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Scotts Pine & Other Trees Discussion
By 2

Does anyone know anything about Scots Pine? Any stories or symbolism? Sometimes I get
feelings off trees. For example Beech trees always feel friendly. Anyway, up until recently I've
only seen one or two Scots pines. Then last Sunday we went for a drive and we passed through a
forest of these strange trees and I asked my husband what they were and he said Scots pine. We
passed back through them on the way home and I got the exact same feeling both times. It
sounds odd, but the trees felt like they were staring at me. Very "intense" feeling. Not good or
bad, not unfriendly, just very intense. Like they wanted to tell/express something. I wish now
we'd stopped, but it wasn't a road you could stop on easily.


I don't have anything on this particular species, but I did find my reference book on trees and am
working up an article about them. If you have a chance to sit with one, basically what you need
to do is still yourself and listen. The Standing People (whatever species) have a slower vibration,
their life cycle is longer than ours so it is more or less paced in those terms. When you slow your
vibration you can tune into the tree you are working with and listen to what it has to say.
You were being observed. Imagine yourself as a tree. You are stationary and your environment is
your domain, sentinel and guardian, you observe everything taking place around you in a 360
degree view. They were simply observing you passing through. *S* The Standing People hold the
history of their environment and all that has taken place there. In some areas large spans of
forest will actually network as a single entity by entangling their root systems together and
becoming one. I'll try to get this article done in the next week or so. There should be enough
information in it to lend insight so working with them will not be so confusing to those who want
to begin exploring this arena.


www.treesforlife.org.uk/tfl.mythpine.html interesting link of scot pine


Thank you for the link Earthwalker.
Cinn, My husband was saying that some of the Scots pine trees are parts of the original old
Caledonian forest so their memories are very old indeed! When I was a teenager I had a huge
tree that grew by my bedroom window. I used to sit in the window and watch the birds. One
afternoon I was sitting there for ages just watching the tree and suddenly I was the tree. It was
amazing and yes, they really do move SLOW. It was an amazing experience. I've never had it
repeated with a tree, but I must admit I haven't sat still like I used to in those days in ages. As a
"grown-up" I tend to feel I have to be spending my time "usefully" or it's a waste. I feel guilty if I
just sit doing nothing but stare at nature. Kind of sad.


Yes, it is sad and it's that child-like wonderment that opens the doors. Isn't it sad we each hold
that key and don't use it? Every tree has a spirit, an essence to it that is a living life force. When
we sit with it as you did we can learn to communicate. It's like a telepathy, or an osmosis
experience, you meld and become one with it and you can understand from that perspective, you
can know what that particular tree can and will share with you. The trees are all different, just
like people, and they choose to work with us, just as any entity will. The Stone People are the
same, ancient and slow growing they are a much slower vibration so we need to slow down our
own to harmonize with them and begin our process of understanding. Trees are also inhabited by
tree spirits, the Little People, if you will, Sprites as some call them, and they are the Caretakers
of the groves and forests. They too will interact if they see your love for the trees is genuine.
Let me share something with you here:

The Standing People

For those who have not found their way to opening to the oneness with the Standing People
(trees) questions as to what it's like, or if it's even possible are common. The only way to know
those answers is to experience it for yourself. The material here is based on a book called Secrets
from the Lives of Trees by Jeffrey Goelitz, and should be a good introductory basis to begin your
explorations from.

I want to preface this information by saying that fully opening to the oneness feels just like it
does when you sit in conversation with a loved one you can trust and have nothing to hide from
them. It's opening up your entire being and letting the tree's spirit into your life. It's very
comfortable and not something to fear.

The Standing People are gentle spirits that contribute to the quality of the environment and our
lives if we just take the time to get to know them. Certainly they have their strengths and can (in
a forest or woodland setting) unite to make an intruder feel spooked or unwelcome if they mean
harm to the forest or the creatures within it. That's they defense mechanism. It is a thriving
community and it is going to notice when strangers arrive. But when your intentions are high and
good there is nothing to stop you from getting acquainted. Gentle, soft, non-intrusive, just warm
and tender, plainly comfortable, and nurturing, these are things you will hear more often than not
when others describe their experiences.

We must in essence drop our Robe, shed the image of the human body and feel our own
awareness, our Inner Self for it is that sense of self that we must open up with these beings of the
land. There is a sense of grace that fills the air as we merge with them and become encompassed
by their spirit. When the union comes you *know* the touch, you know the presence, you know
you have arrived. Trusting the awareness comes with time, with practice, and we learn the
meaning of faith as we come to see our respect for our self is the mirror of our respect for Spirit
and All Our Relations. It opens you to trusting the Inner Self and Spirit will see you have
validation when you keep your eyes open for it.

