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Reiki Defined
By Katt

Hi Reiki is a hands-on healing art; the word Reiki comes from two Japanese words - Rei and Ki,
meaning universal life energy or source energy. You become attuned to using this energy with a
series of symbols, given to you by a Master...I look at those symbols as a way of turning on a
light. The switch is there, but the symbols give you the knowledge to turn it on. It's a wonderful
tool, but that's all it is. I personally don't know if it's different from other kinds of energy healing
work. I do have my Reiki Master level...however, I've been using energy for healing work,
taught to me by my Guides, for longer than I've been a Reiki Master; I do things in my own kind
of way, so I am not a purist. It's a wonderful tool though, it teaches you how to balance yourself
and others, how to ground, send healing to others, how to release negative energies from
yourself...so it's a nice way of passing healing knowledge on to many people. I'm not sure why
you'd get that feeling from people who do Reiki, no one should be sending you energy without
your permission.

StarBear Walking:
Reiki, Source energy or Sweat Lodge energy, Christ Conscious. Nov. 8th Star of David was a
powerfully healing energy. IMHO! It is All Love Energy from whatever you call your higher
source. The key is whichever tradition you feel comfortable with. I personally use all "Mitakyue
Oyasin" We are all related "Namaste" I acknowledge the Divine with in you. But back to your
question, Kat did a great job. The Symbols are secret, but you can find them on the web. I find
that I couldn't use them until I was attuned to them. But I was already using Universal Life Force
Energy. I just couldn't turn it on when I needed. IMHO! It's the same with any tradition, it's a
way to find Love energy and we all are different so we understand differently. Reiki Plain and
Simple is my favorite teaching site angelreiki.nu/reiki/ Dr. Usui had a question. Why could Jesus
heal? He went through many traditions which could not answer that. He finally ended up on a
Mountain top (Vision Quest) and received the symbols being attuned to them by Spirit. He
brought it to the poor people, but kept seeing the same people. Concluding that without money
most people don't believe the worth of something. So he charged. Hawayo Takat was the first
woman and the first American, the first person not of the elite section of Japan to have Reiki. She
brought it to America, but sadly at a very high cost $10,000 to $20,000 *depending on which
story you read* I personally don't see how I can charge for something that is Spiritual.

I have to agree with the others here, Reiki is a "method" of use. I've used energy my whole life
and when looking into the study of Reiki I found it was only a different method of doing what I
already did so I bypassed the study. My blood-sister who is a Reiki Master has told me time and
again that I'm at the level of what would be considered mastery in Reiki in my own techniques.
We've talked about that at length and so it's simply a focused way to work with Source
Energy/Universal Energy...however you want to put it. I do feel it is a very respectable path to
take for someone who is interested in learning a format to use in healing techniques, and Reiki is
very substantial in the results people receive from sessions with a Reiki Healer. It's great.
The "bounce" you get from those who are Reiki Masters is more than likely their own energy
field signature. By this I'm talking about coming within 3' of a person who is attuned to Reiki
with their strong alignment they would feel more spiritually solid. Their auric field in other
words. The Reiki practitioner is very consciously focused on alignment due to the kind of work
they are doing and they would be shielded against retaining negative energies. You may be
feeling the bounce effect of yourself coming up against their energy. Not a bad thing, just that
you're own energy awareness is becoming more pronounced and you're noticing energy
signatures starting to manifest. IMHO

StarBear Walking:

Reiki Bears
These Bears have the 7 Chakras, the Conception Vessel meridian up the front and the Governing
meridian up the back. They also show B-20 the sea of Qi and the Kundalini point. I will be
discussing these points in relation to Reiki and the 12 basic hand positions.

Chakras are energy vortexes on the body. These vortexes allow for a balancing of the body.
When they become blocked they created an imbalance. Energy sent through these vortexes aligns
them to the body. This can be energy such as Reiki or as invasive as acupuncture. There are
seven large chakras on the body. These are the ones I will be addressing here. These are also my
understanding of them and are not written in stone.

The first three help in connection us to Mother Earth.
The Muladahara, base/1st chakra, sits between the legs or between conception vessel-1 (CV-1)
and governing vessel –1. (GV-1) This is not a point that is touched. By holding your hand
charged with Reiki in hand position #8 (loins) on the front and #12 on the back the base chakra
can be balanced. This chakra balances our survival instincts.

Svadhisthanh/2nd chakra balances our pleasure and health. Reiki hand positions #7 on the front
and #11on the back.

Manipura/3rd chakra balances our power. This is covered with hand positions #6 on the front
and #10 on the back.
The heart is our center of balance

Anahata/4th chakra is the heart. The hand position #5 is placed in a modest position as to not
make the client uncomfortable. This hand position also covers the Lung and Heart meridians. On
the back, hand position #9 covers this chakra.
These upper 3 chakra are our connection to the cosmic.

Vishudha/5th chakra is the throat. In #4 position the hands are cupped above the throat.

Ajna/6th chakra is the third eye and is covered with #1 hand position. This hand position covers
the urinary meridian.

Sahasra/7th chakra is the crown isn’t covered in the basic hand positions. By bushing the CV
(conception vessel meridian) and the GV (governing vessel) upwards allows the energy to flow
out and up toward the Creator. This motion is done at the end of the session to ‘brush’ the

Meridians are the flow of Life force energy that runs through the body. The Conception Vessel
meridian runs up the front of the body. The Governing meridian runs up the back of the body.
Starting at the Base chakra without touching the client, an upward brush of the hand over the
body, up the front to the Crown chakra at the top of the head, the Conception Vessel can be
aligned. The same is applied to the Governing Vessel up the back, starting at the point of the
tailbone, GV-1.

More Meridians covered by other Reiki hand position are:
position #2 is at the sides of the head covering the Stomach, Small Intestine and Gall Bladder
meridians. Plus a few acupuncture points.
Hand position # 3 is explained below.
Covering the hands; The Triple Warmer, Pericardium, Small Intestine and Large Intestine
In the feet; Large intestine, Spleen, Kidney and Liver meridians

Smaller energy vortexes are the acupuncture points. B-20 has been known as the ‘Sea of QI’ Qi
also being known as Life Force Energy. With the use of hand position #3 on the back of the head
your fingers rest on this acupuncture point. Thus held ask the client to breathe deeply 3 to 7
times. This relaxes the whole body and allows the Life force of the person to become balanced.
Sometimes this will cause a gentle straighten of the spine.

Another energy vortex of the body is the Kundalini point/GV-1; this is Creative Life Force
Energy. When released gently this energy will be a creative force in the body. If it is released
with a trauma such as a fall or a forced exercise it can be very disruptive to the body. Causing
feelings of ‘loosing it.’ Grounding the excess energy created in this way can help. Also a Reiki
session with attention to the flow of the governing vessel and the balancing of B-20 will help
disperse this energy.

These are things I have learned along the way and explain to me why Reiki works so well.

Books used for reference;
The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui by Lotus Press/Shangria-La
Chakra Workout by Blawyn and Jones
The healer's Manual by Ted Andrews
Notes and Charts from a class I took with Bonnie Cottenburg on Orential Medicine

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