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A fearful flight out of the harsh world. A feeling of being psychologically and psychically
strangled; limitation and frustration, powerlessness and anger. You experience an incredible
pressure on your head, you feel tied down, children feel limited or fearful under the influence of
parents who are struggling with their own fears and who limit themselves. On the inside you feel
very small, tender and soft, but from memories of your own past (both current and past lives) and
from the immediate environment, you receive darkness instead of light, poisoned thoughts
instead of joy, thoughts of death instead of life, fearful clamping on instead of love, coldness
instead of warmth. You would then withdraw into your own dreamworld, where everything is
beautiful as a fairytale, where time doesn't exist, where there are no more limitations. An
absence, floating, in order to escape fears and problems; you withdraw into an isolated sacred
land. The lightest, most beautiful philosophies, in a very high level of awareness that are often
not understood by most others, alternate with deep realms of deathly darkness. A child is often
confronted with parents who are cut off from their divine Living Selves, so that fear and death
come up. A child experiences a soft light, deep within himself, but is confronted with the dark
influence from outside, and will shut himself off. Fearful thoughts will be spooking his mind,
higher energies are bottled up and are not allowed to exist freely. His parents don't understand or
trust their own natures: the child will mistrust his own nature too. Also, deep-seated, ugly
memories, from a distant past, can come up in confrontation with suffocating situations in the
present. You can drag yourself along in streams of thought without end, you anxiously seek
answers to life's questions, you unconsciously let yourself float along on endless dreams or
philosophies, but you remove yourself too strongly from the earthly here and now. An inner
anger, a powerlessness, because you don't dare experience yourself fully, because you stop your
own energies, often unconsciously, because the environment cannot be a sounding board, or out
of fear of not being good enough as you ARE.

Paint over the past and start anew: believe in Love on the highest level. Take hold of your life
YOURSELF, and don't let go: be proud of your earthly existence, and become aware of your
Worth as a unique human being. Don't stop your spontaneous nature, your feelings, your
beautiful energies. Parents must realize that children can carry a message, a wisdom: don't limit
the uniqueness and the grandness of a child and his inner wisdom. Don't force your fear and your
insecurities unto the child. Let the light of Awareness breakthrough in becoming-human, and
produce, create, a life full of joy and love. Let happy thoughts clear out the dark head. Feel safe
in your earthly existence, based on your deepest Self. Don't flee into confused thoughts, but draw
all powers of awareness, all your deepest feelings to your body and let those realms of happiness
permeate from your spontaneous, living, playful Self into our body; push away that blatent lie of
fear, push it out of your ears, open to the outer world and present loudly to your environment the
true message: that fear, death and sorrow are a sad memory of the unconscious existence of
mankind; that every human being is able to create his life Consciously, endlessly, and in joy!
Open your ears and take full responsibility to bring the world to a higher level.

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