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By Marila

Emotions hold a vibration - or, in other words, a frequency. It is up to us to align with emotions
(vibrations/frequencies) we face - or not. We have the choice. When we feel "caught in
emotions" we no longer are free - but acting according to the vibration/frequency the emotion is
holding. This might be anger, hatred, irony, sarcasm, love, peace, loving kindness and many
others...How to come out of emotions and to heal - if we feel that the vibration is too "dense" or
not fitting for us? Also may be causing an illness?

We might go away and leave the things how they are - not getting involved on the level of
emotions. We might offer to bring things to the practical level - to help finding a solution or to
offer practical aspects - not getting involved on the emotional level, too. We might offer a
vibration/frequency, that lifts up the denser vibration/frequency. (We should be aware that
sometimes the denser frequencies reacts with a bit aggression towards the lighter frequencies -
just to align, it is an aligning process, to let go stress. Therefore not to get involved on the
outcome emotional level, then, too.) And other possibilities... (Like silent work as prayers and

Lighter vibrations/frequencies might be laughter and humor. Both help to bring in and to offer to
step forward to lighter vibrations... “Laughter - as with all things - is a frequency. It is a
frequency that is very high raising someone's frequency to help with the healing process on the
emotional level where illnesses are created.” www.crystalinks.com/laughter.html
Laughter and humor does not mean sarcasm, irony or hurting others ("laughing about" others...).
This might remain getting stuck in denser frequencies/vibrations and not really help to walk on
to a lighter frequency/vibration. It also might catch others in joining denser levels of frequencies
- therefore one should be careful in using these sharper vibrations.

It may help all and the situation to offer softer and warmer vibrations - like laughter free from the
heart in a good sense, humor to share and to align in laughter. “Laughter raises frequency and
moves you to a higher harmonic.” By the way: "laughter" and "love" - they sound similar... May
you enjoy loving and healing laughter and humor in your life - the way that is appropriate.
2CrowWoman: One of my favorite topics! Here's an interesting article from a Cancer research

Laughter May Boost Immune System
According to an article recently published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine,
laughter may reduce stress and increase natural killer cell levels, a type of white blood cell that
attacks cancer cells.

Many people experience stress as part of their daily lives. Individuals with health issues,
particularly diseases like cancer, often experience a significant increase in their stress levels
following a cancer diagnosis. This elevated stress may continue during treatment and after its
completion. A few studies have suggested that stress appears to negatively impact health. Other
research has reported that a weak immune system, as measured by low numbers of natural killer
cells, appears to decrease patient resistance to disease and increase likelihood of death among
cancer patients.

Researchers are beginning to investigate therapies that may alleviate stress and correspondingly
improve immune response. Most of these therapies are considered complementary and
alternative medicine (CAM). Mind-body interventions, a type of CAM, are often used to address
stress issues. These techniques claim to alter a patient’s mental state and create a corresponding
shift in their physical body. Examples of mind-body interventions include meditation, music
therapy, and laughter.

Most people would say they feel better during, or immediately following, a bout of laughter.
Patch Adams, a doctor well-known for his advocacy of laughter and humor in hospitals, has gone
so far as to start a free, silly hospital in rural West Virginia. In Japan, laughter clubs are
becoming more popular. Interestingly, a survey of rural Midwestern cancer patients reported that
humor was one of their most frequently used CAM therapies. Scientists are also beginning to
explore laughter by conducting clinical trials that measure specific changes in psychological and
physical well-being that appear to result from laughing.

In this study, conducted at the Indiana State University Sycamore Nursing Center, 33 healthy
adult women were divided into two groups. The treatment group watched a humorous video,
while the control group viewed a tourism video. All participants completed questionnaires
regarding their stress and humor levels before and after watching their videos. In addition, blood
drawn before and after treatment was tested for natural killer cell levels.

