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Astrological Relationship of Herbs
By CinnamonMoon

Astrological relationships with herbs have been acknowledged throughout the ages. Often a chart will be drawn up on a person to determine their areas of stress, health risks, tension and challenges, etc. This then has a correlation to certain herbs known to function well with that situation and the associations they hold to cure or treatment of the condition. Modern medicine is based on ancient herbal lore in the base concoctions of our modern prescriptions.

The rainforests hold many exotic plants that have allowed science to achieve the breakthroughs it knows today...plants known to the native peoples and to their practices. The difference in use is in the distillation processes but the chemical components are the same and just as potent, they've only been improved on and sanitized. Astrologically you can use herbs to attract or shield yourself from unwanted energies and a brief list of the astrological association and energies will follow.

The Sun:
These herbs are called solar herbs and bring a sense of the future coming to us. They are used to bring insight into our goals, heal the sides of the body, the right eye of men, the left eye of women, and the back. They are used to improve self-image, release fears of dealing with the public, and improve self-confidence. They help us understand our place in the world around us and our purpose for walking our path. Solar herbs strengthen the ego, are associated with Christ and Sun Gods, help to strengthen us in purpose or in other ways to which our intentions are focused. Physically they are used to treat the spleen, thyroid, spine, and body fluids. They are used to ease depression, inferiority complexes, and fear or anxiety of social interactions. They strengthen our sharing of love, of tolerance for those we disapprove of, and the choices we make. They strengthen ambition, independence, and taking charge of situations. They should be taken at sunrise and will help us get in touch with our inner self as well as our outward self to bring about a balanced state of being.

The Moon:
Here herbs are used in relation to the emotions and instincts, our ability to love and nurture self and others, and in understanding divine ecstasy. These herbs govern the uterus, ovaries, breasts, stomach, parts of the brain, esophagus, and serve to treat coughs or colds. Working with the subconscious mind, they strengthen the ability to develop one's intuition, understand childhood experiences, feelings, fears, and bring about greater sensitivity to our creative abilities. They are excellent for those who fear so much they inhibit themselves, for those who are afraid of change or using their imaginations, or who have such limited vision that they stress and become inflexible. These herbs can teach us about the flow of life and its rhythm, the Moon tides, calming domestic troubles, service to family, and appreciation of others who serve us as well as for women's menstrual needs.

Here associations are with the brain, nervous system, respiratory system, throat, nerve sensations, speech defects, the tongue, and memory. Virgo influence is over the bowels and Gemini over the lungs and hands. These herbs will aid in communication and thought processes too. The intellectual, logic, reasoning, and conclusive results are strengthened with herbs associated with Mercury to keep the mind sharp and alert...quick thinking. However they are recommended for short term use as long term they lose effectiveness and we become tolerant of them. Those who write, pursue spiritual paths, and explore intellectual philosophies will find they help with understanding balanced consciousness and the subconscious mind. They are recommended to be taken in equal parts with solar and luna herbs and teach integration, going with the flow and understanding of the meaning of life. Magickally they are used with lunar and Uranian herbs to bring forth ideas and aswers intuitively. They will help you translate the intuitive impressions into words. Ritually they teach the power of words and value of holding to them when we *give our word*.

Aid with sullen, melancholy, unhappy, or distressed states due to lack of social grace. They enhance feelings of attraction and joy, make us more outgoing and social. They also lend us self-confidence and open us to the energies of others. Use tends to be more with the younger person than those who are older but serve no good when it comes to love issues. In matters of love it is those herbs associated with Jupiter that are sought. Venusian influence only serves to create a longing, and Jupiterian brings about an ability to perceive options.

