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The Pancreas symbolizes the ability to be with yourself sweetly, lovingly. Trust in your deepest
Self, in your inner Authority that will always supply you with nourishment: "manna", Divine
love. A deep trust in the powers of creation in nature, in the endless supply of fuel (awareness,
love) to always let new life be born, to enable new growth in your life. You trust the goodness of
the divine within yourself, of the life-giving energies of the All. you lay yourself safely in the lap
of your warm nature. Blindly you surrender to your inner wisdom, to unconscious powers that
push upward and transform themselves. Daring to gift yourself and your friends like a warmhearted
Santa. Daring to enjoy all beauty in Life. Emotions are spontaneously embraced and
processed: you spit them out or take them in, you don’t linger, mope, and stand still. You
confront yourself, with force if necessary, to not drown in emotions. Going with the flow of
feelings, biting into life, in fullest confidence of your nature. to give yourself the chance to come
to rest, to let your emotional life and feelings sleep in the arms of your warm heart. Balance
between working and resting, mind and matter, intuition and rational thinking; enjoyment
through the senses or allowing yourself to feel great, to eat, to admire with your ears or eyes;
enjoying a love relationship between two people; transforming sorrow into joy; processing sad
memories from the past. To transform warmth into loving participation in earthly life; active
processing of unconscious negative feelings, so as to, triumphantly, move another step forward
in the process of raising awareness.

General ailments of the pancreas:
When you are convinced that you are not allowed to enjoy, that sugar is bad for you, that you
have to forbid yourself a lot, then you don't really love yourself. Sugar only becomes poison
when your thoughts have condemned it to be poisonous! Do you sacrifice yourself instead of
allowing love and happiness into your life? Do you think that life needs to be "suffered
through"? Do you not have faith in the authority of your inner self and do you sink into
emotional problems? Do you not succeed in processing them? Do you have contempt for your
body of for that which is sensual, do you believe that there will never be joy for you and do you
let yourself be drowned by desperation and sorrow? You don't really believe in the power of
your Self, of your mastery, you deny your worth, you reject yourself, "My Lord, why hast Thou
forsaken me?": you don't realize that you are leaving yourself out there in the cold. Come closer
to yourself: let your Awareness shine warmly into your body, into every cell, fully integrate
spirit into your body. Realize your Self and feel that you are safely held in the warm hands of
your divine Self. Give your trust to Earthly life and create your life with self-awareness. Don't
allow yourself to be dragged down by feelings of powerlessness, by worries… and trust the
resilience, the processing abilities of your awareness. Don't get burned out, but send that creative
fire to new perspectives. Love never asks for sacrifice. You have a right to happiness. Stop that

Disclaimer: change in diet and medication should be as directed by your specialist/doctor, and
not happen suddenly, but gradually, in accordance with internal physical, psychological and
spiritual growth.

From Christiane Beerlandt's book "The Key to Self-Liberation, translated from Dutch by me.
The English version should be published and ready for distribution within the next half year.

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