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Liver - Psychological Resemblance
By Mouse

The liver symbolizes the Power of a human being who is Master of his unconscious Content, of
his emotions, by trusting the processes of transformation. Actively building a peaceful existence.
The liver stands for the Faith and Trust we have in ourselves, in our Self, for our critical
processing of experiences. This Faith, this certainty in the living Self drives away all fears, all
destructive aggression. The liver receives and purifies the Blood; she has a detoxifying function.
In the metabolic process nutrients are transformed into elements that are useful to our body.
Intake, processing and deconstruction, purification and elimination. The liver represents constant
psychological transformation: the conversion and digestion into Growth, into spiritual Evolution,
of new experiences and emotions, based on the already present unconscious content. The blood,
symbol of the light, divine, joyous warmth, continuously changes under the influence of the
psyche. The liver shows us in how much we, under the authority of our deepest Self, flexibly
process and purify our primitive emotions as well as heavy feelings, and use them as new
building stones to place the house of our Self in harmony and in the light of Joy. A symbol for
en-light-ening, for looking at our experiences, based on unconscious convictions within
ourselves; based on these convictions, received impressions will or will not be assimilated within
ourselves in a relaxed way. To come to insight leads to understanding and letting go.

Symbol for:
giving yourself the chance to grow toward joy, peace and happiness. Emotional openness, a trust
in your Self and letting go are necessary. "burning" with longing to be allowed to create
something beautiful for yourself and for others unselfishly; to observe your tasks with full
awareness of your worth and possibilities; to see to it that everything goes smoothly, with love.
To use energies in productivity; calmly letting go of matters that would better not reoccur in your
life, because they would slow down your growth.

Powerful, dynamic production of energy: don't
slow down your energy-flow!!

General ailments (not for WolfSpirit, was told that this was for someone else):

You repress your powers, your emotions, your productive energies. Deep fears, anger for your
feelings of inability, of standstill. Dark thoughts. Possibly you flee into unreal realms of "spirits".
You don't trust your own Divine, light Source, so that you "cling on" to certain people and
situations. Through this, you cut yourself off from your innermost Self, in doubt and deep seated
life-fears. These fears are a signal of your Living Self to indicate that you are on the wrong track:
turn away from that which is dead, and come to life. You hold onto dark emotions. You are not
processing the past, in such a way that you are poisoning yourself. You suffocate in your own
waste. You are not appearing to get any grip on compulsive actions, thoughts or feelings: you
want out, but you can't, as long as you don't trust yourself, your nature, as long as you don't
confidently master your unconscious contents. You are trying to release yourself from feeling
imprisoned. Possibly the kettle will occasionally burst with anger? Or do you keep everything in
at all times?

Soften. Trust. Come to action, creativity, to dynamic self-development instead of bottling up all
your energies and emotions. Critisism towards others only hinders you from truly evolving
yourself. Transform everything in your life to beauty and peace; enjoy that which is natural, the
sun, life. Look at everything with much more light, from your deepest Self. Actively build on a
new life with happy, optimistic energies. Let go, let it all go. Every event in your life has been
unconsciously called up by *you*. Now allow your evolution and move on.You can allow a new
turn in your life. You can't do this before you have let go of that which is old, the feelings in
which you have entangled yourself. Focus inward now, deeply inward, not outward… and look
at your fears and anger: which destructive convictions lie at the base of this? You are not
powerless, you are not under the control of [such and so]: you are master of yourself, grow in
softness, in love and in peace with yourself.

Translated from the Dutch version of "The Key to Self-Liberation" by Christiane Beerlandt

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