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Knees Discussion
By CinnamonMoon to Mouse

Mouse, I looked in the index and couldn't find anything on knees. I have a friend who's knee is
terribly swollen and in a lot of pain. Do you have anything on the symbolic reasons behind it?
She's suspecting flexibility but I'd be interested in anything you can share when you have the


The knee is symbolic of inner perseverance, the ability to walk in your own Center, being able to
be flexible in life without resisting surrender to your deepest Self, letting oneself flow along on
the path of true evolution, without stubbornly holding on to false or external values that would
block the inner evolution. The power to take a stand for oneself and to not let others bend or
break you; that central power within you that radiates self-confidence to the outer world.
Kneeling to your deepest values as a divine and creating being; honor and respect for oneself
and for others, a flexible openness toward the world, not closing oneself off stubbornly.

Swelling and pain in the knee:
An incredible amount of energy, often aggression, is being suppressed and it is asking to break through.
Outwardly you might appear self-confident and Big, but inwardly you feel insecure and anxious.
Your inner world of feelings has hardened itself because you have armored yourself: you no
longer allow yourself to feel any tenderness. Inflexibility and stubbornness.

Enormous stubborn anger - extreme resistance to something or someone - often lie at the
foundations of a swollen knee, but you keep those feelings inside! New energies, creativity and
longings want to flow freely, but are being stopped.

Often, an enormous potential of possibilities, but they are being suppressed again and again...
Allow these tremendous forces to come through: stop resisting the spontaneous, flexible flow
of your feelings. When you are angry with someone, it only indicates your own powerlessness
of self-realization.

Allow that natural aggression to break free; confront the cause of your aggression; speak with
those who are close to you, stop bottling things up stubbornly. Be open to your inner wisdom;
feel the leadership within yourself; acknowledge your powers, your intuition and live freely,
without fear. Transform pent up energies into Action, into creativity! Allow yourself to enjoy,
stop being so hard on yourself!

(from "The Key to Self-Liberation", by Christiane Beerlandt, translated from the Dutch version)

Thanks so much, Mouse, I'll send this right off to my friend!


Cinn ~ My right knee has long given me problems. Iyengar Yoga was recommended to me to
build it up. The woman who recommended this to me is a Healer and Yoga instructor. She told
me that our knees are our foundations and when they cause difficulty we are to look at those
foundations and see what needs attention - why it is we find it difficult to stand on our own - Root
chakra attention. And feel blessed by the message they are giving us! Fits in with what Mouse
has posted perfectly!

Silver Eagle Dream Dancer:

My knee difficulty had to do with balance/leverage, inner strength, and the essence of patience.


Oh Mouse! You hit the nail on the head with that one. Dare I print it out and send it to my
brother in law!? It describes him to a T! He has just gone through 3 surgeries to his knee. And
now it is infected. I know it's not funny, but it is his attitude that has brought this on. My sister
and I were just talking about it . If only he would change his attitude he could heal. Thanks for
the info!

Sacred Garden:

Can I tag on here? I've had arthritis since I was a little girl, and I'm used to the occasional aches
and pains (especially at this time of the year) .... but here lately there has been something new, or
better put.. more extreme, concerning my knees. I've not had any swelling problems, but when I
stand from a sitting position the 'racket' in my knees has been awful. All those popping and
cracking sounds...ugh! This has been going on for a couple of months now. It's so loud that I can
be downstairs in my office and stand .. my daughter will be upstairs in her room listening to
music and/or watching TV and hollar down the stairs .."Gee Mom, take some calcium!" Just the
past few days the ache in the knees has been enough to keep me awake at night. I've read your
post (((Cedar Rose))) on pain and swelling of the knees and am pondering on that. I was
wondering though if the 'snap-crackle-pop' part had any extra meaning? Any thoughts?


SacredGarden, I will see later on if there is anything about that in the book (or in my other


I’ll just add that there may be some correlations on Knees in the Symbolism section of the library

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