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From Scott Cunningham "Magical Herbalism":
Folk Names: Dew of the Sea, Incensier, Sea Dew, Ros Maris, Rosemarine, Rosemarie, Guardrobe
Gender: Hot
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Part Used: The herb
Basic Powers: Purification, love, intellectual, protective.
Specific Uses: Add to all purification bath sachets, love incenses, exorcism mixtures and
protection incenses. Wear a chaplet of rosemary to aid the memory. Hung up it wards off thieves.
It has connections with the sea and so is used in all sea-rituals, as well as in sachets designed to
ensure a safe, easy passage on the water. A good protective sachet for boat or ship passengers
can be made of of rosemary, garlic (to stop storms) and mistletoe (to guard against lightning
storms). Make a simple of rosemary and use it to cleanse the hands before working magic, if you
have no time for the regular ritual bath. Drink rosemary tea just before a test or exam to ensure
that the mind is fully awake and functioning. Include a sprig in protection sachets of all kinds. It
is often used to form a protection wreath. Burn rosemary and juniper as a healing and recuperation incense.

From Paul Beyerl "The Master Book of Herbalism”:
This is the herbe that even Shakespeare says is for 'rememberance'. This herbe is capable of
increasing the power of memory, and is also brought into use when a particular occasion merits
special remembering.

In some places, all guests to a wedding are greeted with a branch of Rosemary. Some say it
should be decorated with gold and ribbon, others, more practical, leave out the gold. Grieve also
tells of taking the branch of Rosemary and dipping it into a mixture of herbal oil, perfume and
water, and the Rosemary then being woven into the bride's wreath.

Rosemary has also been used as a Funeral Herbe. It has sometimes been mixed into the incense
for the ceremony, and has often been cast upon the coffin, when it is slowly lowered into the
burial place. Thus we will all remember with love and fondness the one who is passing into
another life, and thus will we also remember that we inhabit mortal bodies as we walk the earth.
For a long time Rosemary was a symbol of cemeteries and funerals, and seeing it grown or worn
would bring to mind the loved ones who had passed beyond.

As a Magickal Herbe, Rosemary is used as a religious incense, and will enhance the sacredness
of any occasion. It is an Herbe of Protection against evil, and has been used as incense in places
of illness, mixed with juniper, to cleans and purify the air. It is sometimes placed beneath the
bed, and this is said to protect you from frightening and evil dreams. It was chosen by Solomon
for his aspurger so that these qualities would work their magick when he sprinkled holy water
about his temple.

Rosemary has been worn when going to face enemies, and might be an excellent herbe to use for
fortification when going on job interviews. It is also wonderful to use as a Greene Herbe at
family gatherings.

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