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Holistic Horse Health
By FrostPony

Hello, I am not sure where to put this. Does anyone know much about Holistic Horse Health?
Using herbs and essential oils, along with massage, and join-up? If so, please tell me a little of
what you know, I am working on making a book on it. I have a bit, but would like more. Thanks
a lot! Oh, and if you’re wondering what join-up is, it is like lunging a horse, but you drive it until
you get 3 signals, then turn away, and make yourself look as little aggressive as possible. If the
horse comes to you, you have joined up. If not, keep it up until it does. It is really amazing to
read about, and probably to see, though I have never seen it, and my pony can't be lunged. It
hurts him. If that makes any since (the join-up description). If not, tell me, and I will try to
explain it better, if you want.


You may want to google "holistic veterinary care". There's lots of information available about
natural forms of healing for horses. I have heard of acupuncture, acupressure, reiki, herbalism,
homeopathy, kinesiology and using animal communicators to detect what the needs of the horse


I've used holistic methods on my horse -and I am going to take a course on the subject soon. but I
don't think I know that much


Does anybody know what Noni Oil is? I think that is what it is called.


“Noni is the common Hawaiian name for morinda citrafolia also known as Indian Mulberry. The plant indigenous to India, Malaysia, and
Southeast Asia, is a type of evergreen ranging in size from a small bush to a tree 20 or 30 feet
high. Approximately the size of a potato, the noni fruit has a lumpy appearance and a waxy,
semi-translucent skin that ranges in color as it ripens from green to yellow to almost white.
Scientific studies within the last few decades lend support to the Hawaiian and Polynesians'
claims of its unusual healing power. Some of the health-related ingredients of Noni fruit that
have been isolated are Morindone, Morindine, Acubin, Terpene compounds, L. Asperuloside,
various Anthraquinones, Alazarin, Caproic Acid, Caprylic Acid, Scopoletin, Damnacanthal, and

Alkaloids are colorless, complex, bitter organic bases, and they are essential to maintaining
healthy stasis in the body. Dr. Ralph Heinicke, a respected biochemist formerly at the University
of Hawaii, has dedicated himself to the study of one alkaloid in particular found in Noni called
xeronine. The body produces xeronine in order to activate enzymes and to regulate and give
structure to proteins. According to Dr. Heinicke, without xeronine, life would not exist. However
extracting xeronine from the human body has been impossible to date. The body's protein
molecules consume the alkaloid immediately after it is created; and therefore, there is never an
appreciable, insoluble amount in the body.

Even though the noni fruit has only negligible amounts of xeronine, the juice does contain very
large amounts of a precursor to the essential alkaloid called proxeronine. Proxeronine is a colloid
that, unlike most colloids, contains neither sugars, amino acids, nor nucleic acids and thereby has
been overlooked by most biochemists. This compound initiates the release of xeronine in the
intestinal tract after it comes in contact with a specific enzyme which is also contained in the
noni juice. This particular chemical combination is believed to significantly affect cellular
function, which can determine a whole host of physiological reactions. The enzymatic reactions
that occur with taking noni juice on an empty stomach are what Dr. Heinicke believes set cellular
repair into motion.”

Noni oil is also from this plant- but it's essential oil derived from the seeds.
There's a lot of information out on the web FrostPony. I know bits and bobs of things, a bit here,
a bit there... if I'm not sure about what I know or don't know, I grab a book or use google to find
out what more I can learn about things. There are quite a few amazing healers here at SL who
have contributed a wealth of information. As for veterinary holistic medicine - I don't know
much about that other than what snippets I've caught here and there. But I know there's awesome
stuff happening in the world of veterinary medicine!!!

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