Some may wonder how that trust develops but we all have a sense of right and wrong. Knowing
when we are right there is no doubt in our minds. We don't question it, but if we start to head in a
wrong direction with something we do second guess ourselves and then in hindsight (if we act on
that and change direction) we see that we had been right in the first place. That's coming full
circle to the validation in a backwards way, but we do learn. If it happens again and again we
start noticing that our sensory perceptions were right the first time and little by little we build our
faith the hard way. Trusting in that sense of rightness from the start the validations come in much
more pleasant forms and the lessons are easier. It's our choice. This is in all areas of life and
spirituality, but it is also going to apply with the Standing People...we have to learn to trust the
experiences we are having with them...or that we can experience such things.

Evolution of our Inner Spirit comes when we open to it, when our sense of Self as being in
control of our choices puts us in the role of Witness and we gain a great deal of ground observing
this. It's about Listening...listening to the Self, our Guides, and Spirit when we need direction and
then following that direction trusting that it will assist us in the growth we seek. The Standing
People are very open to human contact and they will more often than not willingly share what
they can with you. In my encounters with the Standing People their auras radiate in brilliant
rainbow hues, warm, friendly, there is a feeling of unity and non-discriminating love that comes
from them. This said, the following information is from the book I mentioned and I think you
will find it most helpful.

Consciously emitting your feelings of love for the tree you wish to work with is where it all
starts. With patience, trees act as models of tranquility. Their quiet peace radiates a healing
energy, helping to alleviate some of the world's stress. The trees tell of a vast network of energy
interlinking their species. This network helps sustain all forms of life with nurturing, etheric
light. It takes a particular type of person to have sensitivity to trees, as is true of other creative
endeavors in life. The quiet, sensitive approach is required in order to establish rapport with
trees. Then positive results happen fast.

Conversations are deep and stimulating, the expression and appearance of each tree being unique
and attractive. You will experience energizing power in the company of redwood trees while
other trees, such as the poplar, exude a feathery softness. In the company of a pine forest there is
a serene presence and an old oak will present strength and stability. Maples will ease the
heaviness of the human condition, eucalyptus offer energy and as with all trees their branches
and leaves function as antennae, drawing in light and other sources of energy.
A scientist, Wouter Van Hoven, noted that when munched on by insects, the acacia tree issued a
warning to other trees of the attack. He noted that trees within fifty yards responded to the
message. In less than fifteen minutes, neighboring trees increased levels of tannin in their leaves,
making them poisonous to the insect predators.

Biologists at Dartmouth College observed similar phenomena in experiments with poplar and
sugar maple seedlings. After insects began devouring the leaves of several baby trees, nearby
healthy specimens, as well as the ones being eaten, dramatically expanded the amount of tannin.
The biochemical changes in the seedlings proved to the researchers that some form of
communication was taking place between the trees.

Trees can contribute much needed calmness and clarity to us all. Their connectedness to all of
life catapults us out of the more narrow "can't see the forest for the trees" mentality to a wider
vantage point. Trees have a lot to say, and the author states it is his hope that their message will
activate a new, broader awareness for all people and all life. Trees are very special beings. They
were put on earth for service. They mainly carry the energy of life force, which I would describe
as water and light. Trees radiate an energy of tranquility. They work with energy patterns of the
earth and resonate with peaceful energy. Trees will always be part of the planet unless man
destroys them. Remember most of all to have fun with them. By remaining in the soft, calm part
of your heart you will get a better understanding. The trees create a peaceful environment which
contributes to clearer thinking and listening.

To best communicate with trees, enter into your still, open heart. After loving the tree for a
moment or so, let the tree send you energy patterns that will go into or be picked up by your
brain cells and then translated into words by the mind. Wait a few days to fully digest the
experience before re-contacting the tree. By trying to figure out what is going on you must use
your heart instead of your head. The heart frees you from doubts providing the needed
confidence to pursue tree communication. Concentrating on the heart send love to the tree. This
slows down the mental activity, enabling intuitive intelligence to surface. The mind draws a
circle around itself, sealing off new potentials of knowledge or experience. Trust your instincts
more. You're closer to the truth, more than you know.

One tree spirit/sprite told the author: My particular mission in life is to oversee the neighborhood
tree growth and also help with your backyard garden. Many times when you have sat in yoru
backyard visualizing garden landscapes, I have sent you helpful images and plans." and "Since
your original inspiration was the experience of nature, make sure you tap into its beauty
frequently. Come out and visit the trees. Feel their peace and watch that feeling unfold. Because
you are sensitive, being in nature will develop your talents for perceiving other dimensions of
existence. Make nature your source of inspiration.

