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Psychological resemblance and general ailments:

Conscious and unconscious emotional experiences and feelings are processed, purified, filtered
and released. New energy is released through this; we are constantly transforming. The kidneys
symbolize the filtering workings within ourselves. Thanks to this emotional growth, thanks to the
elimination of toxins (through urine) we can experience pure joy. We purify ourselves
constantly; we take in new experiences through our feelings and emotions, and we transform
ourselves through processing these experiences that also bring up old, unprocessed emotions by
association. The old is brought up to the here and now, and through this we can come to an ever
growing awareness. Emotional ballast is eliminated; old junk is cleaned up when we are open to
this. A free surrender to your nature, a trust in your deepest Self, is necessary for this. However,
when you fearfully hold on to old emotions, or when you block the flow of your feelings with
rational thought, then you slow down a decent functioning of your kidneys. After all, your
awareness directs the organs, and not the other way around. A harmonic unity between the
feminine and the masculine aspect is necessary.

The soft, receptive, intuitive, sensitive… needs to be accompanied in a self-assured way by the
aware "I", that organizes and arranges, that lets through and handles the natural aggressive and
emotional energies. The kidneys represent the continual rebirth within yourself, when you wash
away old worries and grief, when you let everything flow off your shoulders that is no more than
ballast in the present. A wonderful, light feeling of liberation, joy and happiness. Kidneys
function optimally when you are open for these transforming powers within yourself, which
process energies and transform them into joyous, radiant feelings, on the condition that you don't
clamp onto dark and pessimistic thoughts, nor to a burdensome past. Trusting that your Nature
will help you always; a deep connection with your nature, with your physical body, with your
deepest core of feelings.

The kidneys reflect the relation you have with yourself: trust or fear? When it comes to yourself,
are you hard and aggressive, or soft and welcoming? Do you despise your body or do you love
yourself entirely? Do you let those emotional energies flow through freely or do you block
yourself with criticism, with limiting rational thinking? The optimal relation between the inner
man and the inner woman, your feelings know themselves to be safely carried in the strong arms
of your self-aware Self. The cause of kidney problems are mostly related to issues with the
Relationship you have with yourself. Repression of feelings (not integrating the feminine within
yourself) as well as denying your self-Worth.

Do you destroy yourself by distancing yourself from your body, by living in your head in an
exaggerated way, instead of feeling one with your physical nature? A fearful nervous tension,
constantly being *too* alert, a feeling of being overwhelmed and suffocated because you don't
let your feelings flow freely. The kidneys symbolize your sense of "connection": with yourself
and with others. When you truly experience this union, this love for yourself, your kidneys will
feel comfy, you will draw friends and a partner toward yourself, with whom you will also feel
good and relaxed. To feel connected with life, with all that lives, with nature. No struggle, but
peace. No distancing critisism, but an unlimited sense of safety, peace and joy. A fresh fountain,
unconcerned and beaming. The kidneys ask for a balance: a guiding and organizing structure,
based on common sense on the one hand, and a total acceptance and free through-flow of
energies and emotions on the other hand. A marriage within yourself.

Translated from the Dutch version of "The Key to Self-Liberation" by Christiane Beerlandt.

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