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Reiki Lesson Questions
By RedHorseDream

Hi I have a friend who was recently told by a Reiki master that he should do Reiki 1. Naturally with
her. Now, this is going to cost $250 (that's about $150 American). So, he's thinking very hard
before saying yes or no. Now, unbeknownst to this woman, my friend is already channeling
energy to the level of Reiki 2 - distance healing and working very successfully with
emotional/psychological issues. He has had no attunements or initiation.

Anyway, I've got a couple of questions about Reiki.
First, if energy is freely available to everyone, why do you have to have attunements and 'special symbols' to be able to channel it?
Second, if it's freely available, why are the courses so expensive?
Should an experienced Reiki practitioner be able to recognize an individual such as my friend?
And, if he's already capable of doing these things, why does he need Reiki?

Forgive me for coming across as skeptical, I really do want to know if there's a good
reason for these things, but there are a few things about Reiki that just seem like elitism or
profiteering. I have no doubt that it works, just - does my friend really need to spend all that time
and money learning to do something he can already do? What does he stand to gain? Thanks in
advance for any advice/knowledge.

LOL! ''Money makes the world go round.....the world go round. You have already answered your
own question very well. Your friend has the self-confidence, self-esteem, intelligence, strong
instincts and love, to realize his wonderful gifts are not something that can be bought. You can
pay a fortune and learn to teach Reiki etc... but it won't make a blind bit of difference if it’s not
within.........because you can fool others and yourself at times , but we always know when we lie.

Someone will always come along to offer advice freely when you need it.......it doesn't need to be
bought. You know in your heart when paying for a course is right because they always ask to pay
what you can genuinely afford. So you could pay £5oo or £5o because you can't lie to yourself if
you are true. Thank goodness for instincts and our loving heart they guide us every day.


RHD, “First, if energy is freely available to everyone, why do you have to have attunements and
'special symbols' to be able to channel it?”…We are all capable of working with an energy based
approach to healing. Energy healing promotes healing by enhancing energy flow and correcting
disturbances in the "human energy field" or "aura" which permeates and surrounds the body.

Improving the flow of energy in the energy field supports the self-healing capacity of the body.
Reiki is merely another tool to deepen and enhance the energy source. Reiki is not taught in the
way other healing techniques are taught. It is transferred to the student by the Reiki Master
during an attunement process. This process opens the crown, heart, and palm chakras and creates
a special link between the student and the Reiki source. One only has to experience an
attunement to understand how powerful the experience.

“Second, if it's freely available, why are the courses so expensive?”…While each Reiki Master
has a right to charge whatever they want, many Reiki Masters, including myself, realize that high
fees often prevent people from becoming Reiki Masters. High fees also invite problems of greed,
power over others and elitism which go directly against the nature and purpose of Reiki healing
energy. While I respect the right of each Reiki Master to charge whatever they feel is right,
IMHO, I find it unnecessary. I would simply add that your friend does not have to be trained in
Reiki in order to continue his work, its merely another option for him to consider.


*Smile* Some of us are natural healers (like your friend seems to be!) and we don't need to pay
hundreds of dollars to get the Reiki attunements ... in the end of thousands of dollars. I have a
long distance attunement, which cost me very little, only so that I can say once in a while that I
use Reiki. But really I use the Source energy in different ways than from the once one is
supposed to use in Reiki..... and I have good results, and I know that is how I am supposed to
work with energy.


Greeting! Lotusbud did a good job of explaining. I would like to add there is a link to a good site
on the home page of Spirit Lodge 'Reiki Plain and Simple' also a good book is 'Essential Reiki'
by Diane Stine. After some research then he should decide if he wants to pay for the
Attunements that are unique to Reiki. I also was using Universal Energy before attunements.
What the Reiki Attunements did for me was to give me a switch to turn the energy on and off
and to tune in the energy like a radio station.


Thanks for your answer, Lotus. Would I be correct to assume that many other forms of energyrelated
healing also open these and other chakras? I am still curious as to why reiki is so
different from any other forms. How does one person 'give' it to someone else? And, is it really
the great thing it's made out to be, or is it simply the fashionable thing at the moment? Also, I
know some people who have Reiki 1 who (in my opinion) are not people I would like to have
messing with my chakras, and others who (again only my opinion) I wouldn't consider capable of
healing, because they are messed up themselves.
Again, I appreciate any input I can get on this. Thanks.


