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Making Oils
By CinnamonMoon

Again, this information is from Paul Beyerl's book: The Master Book of Herbalism
"There are several approaches to creating a magickal herbal oil. One, the most difficult, is to use
an extractor and extract the pure essential oils yourself. It involves complex equipment, but is
rewarding for the serious practitioner. The results are pure, essential oils which can be used in a
variety of ways."

"Pure oils of an essential, volatile nature may also be purchased commercially. It is important to
know that many of these are too strong to use directly upon the skin, but make excellent incense
by merely placing a couple of drops upon a burning piece of charcoal. These oils may also be
used with a fixative, or carrier, such as olive, sunflower, or other oils."

"The simplest means of making your own oil is to begin with a fixative oil. This is placed in a
sturdy pan, and to it are added herbaceious parts which have a high content of natural oil within
the cellular structure. You may wish to use the flowering parts, or leaves, and in some cases the
root. Gently bring this to warmth, stirring carefully. Never allow it to boil, and you may
accomplish excellent results by avoiding even a "hot" temperature. This process may be repeated
several times over a day or more. Thus, the natural oils within the herbe are released into the
solution with the fixative, as they are soluble in oil."

"There are many recipes for oils. The herbes are chosen according to their meaning and
attributes. A personal mixture may be made by combining equal parts of three herbes: one for the
Sun sign, one for the Moon sign, an done for the ascendant, or rising sign. One might also make
a protective oil, by combining several herbes known for their ability to give protection, the
individual choices made by preference of scent."

"It is important to experiment. One means of trial and error for finding compatible scents is to
take small amounts of the dried herbes and grind them together. Smell deeply of the aroma, and
feel how it suits you."

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