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Pureness of Essential Oils
By NorthernStar

Hallo again, some may use essential oils for different purposes. It might be helpful to get some
information about the different types of oil. I got this from "Young Living Oils", too. It may help
to find the appropriate quality one is looking for. Here we go:

What You Should Know About Essential Oils:
Unfortunately, not all essential oils are created equal. Most of the essential oils on the market are
what is called "perfume quality" or "fourth & fifth quality" oils. This includes oils found in
health food stores. To maintain all of the therapeutic qualities, it must be extracted by steam
distillation using extremely low pressure & low heat so as not to defile the quality of the oil.
Many people think that when they buy an oil that is labeled as "pure" they are getting good oils.
This is far from true.

There are 4 levels of therapeutic oils:
PURE - This means the oil was not diluted with a lesser quality essential oil. For example:
lavender oil is often cut with lavendin, which has very little therapeutic quality. "Pure" does not
mean it has no chemicals added to it. In the U.S., all you need is 5% of essential oil in the bottle
in order to label it "100% pure."

NATURAL- This means the oil was not adulterated with vegetable oils, propylene glycol, SD
Alcohol 40 or other chemicals.

COMPLETE - This means the oil was distilled at low heat & low pressure so that all the
therapeutic properties are there. They have not been rectified or purified (which means stripped
or redistilled.) Essential oils are often redistilled to make a small amount of oil go farther. They
can make more profit that way. The problem is, when you redistill the oil you lose the
therapeutic properties. It's like using a tea bag over & over again. An example: France is the
number one producer of lavender oil. In 1997 they produced 25 tons of lavender and 67 tons
were shipped to the U.S. alone. What is wrong with this picture?

GENUINE or GRADE A - These are the cream of the crop. Great care is taken at every step of
the process. Seeds- not from hybrids, soil- organic soil that never has chemicals put on it.
Chemicals are never used on the plants in the field. Distillation by steam at low pressure & low
temperature in upright containers & no chemicals are ever used in the process. Must have clarity
of definition (one plant could have 200 species.) The time in the distiller is also importantcypress
oil needs to be distilled for 24 hours. Many companies will distill at higher temperature
for a shorter time. This will destroy the quality of the oil. The distiller must be no more than 50
miles away from the sight where the plants were harvested. They must have Gas Chromatograph
readings with an embossed seal that does not come from their own lab. Then & only then can
they have the words "Grade A" on the label.


Wonderful information, NorthernStarDear! Where do you usually order your oils from? I will be
moving soon, and hope to start working with oils again in incense making, ritual oils and
perfume. This is an old hobby of mine that I have had to give up for several years due to limits of
space. However, I have oils left from that time. All been packed in darkness, etc. But I know that
most are likely too old. What are your views of how long different oils last? Which ones more
than others? I know to examine the smell and the color . . . but what other guidelines have you

Yesterday, I found a shop where I can get grade A rose oil!! *bounce bounce* It was
thanks to your article NorthernStar, that I started looking for it again. I had it more than 10 years
ago, and have since then settled for a 5% Moroccan Rose perfume oil for general nice smell...
but have missed the grade A rose oil so much for other purposes! A good friend of mine and I
will go half on it... so it won't be as expensive as it might have otherwise been either. I am so
looking forward to having the Rose oil again...

ThymeSage, oh yes, this is a question for me, too - where to get pure and beautiful
oils from... You see I live in Germany and when I see a store I give it a try and look around
whether they have got good quality. I am not sure where to order oils... But I will be interested,
too, so if somebody got a good address I will be very thankful to get to know this, too.

Hmmmmm... How long do essences and oils stay "fresh"... Pure essences may be okay for 5 to
10 to 20 years. It depends on the essence. Oils from woods (Patchouli, Vetiver...) and those from
flowers like rose and also spices are said to keep the quality over a long time. The "heavier" an
oil is and the more resin (I am not sure whether this is the right word...) is included mostly the
longer the oil will be in a good condition to be used. Some oils like patchouli and sandel or
incense even might get better with the time (like wine) - they may need some time to develop.
Very subtle and to be sheltered very carefully are lemon and lemon-like oils. Some only may
stay in a "good mood" for about 12 to 18 months. How long the oils last there might be different

Ingredients: In general it might be interesting to look at the ingredients - what is inside (oil, pure
essence, other substances...). How is the oil stored: Then it depends on how the essences and oils
are stored. If it is warm and if they stay in the plain sun (this also may happen in the stores when
the sun circles over the day) they will lose their stability. The bottles should be of darker glass.
They should kept closed. And not to put them in the direct sun or to heat the bottles. If the oil
shows a milky shade inside then this may indicate that the oil is too old. It is recommended not to
use it then no longer.

