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Healing Critically Ill People Discussion
By Community Members

Hello all, I am new, I posted a little about myself in the welcome section if you what any back
ground. I was in nursing school prior to the incidences I described. I had to put this on hold. I
believe that I may be ready to start again. I believe that this is where I belong in the hospitals,
homes etc. of the ill. When I first started at 18 I knew nothing. Even in the past several years I
would get so drained when caring for a person. Almost debilitating, accompanied by migraines. I
have not worked with ill people for about a year because I gave birth and life circumstances. I
truly miss it, I tried to convince myself I could do something else but that is just not going to
happen. I guess what I am getting at, could anyone help me with energy balancing. When I am
with ill people am I giving them energy? is it mine and why is it so exhausting? Those are my
questions for now.


Hi NewDove, From what you describe it does sound like you're giving your own energy, the
energy that your own body needs to retain its health... instead of being a vessel (hollow bone) for
universal energies that can pass through you and to the person who is in need of healing. I'm
sure you've had the basics of human anatomy and physiology, and the process of handing over
energy is very similar to diffusion and osmosis. The ions and electrons, positives and negatives...
you keep giving, and if you're not in a place where you can recharge your own body, you become
exhausted. I experienced this for myself when I was working in a care facility for terminally ill
seniors. I didn't take time to step outside into the fresh air, to shower before and after work (not
just to wash off other energies and to cleanse my own, but also the running water re-ionizes the
body)... There are plenty of tricks to recharge your own body, but in my experience it is key to
learn to become the vessel for universal energies from Spirit, so that you can maintain your own
health and physical integrity, without compromising yourself while still being the bringer of
higher vibrations for those who are ill or in need of higher energy. Does this make any sense?
Feel free to ask questions...I do hope that you will be able to return to the field. It is pretty
intense, but so rewarding...


Thanks for the information. I thought that I was giving my energy. I became resentful when I had
depleted energy. Thinking " I what to help but I cannot do it anymore and function in my
everyday life". This line of work is very rewarding but as you said, intense. I sometimes wonder
why I went through the experiences the same year that I was supposed to graduate with my BSN.
This also made me resentful. I was not sure if the path that I choice was the right one considering
everything seemed to get in the way. After I let go of the animosity I started to realize that I had
allot of growing to do before I was able to be as successful as I wanted to be. It was not going to
be a job for me to make good money, as they say. I needed an attitude adjustment. I got one but I
had to pout a little before understanding. Thank you Cedar rose. I found that I was able to regain
energy when I was out side and as you said showers helped with headaches. My next question is,
were do I begin? I started reading about the elemental forces. I am starting with air and the cloud
exercise. Considering I have to get reaccepted into a nursing school it will be awhile before I will
care for the ill again. I what to be ready to do the best that I can.


Hi NewDove, It is very possible that you had not grounded yourself sufficiently. When working
with any illness, it's really important to stay grounded. Also there are a variety of
methods/techniques to energetically shield yourself whenever you are going to be around a
situation with "unbalanced" energy or "lower" energies. This is especially important if you are a
sensitive individual who tends to absorb the energy of another. Sometimes I work with Hospice
patients and I never leave feeling drained or depleted of energy. More often than not I feel
uplifted and grateful for the opportunity to be of service. I think too, it's also important to
remember that our task is not to heal but to offer "healing" energy knowing that we are merely
the vehicle in Spirit's hands.

Silver Eagle Dream Dancer:

You might check out the empathy articles in our library too. The medical field is very hard on
empaths. Some of those techniques may help you.


Thank you for the suggestion about the reading. Yes I am an emphatic. I thought I understood
what this word meant, I realize that I did not completely. I would leave work or a clinical and
feel burnt out. I would have to go home and sleep for 12-14 hours or get a migraine that would
force me to vomit and stay in darkness for 24 hours at a time. I could not understand why I could
truly feel these peoples pain and not just the patients but the family as well. I would look at the
other medical help and wonder why they were not affected. I thought maybe they were hardened
and then I started believing they really did not care for their patients. I would walk into a
patients room and want to help and the same time I wanted to run because it was so heart
breaking. I never got hardened as people told me I would. The semester that I could not progress
was hospice rotation. The issue being now I think that I can do this but I am not sure why I
would put myself through that again. Thanks for listening. There is a lot that I still need to learn
about energy. I seem to be extremely affected by energy of every kind. I wonder if this is weird?


Oh no, not weird at all. It takes time to learn how to work with the energy around you and
eventually you will find your own rhythm to help you establish energy boundaries. The more you
practice grounding and shielding, the easier it gets. Perhaps you are being summoned to share
your gifts. And to put your mind at ease, there is absolutely no reason for you to get hardened,
not at all. Though my methods may differ from others, my heart and spirit remain soft, caring
and loving. Good luck on your journey NewDove and as SEDD mentioned, you will find many
articles in our library to be of help. If you come across a question, just say the word, there are
many here who can and will lend a hand.