Aid with muscle strains, external sex organs, force and vitality. They strengthen the desire for momentum in life, cure lethargy, and should be used with other herbs that bring a strong sense of directed focus. They relate to the internal sex organs and the inner self and their energy is primal in the sense that it allows one to *survive* or self-preservation through instinctual applications and thus have a sort of lunar quality to them too. Herbs of Mars lend a strong energy, and when combined with those of the sun are supportive to those with warrior natures or those seeking that within themselves. Strong focus and direction results in achievements being successful...hence the reputation to bring about manifestation of goals through the divine balanced with the mundane producing physical results that can be seen and validated. For a powerful manifestation herbs of Mercury, Mars, and the Moon are used. These herbs contain active energy and they attract that same energy to you. If you are suffering from apathy, a sense of uselessness, boredom, wastefulness, or a job that requires a lot of physical exertion then they will be very helpful.

These herbs are benefactors and attract *just what you need* in your life. They serve the liver, blood, vitality, attitudes, adrenalin levels, fats, and promote growth on all levels. They will help in understanding the systems active in your life and body bringing a light to resolutions that are non-volatile in their ethical applications. They serve in the study of ritual and provide conscious linking between the Above and Below Worlds of spiritual and physical dimensions as well as the Web of Life. They balance things. In this state of balance tactful deployment of our actions becomes enhanced, diplomatic resolutions are found, and solid advice becomes available to be shared or used. Jupterian herbs ease the sense of selfishness, emotional upheavals, or giving of self to others in stressful times. This state of balance allows us to both give and to receive equally. It brings an understanding of the ebb and flow of energy, of karma, and good feelings surround that.

The focus here is structure, skeletal system, ligaments, teeth, and gall bladder. The energy here proves a source for grounding or keeping your feet on solid ground. They bring balanced attitudes, stability, and focus if you are given to excessive daydreaming and wishful thinking. They bring understanding of cause, effect, and retribution and in this help us learn to discipline ourselves and actually bring about a sense of free-flowing liberation as goals are achieved. If you struggle to put your ideas or thoughts into action this is the herbal listing that will help you do just that. When mixed with herbs of Mercury they give a sense of tradition, knowledge or understanding of life's mysteries, of magick, and of religion. Working with the influence of Saturn is something you need to be careful with because it introduces and induces change. It's great when you feel rutted into things, but it requires letting go or abandoning that which has rutted you. If you are of a dependent nature this can trigger stressful moments during the release cycle. So there you are seeing what to hold and what to release to make room for what you want to manifest.

Here we're looking at the nervous system, many areas of the brain, and nerve impulses. If you suffer from agitation, stubbornness, or need mental agility and/or freedom, they can help you. These herbs enhance inspiration, the ability to follow your dreams, to reach for new things, to grasp a lighter approach to life, and alleviate depression. Magically, they allow the trusting of impulses, the following of divine insight, aid in working with symbology, and trusting in the initiatory paths we take in life. These herbs aid us in freeing up our thinking, getting out of endless loops of thought that take us nowhere, and in breaking old mental patterns. They free up relationships based on old habits, taking others for granted, and interject new vitality.

Herbs influenced by Neptune will enhance and serve the kidneys and fluid systems of the body similarly to those of Venus. They aid the spinal system and the parathyroid. If you have a limited sense of vision they can help you expand that. They enhance dreaming (conscious and unconscious), increase creative and imaginative processes, and are very helpful to artists or those who are seeking inspirations. They will lead you to visions, that you can later employ. Used to enhance astral travel from a balanced standing, but caution is made to dependency on them so it is advised to use them as triggers only. In this way you learn to accomplish it on your own rather than relying on substances to bring the state of presence about.

Here we find enhancement to sexual desires and drives to procreate. They bring to light our motivating factors which are often based in our childhood perceptions, training, and influences. The changes manifest slowly...like the gestation of a child would. In this they enhance understanding and the need to preserve life over generations. They aid in the loss of desire, drive, or feelings of sexual frustration amid groups of people so they are expansive.

This information is taken from the book: The Master Book of Herbalism by Paul Beyerl; a book that I am unsure about availablility on but the ISBN is: 0-919345-53-0 if you are interested. I suggest looking in rare or hard to find resources for it and I highly recommend it.


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