The energy level: But for me more important is when the inherent energy is gone. It might be
that a person touches the bottle - and that this person is in a real need of the energy of the oil -
and then *wooooosh* the energy of the oil may flow to the person. May be you also want to
"feel" a bit how the bottle "looks" like (feels like) before you buy it... Also with these aspects I
will be very happy to listen about the experiences of others. ThymeSage, these are very general
things I put down here and I hope it helped a bit. May you enjoy the Beauty of the oils and
essences - they may touch us on many levels for healing and for Beauty...

Mouse, what a Beauty! Awwwww and hmmmmmm... You lucky one - even your post feels so
smooth - rose is floating through it... May be it is with you...

Rose damascena has a strong connection to the heart chakra and may help with the healing of
emotional wounds and if people close in. Rose damascena helps and encourages to open the
heart for love, for Love and helps to take a liking to a person grounded in truth. And it helps to
forgive. It also accompanies people during their spiritual growth. And it helps during the process
of sorrow and loss - also those people who are to cross over. It may help when shocks are
experienced, too. It may give you back the smile on your face and trust and joy.

Rose centifolia brings harmony to the feelings we have, it smoooooothes the nerves, it lightens
up heartaches and disappointments. It helps to heal the "broken heart". It also encourages the
senses to smoothly open up. IT opens the heart, it helps to walk through not so light experiences
and it guides us out of a shock. Also this oils may help those people who are in their dying
process. Please remember that this information is to be handled carefully and that one always
should feel/see/listen to what is really needed. Each person is an individual person with own
needs - and before using it for us and also for others one should check whether it is okay and ask
for permission, too. With rose one also might want to work with rose quartz... May Beauty be
with it... :o))


NorthernStar, thank you so much! Wow, no wonder I have been using Rose Damascena. The
smell reminds me of my childhood in the Middle East and it's an understatement to say that
there's healing that needs doing from that time. Specially where it concerns my perception of the
feminine. As for Rose centifolia... Wow. Yep. And Rose quartz is one of my meditation
journeying stones. I surround myself with them as a safe space for journeying. Havent done it in
a while... perhaps this is a cue to do it again.


Here are two of my favorite websites that may be of help. The products are wonderful!
Robert Tisserand's website.
Penny Price: www.penny-price.com/


Rose is a very expensive essential oil. It is one of the oldest medicinals along with myrrh and
frankincense. It is traditionally made still in Iran where there is an annual Rose festival in the
district producing the world's largest supply of rose oil and floral water. Rose oil costs about
$50.00 per 1/8th ounce and most that are available are diluted or perfume fragrance rather than
essential oil.

The therapeutic actions of the oil are: analgesic-topical, anthelmintic, antibacterial,
antidepressant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiphlogistic, antiseptic, antiviral,
aphrodisiac, astringent, bacterialcide, cholagogue, cosmetic, deoderant, depurative, disinfectant,
diuretic, emmenagogue, febrifuge, germicidal, hypotensive, hepatic, narcotic, sedative,
stomachic, tonic, vulnerary.

Medicinal uses are for: abrasions, abcesses, asthma, high blood pressure, boils, bronchitis, burns,
candida, fragile capillaries, slow circulation, lack of concentration, conjunctivitis, cough,
depression, dermatitis, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea, eczema, eye inflammation, fever, flatulence,
fluid retention, gallbladder congestion, hay fever, headache, indigestion, insomnia, low libido,
liver congestion, poor memory, migraine, nausea, palpitations, rashes, sores, stress, swelling,
sore throat, oral thrush, tinea, tonsillitis, mouth ulcers and urinary tract infection.

It is contrindicated during the first trimester of pregnancy and may cause dermatitis. It is one of the
more common oils to cause allergic reaction.

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