Trees respond to energy so it is not always necessary to have verbal or mental forms of
communication. Peace welling in the heart lets you know contact has been made. Thank the tree
for the opportunity to communicate and just talk to it. Most humans are so busy they lose contact
with their essence of peace. Yet that peace is the primary source of everything creative and
beneficial in their lives. Creativity originates from a quiet place inside that allows inspiration to
flourish. It is natural to think of creativity arising from effort, but in fact, the spark of something
new comes from our core where we feel calm and comfortable with ourselves. Tapping into our
essence peace daily is a recipe for a fuller, more productive life.

A shared insight from a Maple tree stated:

As a species, we receive all energies from the surrounding environment, both human and nonhuman.
it doesn't matter whether the influence is destructive, indifferent, or kind. We take in all
energies indiscriminately. Where we have our most harmonious connections is in deep, flowing
love and peace. Approach us as you might a flower. Admire the beauty and gift to the
surroundings. We are here to give and we do so in many ways. Most of them are obvious but
some are not readily seen. The deeper your appreciation, the more gifts you'll receive. We offer
to the Earth a presence that massages away some of the heaviness of the human race. The drop of
a fallen leaf, the quietude of the forest, the backdrop beauty of a tree, and the scent of an
aromatic pine all contribute to everyone's well-being.

I have an energy field surrounding my entire body that is identical in shape. The energy field
produces the shape of my leaves. The shape is designed efficiently to help with the proccess of
photosynthesis and the movement of vital nutrients over the space of five narrow points. The
shape also relates to the quality of elegance which is an essential energy of mine. I add beauty,
elegance, and uplifting serenity to the environment. The luxuriant green color of my leaves
contrasted with the whitish-gray bark and branches gives subtle color to the surroundings which
in turn enhances them. My sap is my blood, feeding all areas, tributaries, and main channels
alike, including my leaves.

I give of myself in order to receive life. I cannot help but do so as that is my means of survival. I
extract carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen. I take in water but excrete moisture. I
shed my leaves in order to build growth. I give out peace because I draw to myself life-renewing
energy. My life is a balance of exchanges." The energies that I received from the trees contained
information that was understood through my heart.

From a Poplar tree:

When I dance and my branches sway and my leaves shake, the fairies dance right alongside in
joy. They are delightful to have around. My leaf shape has ragged edges in order to withstand
wind and lend support to reduce wear and tear on the leaf....Please have people and children
come and play around me, especially the children. The spirit of children is closely connected to
my essence. Life has a playful side to it and one of my contributions is to send out that feeling.

An Oak shared:

I am programmed to reproduce. With each new reproduction we carry on the lineage of tree
history. The more of us that are together, the greater the renewal of life. Our beings by natrue are
very strong, but our strength is not just as a unit; we are strong as a family. We exchange
energies through our electromagnetic fields. Trees draw water and light from the environment. In
return, we contribute those elements back....The light we receive is processed through
photosynthesis and magnetics and becomes transmuted into earth energy. The earth energies are
composed of colors and vitality for growth. A tree uses magnetics to attract nature spirits,
nutrients, and sunshine...A tree is essentially a receptacle for incoming energy which becomes
transformed within our structure and is then reradiated in a more suitable form for the
environment. A tree has its origins above, but its life on the ground. In that way we're of both
worlds. What we receive in abundance, we give back.

I send out energy into the environment that comes from the light I receive and from the cellular
makeup of my structure. The hard, compressed wood cells provide a solid foundation for my
essence, which is sturdy, strong, and stable. All of nature is a vast array of species who add to the
great consortium of beings. Some are subtle and quiet while others bring a denser texture to life.
With variety comes multi-dimensional beauty.

From a Fir:

I draw a lot of energy from those firs as they're stately and calm. Because there are two of them,
they create more energy than they could by themselves. There are spirits that hang around those
trees. I call them leeches because they absorb too much energy and interfere when I come over
for a drink. Ha! Actually, those spirits quietly and steadily co-create a wonderful vibration which
helps me do my work with light. The straightness of the firs acts as an efficient conduit for
energy....The firs are some of my favorites. Take in their deep source of peace and you will
receive a wellspring of ever-renewing joy and inspiration. These particular trees are good for
clear thinking and finding inner peace. Thank them for their gifts and you will build even
stronger ties. These two trees are friends awaiting to be discovered.