“Would I be correct to assume that many other forms of energy-related healing also open these
and other chakras?”…Yes, there are other forms of energy that heal and help open the chakras.
My work as a Energy Practitioner for example also helps me manage energy more effectively to
meet stress, reduce anxiety and brings healing of many ailments. Barbara Ann Brennan's book
"Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field," is a must for anyone
who wants to understand how energy works in issues of life and health.

“I am still curious as to why Reiki is so different from any other forms. How does one person
'give' it to someone else? And, is it really the great thing it's made out to be, or is it simply the
fashionable thing at the moment?”…In order to understand how Reiki differs becomes a unique
experience for each individual who decides to become a Reiki Practitioner. It is passed down
from a Reiki Master to a student during an initiation. And as I mentioned earlier, in order to
understand what happens during an attunement, one has to be part of the experience. I would
suggest your friend do some research to learn more about Reiki. Terra mentioned Diane Stein's
book Essential Reiki and the link on SL's Home Page. He can also visit The International Reiki
Organization here: www.reiki.org Is Reiki fashionable, goodness no, Reiki is an ancient healing

“Also, I know some people who have Reiki 1 who (in my opinion) are not people I would like to
have messing with my chakras, and others who (again only my opinion) I wouldn't consider
capable of healing, because they are messed up themselves.”…When I am asked how someone
can find a teacher, the most honest thing I can say is that this is a mysterious process. Very often
we simply run into them, hear about them or are drawn to them in some unplanned or expected
way. Therefore I suggest when seeking a new teacher you should inquire directly about how they
teach. How do they view the path of practice, what is the goal, how do they guide the students
etc. etc. Whatever we decide, the choice should always be made with an open and truthful heart.
In the end, the true gift of a wise teacher is encouragement, to help the student discover their own
authenticity and to carry that light into all the world.


Greetings! Very good answers Lotusbud . RedHorseDream, When I was looking for a Reiki
Master to give me the attunements a couple of people did offer to do so. I was not comfortable
with their energy and did not go through with it. My first Reiki Master I met by accident in a
small shop while on vacation. After some phone calls l I traveled back to her to get attuned. The
attunement was so powerful I had a vision. To finish my level 2 and 3 I had to find another. (My
first teacher moved without leaving a forwarding address) I found two ladies doing intensive
weekends in Idaho. After phone calls I decided to do this. I'm glad I did. Again I had a vision
after each level of attunement. I would not recommend an intensive weekend without having
some idea what you are getting yourself into. Like doing Level 1 first. I use Reiki mostly on my
animals and kids and I've had pretty good results long distance on children. Anyway! This was
my experience.


Thanks to everybody for your input. It seems to me that opinion is varied on whether Reiki is
any more effective than other forms of energy channeling (I assure you, my friend is very
effective now). Unfortunately, I still have my original question to answer: Why do you have to
have attunements and 'special symbols' to be able to channel it? This is what I'm having trouble
grasping. I've been working with energy for quite a while, and I'm familiar with several methods
of tapping into the 'universal source' for various purposes. What makes Reiki so special, and why
does one have to have it 'given' to them? If it must be passed from one person to another, who
started it? And how did they get started?

I'm afraid I don't buy into answers such as 'You have to have an attunement before you'll
understand'. Nobody in their right mind would spend that much money and lay their chakras
open to someone to mess with, without fully understanding what is going to happen and how
they will benefit from the process. I certainly wouldn't advise my friend to do so, especially
considering what he's already capable of. What will he be able to do afterwards that he can't do

Also, my comment regarding people who have Reiki 1, who are not people whom I would trust
with my chakras, was not about searching for a teacher. I am of the belief that 'when the student
is ready, the teacher will appear'. It was more of a question regarding ethics. There are people out
there offering Reiki to friends, family, each other, who in my opinion need to spend time
working on themselves before they should be looking at others. Shouldn't a Reiki master be
recognizing this 'spiritual neediness' in folks and helping them get over that before training them
in Reiki or any other form of channeling?

