's not complicated. Your body already heals you. It's just a matter of knowing and
understanding how to feel it. So here's the first of many ways to get a sense for it.

Take three, deep cleansing breaths - feet flat on the ground, hands pressed together as if praying.
After the breaths, move your hands slightly apart... (about a half an inch for the Virgos in the
room ) Stay that way for a few minutes, continuing to breathe deep and concentrate all your
attention on your hands. Become very sensitive to how they feel and are responding to your
breath. Some will feel hot... some will feel tingly, like little tickles that run up your arm. This is
personal body energy being tossed between your palms. You have found your healing energy.
Some even feel it rising from their feet doing the exercise.

Now, that doesn't mean it's time to go working on anyone. I seldom use personal energy in
healing. I use Earth, elemental or Creator energy. However, before you can develop in those
areas, you must first prove to yourself that you CAN sense it - so we start with yours.
Try it and share how you've done.

1. Widen the space between hands to increase your sensitivity to the energies. Energies actually
know no distance in this instance, but our perception suggests that there are differences based on
space between. This is a good way of breaking that illusion, by practicing that.

2. Envision the energy as a ball that you hold between your hands. When you get to the point that
you can actually feel a ball then you're doing good.

3. Envision the ball filled with a color. This will hone visualization skills as well as exercise
those physical places in your body that use your psychic and healing skills. You may find your
third eye area itchy. This is what happens to me. Many people have expressed to me a difficulty
in being able to visualize so this works well. I had one person envision the ball full of money.
Seemed to work for him. Color he couldn't do... money from the lottery he had no trouble seeing!
go figure.

4. Change the color of your ball. Again, working those envisioning muscles while learning more
about healing energy.

5. Add the dimension of weight to your ball. I envision blowing air into it with my breath giving
it just a bit of heft, like a balloon would have. Once you get good at envisioning weight, you can
give it more. This is for manipulating and revealing a dimensional aspect of energy.

6. Add motion to the ball. The ultimate in control and concentration is when you can do all of
this with the ball of energy and then add motion to it by rolling it around in your hands.
I should add that you should probably dissipate your ball when you're finished with it. Just
envision it melting into your palms until it's reabsorbed into your system. For fun, you can
follow the path of the energy in your body as you reabsorb to see where it goes.

If the energy in your hands continues after the exercises and you aren't able to stop it... Use a
small amount of sea salt (table salt will do) and running water. Place the sea salt in your hands
and rub them under running water. Salt will ground out the energies. You can also use baking
soda or a combination of both.

This exercise is incredibly good for empaths to practice. Again, not a tremendously tough
meditation type of thing but you do need to have time where you can put focused attention into
what you are doing. I frequently perform this one just before bedtime, to clear the day from my
mind and set my body in healing energies before sleep.

First, gathering energies. Sometime in the day, go hang your toes out in the sun. I have a
hammock on my balcony that, in the afternoon the sun strikes only my feet while the rest of me
is in shade. I do this because I'm very sun sensitive and burn quickly. This way, I can still gather
sun energies without getting the rest of me burned.

Lay or sit with toes pointed upward.
Envision your toes as sponges soaking up the warmth and energy of the sun.
Envision it traveling to through the rest of your body upward.
Do this till you're done It's that simple.

This helps cycle out yucky energy gathered during the
day and replace it with fresh vital energy. Be sure to drink water afterwards. That also helps
lubricate the paths of energy in your body.

Now, at night while laying down, envision an egg shape surrounding your body. For the
exercise, you want to stay to the roundish shape because that will also regenerate the energy as it
cycles. Make sure that you envision it completely surrounding you, back, front, sides... top.
Fill it what the color or colors of your choice. Whatever color you identify most with or feel
good with. Don't worry about what you think you know about color therapy right now because
it's not relevant to the exercise. Your personal idea of a color that makes you feel good is
evoking those energies to you.. not the actual color. I suggested this exercise to my youngest
who asked me if his egg could be black, his favorite color. I told him I'd never tried it with a
black egg before but if that color made him feel good, safe, and protected then to go ahead and
use it. That night I tried it myself and felt GREAT when I woke up. Black had an extremely
balancing effect on me, like sleeping in a great void. Very comforting to someone whose mind is
always tuned.

First learn to produce the egg and give it color and then move on to the other variations.

Once you learn to envision a color you can expand the visual to more defensive types to things.
These are to be used in defense of energies seeking YOU out - to create a boundary that's
comfortable for you.. not for attack. They can backfire horribly if used as an offensive weapon.

1. Envision your newly formed egg as a fire egg and that anything harmful to your energies that
comes close to the fire will burn up before it reaches you.

2. Sleeping in Silver or Gold energies: Envision your egg filled with the brightest shimmering
metallic color of your choice. You can combine metal energy until you find something that
works well for you. I use this for healing mental and synaptic trauma.

3. Healing Eggs: Envision your egg filled with the energies of a crystal for healing such as
Malachite, Amethyst, Selenite.... Good work out for your visual skills as well as your sense of
energies AND healing at the same time.

4. Sleeping in energetic energies: Envision your egg filled with the energies of Father Sun. One
accompaniment to this that I use is to drink Sun Tea. That way I'll be placing my consciousness
both inside and out on sun energies. In a clear container, put the tea of your choice out in the
waking dawn and ask the Sun to fill it with energy you can use. Collect by noon and drink at
your convenience. I use decaf tea or peppermint myself.

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