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Translated by me from "The Key to Self-Liberation" by C. Beerlandt...

I've let guidance give me a "nod" or "no" for each sentence. I've taken it a bit more general
because there were a few people who had stomach aches at the Equinox. So initially it is meant
for Sunflower, but I'm sure there's something in here for those who also had stomach ache at that

Small intestines, general symbolism:
The synthesis of receptive, passive and active processing/digestion. An optimal functioning of
the small intestines ask for a balance between giving and taking, between a self-aware, active
processing of received impressions on the one hand, and daring to trust in, and surrender to
unconscious processes on the other hand. This asks for a strong awareness of your Solar Plexus,
solar center, the guts to trust in your own solid Foundations, and still being able to move lightheartedly
and light-footedly by the steering power of your Higher Awareness. This asks for a
complete surrender to your deepest Self, to your intuition. If you don't do this, depressing
thoughts or emotions full of mistrust will disrupt the digestive processes. You are then fearful of
the future… an incomplete, hesitant progression of your intestines. Or you are holding on to
feelings or the past, the inability to let go of your experiences, clinging unconsciously to matters
that have been outdated or are have become obsolete: intestinal slowness or rotting is the
consequence of this. Carrying unnecessary burdens. Dare to fully open your brains and your
senses to higher energies, move forward with your own two legs, powerfully and with selfawareness;
are you making fruitful use of new information, new feelings, and do you know how
to gratefully assimilate these new experiences within yourself? Then the necessary food particles
will be efficiently absorbed into your blood. A harmoniously functioning digestion in your
digestive center correlates to a balanced absorption and through-flow of processed experiences: a
constant process of enrichment, renewal and transformation.

General ailments:
Fear is diametrically opposed to trust in your unconscious processes, in your deepest Self. You
are "acidifying" your life by blocking your lighter energies, by not acknowledging your central
Self. You seek support with others, instead of trusting your own solid Foundations. You would
even be *too* good or make compromises that go straight against your true nature, only to
ensure yourself of the attention or support of others. You feel drowned in experiences of the past
and unprocessed emotions; you neglect yourself; possibly you have lived for too long under the
seriously dominating pressure of your mother or your father and you now hold on to this cold
pattern; in other words you are too hard on yourself. Process these experiences from the past,
look at these traditional habits or influences and allow that which is negative be removed… A
healthy processing of emotions leads to transformation; this process, this re-birth within yourself,
can only happen when you trust the Authority of your Aware Spirit. You decide, process and
eliminate. The intestines react with joy to the command of the Master. Come out of this
unconscious sleep, and resolve the underlying problems. If you don't acknowledge this Mastery,
and hide from yourself, then the intestines will get ahead of themselves. So take in all
experiences calmly, fully; observe the emotional obstacles that suddenly present themselves and
process them. Your experiences and feelings all come from one Source: your deepest Self: let
this deepest Self grow, through taking in, processing, and release.

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