As to Reiki being fashionable, I am aware that it's an ancient art, but what I'm getting at is that
there are fads of mystic healing just as there are fads of types of blue jeans, and just lately Reiki
seems to be it. I'm curious how much of the whole Reiki thing is to do with being the current 'in'
thing. I will be sending this link to my friend so that he may read it for himself. Thanks again to
everyone who has replied. Please bear with me as I get down with my bad skeptical self.


Greetings RedHorseDream, “Why do you have to have attunements and 'special symbols' to be
able to channel it?”…Attunements and special symbols are tools to tune into Universal Life
Force Energy (it). If your friend is already feeling comfortable with the system he is using then
why look for anything else? I am not trying to 'sell' Reiki, I was just trying to explain as best I

“Also, my comment regarding people who have Reiki 1, who are not people whom I would trust
with my chakras, was not about searching for a teacher.”…Sadly there are people out there
'selling' Reiki just for the money and doing Reiki as a fad. I'm sure you are wise enough to know,
as with anything on Mother Earth, it's a matter of choice. I think, and this is just my opinion, that
to have your questions answered, they would best be put to each teacher and when you find the
answers that best help you understand it would be a teacher student relationship good for you.
Sorry I didn't have the right words to help you understand how wonderful the Reiki experience is
I hope you and your friend find the answers you are looking for.


Thanks. I am not actually looking for a Reiki teacher. I figure that if there is ever a need for me
to learn Reiki methods, then I will be prodded to do so, and I'll do it. I am merely trying to
understand what it is that makes Reiki the thing that people are raving about these days. I will
take your advice, Terra, and ask some people face to face. I have a friend who is a Reiki master
whom I trust to be honest, and perhaps I have a better chance of getting some answers that
satisfy me in a situation where I can wave my arms around and repeat my questions in different
words so that I may be understood as well. My friend now has a list of questions for the woman
who has offered him Reiki (for a price), the answers to which ought to sort out whether or not
she is reputable and whether her form of Reiki is for him. As to ethics, I guess I was hoping that
like other 'arts' (martial ones for example), the master gets to judge whether the student is ready
and offer or not offer the skills as appropriate. It seems Reiki is almost being given out willynilly
to people who perhaps have other things they ought to learn first, and I'm disappointed that
this is the case. Thank you for bearing with me.


When using energy healing it is important to use a system you feel comfortable with. For some
this is an innate self-taught form. Others study schools of healing. The basics are almost all the
same. The basic differences are whether or not props or objects are used as aides or if it is
strictly the practitioner and the client. Reiki is not an ancient form. It is a Japanese system
developed by Miakomi Usui who was a student of Buddhism and Chinese & Shinto mysticism.
Because of this Reiki has strong Japanese cultural influence making it very different from forms
practiced in other Asian countries . He lived from 1865 - 1926 and formalized Reiki in 1922. His
student Hayashi continued it bringing into it Christian elements. He also standardized Reiki
including hand movements so it could be taught in an orderly fashion with stages of
development. The method used by Usui was intuitive and varied. In energy healing no one system
is better than another. They all have their place and one may be more suited to you than another.
The main difference is that Reiki follows the Japanese system of ranking and organization which
is absent in all the others I have found. This makes it a highly marketable technique. Currently
Reiki is enjoying a world-wide popularity.

No healer is suited to healing everyone. There must be compatibility between practitioner and
client. All healers access universal energy as a healing force and provide it to the client. While
exchanging techniques and information with Qi Gung Masters in Ezhou, China, I repeated
Frank Fools Crow's description of how he healed. They liked his comparison to becoming a
"hollow bone" and agreed it was also applicable to their work. The main thing is to learn to
clear yourself, draw and store energy ( a technique used in all Asian martial arts), give it for the
clients body to use, and protect yourself from back wash. Good luck.


Thank you. Your answer makes a lot of sense.

Can anyone point me to some good 'how to's'? Good books, links, etc? If anyone has anything to
share that would be wonderful as well.


Here are a couple of links for you to check out ...
As for reading material, there is a great selection to choose from. Here are two links to check out:


Here's the link I mentioned to you in the Welcome Center: Reiki for Christians Amazing.They
also have www.christianreiki.net AND www.christianreiki.org Is that like a monopoly?

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