Although there are two of us we are of one voice. Our energies are identical and we serve the
same purpose. Trees are vehicles of light. We emit a soft, calming texture around the immediate
environment. You can especially feel that if you sit between us and consciously ask us to send
energy. We will radiate your being with etheric light particles."..."We store the energy vibrations
in our energy body. They are eventually washed out in the daily cycles of light transmission and
reception. Over a period of time, vibration can affect our life systems. Daily exposure to gross
vibration inhibits our cellular growth. A poor physical constitution weakens our etheric
interaction. That's one reason why nature spirits play such a pivotal role in our growth and light
transferals. They heal and soothe our etheric structures, which in turn correct physical ailments.
Like all trees, our structure, size, leaves, and physical attributes are expressions of who we are.

The fir scent is made from sap which nourishes our life support system. The aroma stimulates the
radiation process. Our scent has a pleasant, stimulating texture that perfumes the environment.
Sunlight activates the aroma by triggering chemical processes within the sap. The scent has an
etheric influence not detected by your senses but felt by your more sensitive energy body. The
end result is a heightened pleasurable experience....Trees are in constant communication, but not
as you would know it. We have a network of interactive light frequencies, each species of tree
emitting a distinctive light ray. The rays vary by speed, size, and intensity. The older the tree, the
more expressive and powerful its ray. Our essence is a deep peace imbued by softness. Our
tallness draws in more energy to further expand the peace. By standing in our immediate
environment, you will receive that peaceful presence.

From a Eucalyptus:

Eucalyptus oil is used in cough syrups and drops, and in humidifiers for opening up and soothing
the nasal passages....While all trees put out a peaceful feeling, there are as many variations as
there are species. A flow of descriptions arose in my mind. Stimulating peace, uplifting, tangy,
alive, vibrant...I was sampling the mild taco sauce of the tree world.

My scent fits who I am. I have a zesty presence that uplifts the environment. The scent is
especially helpful as an agent of protection against insects and other pests. The vibrancy repels
them. At the same time the aroma acts as a healing agent for sickness. People with ill health are
etherically drained. By inhaling my scent their energy becomes revitalized.

Yes, the trees are conduits of energy. We are very sensitive. Because we have no blockages, we
receive fully. I receive energy from the environment all the time. Stars, the moon, clouds,
animals, humans, spirits--basically all things interact or radiate through me. My branches and
leaves function as antennae. Because they are designed to receive light for survival, it is natural
that our sensitivity would extend to sources other than direct light. Everything in existence is a
transmitter of life force. The condition of the receiver will determine how well the transmission
is received. The lady who heard the message from the school of dolphins had to be a clear
channel just like the tree. There is a sick eucalyptus treee across the yard; its ability to transmit
and receive is weakened by a poor physical condition and an insufficient amount of vitality. A
healthy tree is constantly receiving and transmitting. It is our natural state.

From a Willow:

My branches and leaves droop to follow the energy patterns I put out. I emit energy like a
fountain bubbling up and over the sides. A wellspring originates inside my trunk and travels out
through the branches, vines, and leaves and then cascades down. That is my design. Because that
is my essence, my presence gives out a casual, effortless peace that softly spreads out. All beings
feel relaxed and calm around me. Deer visit me because they feel safe. They lie under my cover.
The canopy of leaves acts ad a gentle wall of protection. Trees have a variety of shapes and sizes,
all reflecting their essence. My drooping shape creates an atmosphere of leisurely peace. All
trees relate harmoniously to one another regardless of species. We have accord with all of nature
because we live in nature and are products of its system and laws. We communicate through
waves of energy about growth patterns, changes in seasons, weather, bouts with insects, visiting
animals, and other events. What happens to one tree is felt by all.

From the Redwoods:

Large, spacious, quiet, and reverent; a dynamic electricity stirred the air....Yet in a hundred
years, one seed could sprout into a 120' tree. A powerful force was behind the redwoods'
explosive growth. Whatever it was I felt it. Walking through this precious stand of virgin forest,
my sense were sparked and my consciousness vitalized. Anything in the vicinity experienced a
molecular reaction to their powerful gravitational force. As the world's largest living trees, they
emitted an aura of immortality.

A fallen giant coast redwood passes the torch of life to one of its buried roots from which a new
sapling rises. Even a 1000 year old giant, leveled by a logger's chain saw in a brief two hours,
will sprout new saplings. Eventually these offspring will grow into a circle of mature trees,
forming what we call in these parts a "cathedral of the trees".

