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Gout Discussion
By StarDreamer

I've got the "rich man's disease"! Since I'm neither a man nor rich, what a hoot! For now I'm
taking what I was prescribed by the doc for the pain and am to pick up a maintenance scrip. But
I'd like to know what alternative meds might be available. I've checked a few sites, but since I
know so little, I'm swamped...buying a pig in a poke comes to mind. I'm also wondering what
gout might be about energetically. Related to bones and joints? Foundations? My father had
gout. I remember very well a summer vacation to the Wisconsin Dells interrupted by my dad's
first attack. He drove home to Chicago with his right foot in my mother's lap, using his left for
gas and brakes! If I'd been old enough to understand how dangerous that was I'd been scared
silly! It is obviously hereditary for me because my diet is shy on everything listed in the no-nos,
except maybe for nuts...I do like peanut butter! And I drink a lot of water anyway. Any insights
and/or suggestions?


((((((((StarDreamer))))))))) Gout hurts!!! *sends love and a gentle hug* Gout is characterized by
a suddenly appearing acute inflammation of a joint. In 90% of the cases, the base of the big toe
or a little joint around the arch of the foot is inflamed. Gout is a form of acute arthritis (suddenly
appearing and of short duration). This form of rheumatism is caused by a too high amount of
uric acid in the blood. Some people do not excrete enough uric acid, or they produce too much.
Because of this, the percentage of uric acid in their blood will be higher than is considered
normal. When too much uric acid is found in the blood, it can create crystals. These crystals then
settle in the cartilage tissues or can penetrate into the joint cavity. This causes an inflammation,
a swelling and a lot of pain.

With an attack of gout, the joint will hurt, suddenly swell and then become very painful. The
attack mostly lasts a few days and then disappears. The joint slowly takes on its normal form
again. Gout is most often genetically determined.

Too much food and drink can influence an attack, but it isn't the actual cause of the illness. Gout
mostly affects men, but if it affects women, it will mostly be after menopause. Now if I remember
correctly, you recently had issues with your kidneys. The kidneys are the area in the body where
Uric Acid is dealt with. Have you recently been taking aspirin? Low occasional doses can
interfere with uric acid reabsorption (increases uric acid in the blood), and regular high doses
(such as for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis) can interfere with uric acid production itself (thus
lowering it). If you are taking aspirin or other salicylates (aspirin related medication), it can
affect the kidneys and other treatment of the kidneys. You can help yourself some by avoiding
foods that are high in uric acid, such as organ meats (liver and kidneys), sardines and anchovis.
Alcohol is best avoided since it slows down the removal of uric acid from the body. Fasting, a
starvation diet or strenuous exercise all raise uric acid levels.

A herbal remedy that may help ease the function of the kidneys is goldenrod. A. Vogel has a
remedy called "Solidago", which is a golden rod tincture. It helps tremendously in supporting
the kidney function, and the adrenal glands too. Here is a page that explains more about
Solidago: www.homeoint.org/clarke/s/solid.htm Some additional herbs are: nettle, fresh
dandelion, horsetail (equisetem), and juniper berries. You can best get all of these, and alternate
them every two days. Make a light infusion and drink throughout the day. Nettle, dandelion,
equisetem and uva ursi are diuretics, which help the body remove toxins and other waste
products, thereby helping ease the load for the kidneys (so that they can strengthen). Juniper
berries when steeped in hot water, can help with a low-grade urinary tract infection that causes
the kidneys to perform differently (faster or slower).

Helping the kidneys with another load of mashed potato (slightly cooked, but still half-raw) on
the kidney region of the back, to remove excess toxins from the kidneys will also ease the
strength of uric acid in the blood. Cell or Tissue salts (shussler salts - not to be confused with
normal kitchen salt) that are very supportive for the kidneys are Ferrum Phosphoricum (also
abbreviated as FerPhos, or FerrumPhos). These are available at herbal stores, naturopathic
pharmacies and vitamin stores. The kidneys generally represent the tension between fears that
block you from growing further and fears that you need to not jump into the deep end if you
cannot swim. One is restrictive, the other is life-saving. The kidneys are representative of a fear
of the inner world, something that is not allowed to be filtered and removed/released/cleansed. I
hope this helps you some? Did you also see the link in the index to Kidneys?


Helps a lot, Cedar Rose/Mouse! Thanks! “The kidneys generally represent the tension between
fears that block you from growing further and fears that you need to not jump into the deep end
if you cannot swim. One is restrictive, the other is life-saving. The kidneys are representative of
a fear of the inner world, something that is not allowed to be filtered and
removed/released/cleansed.” Well, that states EXACTLY where I am. Feeling damned if I do,
and damned if I don't. So kidney problems and gout seem to fit to a T. I will look into the
herbals...thanks for the link.


Gout is called the rich man's disease because in old times only the rich had a diet high in meat
consumption that was out of balance. Animal fats can impair the bodies normal balance which
will lead to problems as stated above. Medications and toxic levels of vitamin supplements can
do the same. Impairment of the lymph system (including sedentary activity) reduces the body’s
ability to remove wastes and toxins resulting in problems like gout.
Solutions: Daily exercise including moving arms and legs for a couple minutes every hour while
working seated. Walk, Inversion, Tai Chi, Qi Gung, Do the hokey pokey it doesn't take much to
increase lymph flow. Remember the Lymph circulatory system does not have a pump like the
blood circulatory system. Simple movement powers it and tight clothing restricts it. Detox -
vegetable juice such as carrot, beet, parsley mixed is good. Change - supplements or reduce
them and limit rich foods (fatty not expensive, see how our language even confuses the two) . In
Asian medicine conditions such as gout are only symptoms. Reduce the root causes for improved
overall health. Namaste


So many of us suffer from arthritis, I wanted to share Dr. Weil's tip of the day... "Like our
moods, our bodies can respond to changes in the weather. If you or a loved one suffers from
seasonal arthritis, consider arnica (Arnica montana). This daisy-like mountain flower can help
relieve the pain and symptoms associated with seasonal arthritis, as well as bruises, sprains,
soreness and swelling/muscle spasms from sports activity, and general muscle and joint pain.
Available in tincture, homeopathic ointment, cream, salve and pills, arnica should only be used
topically (non-homeopathic arnica is toxic if it gets inside the body and should not be applied in
any form on broken skin or on an open wound). Look for pure arnica extract, or topical
applications. For arthritis you may want to make an arnica compress: mix one tablespoon of
arnica tincture in one pint of purified water. Dip a gauze pad in the mixture, then put it on the
arthritic joint." You can visit Dr. Weil here: forums.drweil.com/drwdailytip/

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