NewDove, I just wanted to add that if you open to Spirit prior to going into working with people
you open to Source Energy/Universal Energy. As you filter that energy to them (instead of your
own) you draw from a wellspring that cannot be exhausted. Letting it out to them, your own body
takes on some of the residual energies you're "running" through it. This is good and healthy for
you too. *S* And of course grounding afterwards, but what you need will come as a result of the
work you are doing for others. You are both served. Another issue is the headaches. While that
can come from stress and strain, it's also quite common to experience them when using your
sensory abilities until you get them stabilized. Once you find a technique that works for you the
headaches *should* cease. Some people find they remain however and we're all different in that
regard, but if it is a condition that remains then there are medications to take that will thwart a
migraine before it starts. They don't work as an after effect, they are preventative. Just something
you may want to keep in mind. The articles on empaths, shielding, grounding and centering
should help you a lot as others have suggested.


Thanks for the advice. I need to learn how to work with the energy. I believe that this is
important. I am happy that you said that I do not have become hardened. When i tried to not be
connected to the patients it did not feel right and I would end up sad. It is not me - to be hard. I
realize this world wants one to be toughened by its brutality but at the end of the day if one has a
soft heart-one proves to be the strongest.


Hello NewDove and welcome. Reading your story was like reading about myself a few years ago
when I was in social work. I will approach this question of yours from a different angle.
Working with people is very rewarding, and difficult. Working with ill people is different. You
know they need you and when they respond favorably all is well. Some are more demanding than
others and your energy flows to them. Now what about you? You love this type of
work.........why? Sit with this question for yourself and listen to your hearts answer.

The people that you want to work with will to a large extent depend on you. How does that make
you feel inside about yourself and your own needs from people around you. What do receive and
what do you wish to receive? You are very typical of what I'm seeing more of each day in others
and myself. People are wanting to integrate more. To pull down the walls of fear and insecurity
and reach out to touch every human being. To be open and loving without recoiling. More
people like yourself are reaching out now beyond fear and helping each other.

The energy draining is typical of the environment and the people that are stuck in fear. The
above replies helps with this. Once I decided to stop being scared and found unconditional love ,
I no longer felt drained in giving ,because I balanced the love towards myself too.


ElkWoman, I have thought about the questions that you asked. why do I love this type of work? I
love the feeling that I am making a difference in other peoples’ lives. I know that I give great
care. I do not know if I am as good at anything else. It makes me feel full of love when I give
love. I realize that that may be at one point I wanted the unconditional love that I was giving. I
have gotten past that now, I worked through a lot and let go of a lot. I am now coming into the
world without he veil that I was carrying around since I was a child. I like people to be
dependent on me-answer to your other question. Most of the relationships that I have I like to be
wanted and needed. The ironic situation being I have needed allot of help- mostly financial. I
receive the feeling of being wanted and needed and I guess that is also what I hope to receive as
well. I hope this gives some insight on me. Another issue is that I have not had a place to go at
the end of the day to relax. While going to school and working I have had to worry about food,
shelter and the basics of life while at the same time comforting people who are suffer-like me I
guess. Moving 13 times in 8 years can take its toll on a person. Thank you Elk Woman. It is nice
to share every now and then.


Greetings NewDove! My daughter, 21 in February, has decided in a nursing career. I am very
proud of her. Right now she is working at a nursing home. When her first client died, she was
devastated. All the above advice was also given to her, it's good and it works. One other thing I
would like to mention is: By the end of the day we have gathered so much energy from many
sources. Other people, the places we work at and visit. I recommend Smudging. *yes, my
daughter also* Sage transmutes the energies we encounter into positive energy, purifying the
energies. There are good articles in the Library on Smudging, different styles and theories.
Grounding and Smudging the staples of life IMHO!


As I have posted elsewhere I am a nurse too. I have never became hardened, or told that I would.
I feel the pain of the patient and the families. I have yet to see it get easier, but I give it my best.
NewDove, our difference I see most is the Hospice. I think they are the most caring of all the
medical ways. I like working with Hospice as I know they don't let the suffering happen. But my
first job, I will say I suffered burn out. Did not go back to nursing until a year later. Now I don't
want anything else. Caring for the dying and helping the families is a strain, but we all feel. Just
my opinion.


Hello it is nice to meet you. I also found it very rewarding. I took a break and I truly missed it. I
also think that I was not surrounded by positive supportive people that would recognize my
feelings. It was easier for them to say "toughen up, you are being weak". I also did not have a
consistent place to retreat to at the end of the day that I could relax and recharge. Thanks for

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