I felt a heaviness which I sensed was electromagnetic force in the atmosphere....I closed my eyes
for a few minutes to absorb the energy of the Mother. The force I felt was undeniable. There was
a thick, dense pressure on my face and chest. I rode out the feeling until a calmer state of
consciousness returned. Two words surfaced in my mind: power magnified. I first asked its age:
Almost 2000 years old", replied an old voice. I have much to say but few will listen. I am
respected for my size and longevity, but I am so much more. I am an essence spirit that is very
old. I hold the standing wave for the entire surrounding forest. Trees are gravity centers for light
and water. We pull in with tremendous force energies that influence the entire earth. Great
forests of the world are linked by networks of energy that help sustain and balance the earth's
atmosphere. Forests have a special rhythm of existence. We function in ways that are rarely
understood. The density of our radiation has decreased globally because of extensive logging.
The reduction in the number of trees affects our networking. It has weakened considerably over
the last 500 years. The planet's ecosystem will suffer greatly with further loss of networking.
Networking is an exchange of electromagnetic energies across the planet. Trees and forests
exchange this radiation as a matter of function as well as survival. The network provides a fertile
environment for humans, animals, and other species to live in. It gives peace and etheric
nourishment to help all beings live more harmoniously with each other. Because that field has
been weakened, more stress has arisen.

Stay in your purest of beings and you will experience who I am, a radiant energy body, a sun of
the forest. A tree must not only be seen, but experienced. That is the gateway to gaining deeper
insight into who we are. Trees take in enormous amounts of energy from above and radiate that
energy out in all directions. This is one of our purposes--to be a channel for the transfer of
energy. Our branches stretch into the sky, drinking in fresh air, sun, and light. Our roots draw
nutrients and water from the earth. Those energies merge into a highly functional being called a
tree. People admire trees, in part, because they have transcended the earthly plane of existence.
They integrate what is above with what is below.

There are powerful energies that pour through me as I am a conduit for heavenly light. Its flow
varies with climatic and environmental conditions. My origins are beyond this world, set up in
preform. It is all one world to me, but animals and humans see the aspect of physical existence as
being primary. I am revered for my size and beauty. Deep within, humans sense more but cannot
comprehend the "other". If they become still, they will experience that "other" although they
might not understand the nature of their experience. There is much more to who I am, but you
can see and perceive only as far as your foundation of understanding allows.

We have a long family history, going far back before my birth. With each new generation we
pass along the wisdom of our ancestors. Although the wisdom is innate with all the redwoods,
older trees have an enduring strength and bonding with the whole surrounding tree environment.
Its core essence makes a tree live and flourish. the purest essence comes from the oldest trees
who have peaked developmentally in their beingness. Older trees communicate to younger trees
a vibrancy which supports and encourages their growth. It is programmed within a redwood to
live a long time. Many of the saplings I bred have died because of various environmental
conditions. To survive through fires, drought, logging, and wind means we must be like warriors
of the forest.

There are no ancestral spirits of trees. There is an intelligence on the other side from which life
springs. A tree is a form created by that intelligence. The form arose out of a desiring which gave
purpose to a tree's existence. The form embodies a tree and is one of the many multifaceted
manifestations of creation. Within the form is a foundational energy with an inherent desiring
that makes a tree what it is. The energy body is sustained by light-giving properties coming from
the other side.

The force of gravity helps us to live. Through gravity we receive light from the sky. Light
descends through the earth's atmosphere, eventually reaching the vehicle of the tree. Gravity is
the bridge to the other world where earth connects to sky. Trees act like magnetic funnels.
Through their centers they draw heavily on the light. As a result trees cushion the light's entrance
into the planet and make light more accessible.

End quotes. I will leave you with this insight into the book and what enlightenment the author
has gained from experiencing trees. If you are interested it's a very good read that delves even
deeper into the networking, energy, and global unity of trees as well as their spiritual natures.


Very interesting article! Today we went out into a forest of old Scots pine trees and other pine
trees and walked about for an hour. It was lovely. These trees didn't have the same
intense/urgent feeling the others had, but it was still a lovely experience. I only got a few
feelings, but they were nice. The newer pine trees seem to enjoy people hiking and walking
through them. There was a really good vibe to them, like they were enjoying the experience of
people having fun in the forest as well. The little "baby" trees in the newer planted areas felt like
babies and they seemed way more energetic, almost excitable. The old Scots pines were different.
More serene. I couldn't get close to the most intense feeling ones as the area was ground bird
nesting so no walking anywhere except on the paths. It was still a very nice day and I was
sending tree love feelings out in all directions!

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