Compared to the control group, the laughter group reported a significant decrease in stress
following treatment. Their stress level appeared inversely correlated with their level of
“mirthful” laughter. Participants with high scores on the humor questionnaire also had
significantly higher numbers of natural killer cells after treatment. The laughing participants’
natural killer cell levels were significantly higher than those of the control group too.

These researchers conclude that laughter appears to reduce stress and improve activity of natural
killer cells, which may benefit cancer patients. Clinical trials of laughter involving cancer
patients are needed to clarify the effectiveness of laughter for that specific population. Patients
with cancer may wish to speak with their physician about the risks and benefits of CAM or about
participation in a clinical trial further evaluating CAM therapies, such as laughter. Three sources
of information regarding ongoing clinical trials include the National Cancer Institute’s Office of
Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine at www3.cancer.gov/occam/trials.html, the
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at nccam.nih.gov/clinicaltrials,
and www.eCancerTrials.com. eCancerTrials.com also provides personalized clinical trial
searches on behalf of patients.

Reference: Bennett MP, Zeller JM, Rosenberg L, et al. The effect of mirthful laughter on stress
and natural killer cell activity. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. 2003;9:38-45.
And we can't discuss laughter and health without a link to here! www.patchadams.org/home.htm


Before I left Holland, I was working in child health care. I was actually working on an
application with the Cliniclowns. I found an English website about them: Cliniclowns (the page
is one of the few I could find in English about the organization... it's not even a Dutch site ) I
found out about a woman in Victoria just the day before I sent off my application, and when I
saw the documentary, I knew I was going to Victoria. So I never applied. It's so amazing though
- some of the cliniclowns came to class when I was studying Drama Therapy. Hearing about
clowns chasing doctors, with big syringes filled with chocolate milk... the clowns expressing,
magnifying, the feelings that the children had... How their silly caprioles would alleviate fear,
bring laughter, reconnect children with their parents, bring out the personal connection between a
child and the caregivers... it was awesome, and awe inspiring.

The Clown Chakra
The Clown scientists have found that all our problems can be placed under one heading:
Seriousness. Seriousness is the leading cause of everything from Cancer to Reincarnation.
Scientists from the Clown Academy have already discovered a new source of healing. It is a
psychic energy point located between the heart chakra and the throat chakra. It is called the
clown chakra. If people are feeling miserable; if they have financial problems; if their
relationship situation is the pits; if they are in ill health; if they have a need to sue people; if they
find fault with their brother; then obviously their clown chakra is closed. When this happens, the
scientists have observed under a high-powered microscope that the cells of every organ display a
sad face; and when the clown chakra is open and functioning normally, the cells display a happy

The scientists realized that if a person is ill, it is because his mind has projected guilt onto the
cells of his body and has forced out the love that is normally found within each cell of the body.
The cells are therefore saying, "I Lack Love", or ILL for short. The scientists also discovered that
all disease is due to the fact that the cells are "out of ease" or "dis-eased". When the clown
chakra is opened and working (or rather, playing) properly, the psychic mechanism sucks up
misery, pain, anger, resentment, grievances, unhappiness and so on, and converts the energy into
tiny red heart-shaped balloons. The red heart balloons contain God's Love and Joy. These
balloons are directed to the "dis-eased" cell or situation, and a happy face appears instantly.
When the light enters the darkness, the darkness is gone.

Sometimes these red heart balloons are called endorphins, due to the fact that when anyone
experiences them the feeling of separation ends - they experience being back home with the
Father and hence are no longer an orphan. This is the well-known "end orphan" (endorphin)
effect. So if you think someone is attacking you, Clown Scientists recommend that you visualize
sending that person red heart shaped balloons filled with God's Love and Joy. Remember to keep
your clown chakra open and remember to laugh - seriousness causes reincarnation. Source of this
text is unknown www.hahahahaha.org/Engl/eclown.htm

Awww man, there's so much out there about hospital clowns!! So many touching stories... Just
google "hospital clown".

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