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Ribs & Heart Chakra
By Mouse & Lotus

Here is the text about Broken Ribs from the book "The Key to Self-Liberation" by Christiane
Beerlandt (ISBN: 9075849354)

“It all became too much for you; you "break" out of a situation you can't handle. Emotional
pressure. You take up only a small part of your space, of your total being. You cling too much to
superficial or external values. because you ignore your inner Authority, your deepest Self, you'll
try to cling to a beautiful social image, a busy career, materialism, a shining outward persona, a
demanding sport, beauty, etc.

Your torso bursts from stress, from superficialities; your deepest Self asks you to give more
attention to deeper values and to your accumulated emotions. SPACE for your true, pure, self.
You want above all to pursue outer Authority, and this leads to a collision, to an inner resistance
to others, an intense emotional desire to break with existing power structures. Because you are
not conscious enough of your inner Power, you place all power outside yourself; as a result, not
only do you feel threatened by other authority, but you also can actively oppose competitors or
another authority - your teacher, your partner, etc.

You can become entangled in a battle which is too burdensome for you. You can take an
exaggerated amount of work on your shoulders, so that it becomes very difficult to pull it off or
to manage.

Anxiety, tension, stress, anger, opposition, an unconscious longing for liberation from this
situation. You tie yourself down, you fixate on a certain something. You are not flexible and
supple! An accident does not just happen, a fracture is a symptom called up by your deepest Self
to make you Conscious of that mentioned above.

It was time for you to wake up! Only a shock can bring you to yourself. It is not superficial outer
authority that counts, but deep inner authority. True power over yourself; how you create your
own life. Every human being creates his own circumstances. Become aware of this. What your
heart feels counts; the outer form is a manifestation of your inner soul situation. Don't attach too
much importance to insignificant aspects of life. Take up your true space now. Don't suffocate
yourself with inner struggles, with defiant thoughts, but free yourself from a life-view that is too
narrow. Free yourself from a life philosophy that is too limited. Allow your ribs to open flexibly,
in love toward your deepest Self, and toward others. Don't tensely tighten a rope around your
chest, as it were, by holding on to untrue values. Come to inner peace. Let go. Suppleness,

There is no information about chakras in this - but the ribs protect the chest; the heart (Love) and
the lungs (Life-force, self-esteem, the right to live and breathe). The Hearth Chakra is mentioned
in the various chakra threads.


The Heart Chakra is the center of "love," we all want and need it. As spirit and matter are
combined - emotional, mental and spiritual - unite within the heart - [balance] radiating
throughout one's existence. At the heart, our love is no longer one of need or desire because our
needs have been fulfilled or transcended and we are at peace, a wonderful and comfortable
place to be because harmony within self becomes the basis of our existence. The element of the
fourth chakra is "Air," - the vital process through which our cells survive and rejuvenate. It also
represents breath and on this level, forms the bridge between our physical and mental world.
Since the main energy pathway in our body is the current running through us, each chakra must
be in alignment and if the heart chakra is imbalanced, this throws our entire system off balance,
leaving pockets of vulnerability. Learning to see the world through the eyes of balance requires
understanding and practice. Before our heart chakra can fully open, we must learn how ego
presents itself in our life - in order for our fourth chakra to be fully open requires a certain loss
of ego.

I would just like to add the heart-center is the generator of all emotions and can be considered
the most powerful of all chakras because it has the ability to create or destroy. We must also
remember the flow of breath is the gateway to balance ... for example, when our thoughts are
quiet, our breath is calm and soothing as a gentle rhythm flows through us, therefore this sense
of peace can calm the mind. The opposite is true when thought-forms are anything but calm.
Panic and anxiety attacks, stress building, anger and fear all of these negative emotions tend to
quicken our breath changing the quality of our energy which of course affects our physical

Finally, it is not unusual to begin a journey of self-discovery as the result of a life crisis.
Although many factors help enhance our knowledge about our deeper self, our spiritual needs
must be met if we are to thrive.

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