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Inflamatory Breast Cancer
By MoonStar

Please be aware of any changes in your bodies... this is frightening. Here is the link:

www.komotv.com/g...ID1=785456& (sorry, i did do a search for this link on the site given but it no longer exists)

MoonStar, I think it's very necessary that women are alerted to this aggressive type of breast
cancer. It's called "Inflammatory Breast Cancer" and is not detected through lumps, and is often
not recognized as breast cancer by a physician because it presents so differently. I will copy this
thread to the healing forum since it is related to physical health, but I will leave your post here
too so that the majority of our members will see it. Men too, please, because it may help save a
woman in your life if she doesn't know about it and you do.

According to the National Cancer Institute, Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is an uncommon
type of breast cancer in which breast cancer cells block the lymph vessels in the skin of the
breast, a type of breast cancer that may not be apparent through routine screening methods (e.g.,
feeling for lumps, mammograms):

This blockage may cause the breast to become red, swollen, and warm. The skin of the breast
may also appear pink, purple, or bruised, and it may have ridges or appear pitted, like the skin
of an orange (called peau d'orange). These changes often occur quickly over a period of weeks.
Another possible sign of this type of breast cancer is swollen lymph nodes under the arm, above
the collarbone, or in both places. Often, a tumor cannot be felt, and may not be seen on a
mammogram. The diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer is based on the results of the biopsy
and the doctor's clinical judgment.

According to the Mayo Clinic, signs and symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer include:
• A breast that appears red, purple, pink or bruised
• A tender, firm and enlarged breast
• A warm feeling in the breast
• Itching of the breast
• Pain
• Ridged or dimpled skin texture, similar to an orange peel
• Thickened areas of skin
• Enlarged lymph nodes under the arm, above the collarbone or below the collarbone
• Flattening or retraction of the nipple
• Swollen or crusted skin on the nipple
• Change in color of the skin around the nipple (areola)

Inflammatory breast cancer is of particular concern because it progresses rapidly, and in most
women it is already quite advanced before the symptoms become severe enough for them to seek
medical attention. IBC was previously treated through surgery and was almost always fatal;
nowadays, additional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy have greatly
increased the chances of survival for IBC patients. (Information about IBC in case someone
doesn't have a medial player installed, the link stops working and for general resource

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