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Neam/Neem Tea
By WolfSpirit

Has anyone ever come across Neem? It may be spelt Neam. It seems popular in Asia, but i just wondered if anyone has ever come across it - and if so in tea form?

I have never used Neem Tea or any Neem product. Here is a website that might answer some of your questions.

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Hello, I read where you can rub warmed Neem Oil on the chest and back and it will sap cold from the body...I also read we can grind Neem leaves into a paste for boils.

The Neem Tree (Azadirachta Indica), is as the name indicates, from India. It is an important
supply as a pharmaceutical and pesticide. In India it is an ancient ayurvedic medicine referred
to as "the village pharmacy" because of its wide use. All parts of the plant are useful. The main
uses are as skin treatment, ear and headache pain relief, pesticide,organic fertilizer and even for

Recently interest has grown in the ayurvedic medicinals and you will probably notice more and
more products made with them. Encouraging this is the introduction of the tree to Australia
where Tea Tree Oil has become such a big industry.

Herbal medicinals are becoming more popular as studies reveal more and more side effects from
artificial medicinals. You will see more of these traditional medicines as the new item as the
search continues for herbals that work as fast and strong as the artificial medicinals. If they did
they would most likely be just as harmful.

In the meantime our herbal medicinal supplies expand and we get to pick and choose what works
for us and what we like. Remember herbals work gently and slowly with little damage to the host
organism, you.

I am a certified aromatherapist and work with aromatherapy essential oils, hydrosols and
extracts to make medicinal blends. Since there are so many plants in the world, so many ailments
and so many individual responses, I cannot imagine living long enough that I would stop
learning or experimenting in this area.

Don't be surprised if hydrosols (florawaters, a byproduct of making essential oils) become the next step in bottled waters for relief of all sorts of physical and spiritual problems.

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