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Self Healing Discussion
Dragon Veils

I would love to hear others experiences with healing themselves. I have a had a few experiences
in some self healing.

I have really bad acid reflux, runs in the family, I have gone through periods when the abdominal
pains are out of control.

Different things set these times off including stress. Considering my stress level was over the top
for 15 years(had been getting these attacks since I was about 4) and the worst of it was from
1998-2003, how do you stop it?

One day I was in so much pain I couldn't get off the bed to even take care of Tyler, I had to call
my parents to come and take care of him, I was in the fetal position and was seriously
considering calling an ambulance. It was at the point where these attacks had now become daily ,
and totally interfered with my daily life. So as I was laying there in tears begging for "god" to
make it stop I remembered something. One of the reasons kids can be so hard to diagnose with
"not so obvious" things is because they have the capability to distract themselves, so the world of
medicine thinks they are causing their symptoms emotionally for attention etc.

It really struck me how we do have the capability to shut off pain, even though it is very real.
Now people with heart conditions are effected by stress, which is not just a physical reaction, its
a very emotional one. So I figure, if you can bring on conditions or attacks with our emotions,
why can’t we heal ourselves with them too?

It took a while but I kept concentrating on pushing the pain out of my belly and into my hands to
release it. For a while the pain actually got worse, by this time it was getting harder not to scream
it hurt so bad.

I kept seeing my sons face before my parents came an how scared he was by watching me curled
up in pain. Even though I always had been able to not make any noise during those times, that
day I couldn't stop the gasping and some moaning noises(my specialty, not letting anyone know
what I am really feeling *rolls eyes*)and he started to cry and even when my parents came(he
adores them)he couldn't stop running in and out to check on me. That face made me determined
to fix this.

So I kept concentrating and then started to picture myself healthy, no pain and then focused on
bringing in positive energies/feelings. And the pain started to lessen more and more until it was
almost gone.

From that day forward I was able to do it and pretty quickly if I did as soon as I got the warning
signs. Then finally I have been able to prevent them fully for, well a really long time now. I have
had pains in different areas and been able to bring them into my feet or hands, sometimes knees
and then release it out. All with positive energy. Now if I can do this physically, why not
emotional self-healing? Now I am not talking about therapists, good friends, talking it out,
digging into the layers etc., that all comes with self-healing but what about depression, or anxiety
attacks and other forms of emotional challenges??? I don't pretend to understand the mechanics,
but even if its chemical and not brought on by childhood or adult traumas, bad conditionings that
we were raised with...isn't that still physical and could possibly be healed, even some, by our
positive emotional energies?

I have seen friends get diagnosed, treated, medicated, told it was not their fault, that its chemical
and they can’t do anything about it, it’s a disease etc. and events have helped them be on their
feet, no meds, no helplessness. One friend had a habit of having no issues with Bi Polar while
she was with boyfriends and husbands until she wasn't getting her "white picket fence"
relationship. Then as soon as she left them/forced a break up she was perfectly fine and very
happy again. For a long time, only to be "sick" (her words) when she was interested in another
man and the "honeymoon" phase was over. She has been in and out of hospitals and through
allot. But I have found over the years she is not the only one by far. I have seen similar situations
again and again.

Don't get me wrong, I love my friend very much even though we are not close anymore. I am not
being mean or disrespectful of her pain. I don't think these don't exist or anything like that, just
more examples of how our emotions affect us and what we can do to channel them into healing. I
do believe thoroughly that we have to be aware for it to "stick".

I myself have been dealing with some awful and attacks for 3 years now, driving me nuts. Now I
have come a long way and have really brought myself to close to the end of my digging and
cleansing. Though I do have a way to go for the healing. Cleaning the wound and tending it is
only part of the healing. After all that, usually the wound is slightly bigger and hurts even more
although it was necessary. So now along with keeping it clean and dressed, it needs time to rest
so it can fully heal and in a healthy way. But I also know that this is habit, it’s also a security
blanket in the way of it being familiar. It’s being on high alert just in case.

So how do I apply the same kind of healing to an emotional hurt? I have tried and I have not had
too much success. The suggestion has been put to me that maybe its because I trust it cause I
know it, its predictable. Its also could be a way of control. I have a phobia that I developed out of
all that has happened to me about well......, 3 years ago and was what set off the anx attacks to
begin with, not the reason of course, just the trigger. I know if I could heal this phobia fully(I
have to some degree)that the and will stop. The control part would be that I can set it all off or
not at all.... by avoiding the subject of my phobia or dealing with it. Feeling out of control of my
life for so many years and having so many awful events that I couldn't control, take place, one
after the other would really support that theory.

Now in the past I went through and attacks (no phobias though) for about a little less than 2
years, it was the 1st, this time around is my 2nd. I was able to push the and down through my
legs and out my feet and over time, it helped stop them, with also getting to the root of what was
causing them. I knew the trigger but not the cause. I was able to get to the cause quicker when I
had some control over the attacks and then they stopped completely for over 8 years. This time
its been more opposite, had to get to the causes 1st, but it’s still not enough. I know it’s time to
be in control of myself and my body. So again, how would I apply self-healing to make it stop?
What would I do different for emotional self-healing as opposed to physical? I would love to
hear opinions , experiences or related stories pertaining to this.

Well, my Sweet Friend, i will jump in, but what i have to offer isn't ummm, deeeep. Basically, for
me, whatever works. Long or short term or for long or short term emotional pain. I'm not so
good with the physical healing thing - when I'm sick, darn it I'm just sick. But I don't like it and I
don't believe in it. Now, I don't believe I may have experienced the trauma that you have, so
these may seem like simple little things, but here they are anyway. Some of the things I have done are:

1) My Hunny and I have a practice, that we don't find the need for much anymore, but it's called,
"Being a Face". From time to time as it seemed called for I've done this with other people too.
The point is to clear out the pent up energy in a harmless way. The person who is the helper will
volunteer to sit, or stand and just be 'a face' for the other. They will exhibit no expression and
say nothing to respond. They will simply be there in front of the other person - a witness with a
blank face. Meanwhile, the person who has this pent up anger or frustration or hurt energy will
look at their volunteer, and say, in whatever way all the things that are locked up inside, every
single thing that they wish they could say or could have said to the other - the person who hurt
them until they run out of words or energy or impetus. There is no limit to the words, or the
volume (unless there's thin apartment walls...) but it is only words.

2) Yelling at 'God'. Just yell and say everything you want to say. I remember one time saying,
"Okay, okay, You're 'Lord of the Universe', so I'm probably wrong here, but you know how I feel
anyway, so I'm going to get it out on the table and tell you face to face." Stupid, yes,
Theologically incorrect, well, yeah, but you know, after I got through, I felt so refreshed, and -
loved and accepted.

3) In my mind, I have gone back to a situation and relived it, the way I think it should have
turned out - said what I wanted to say, done what I wanted to do - and imagined the responses
that I wanted to receive. It gave me a feeling of control and closure and completion and clearing.

4) A really nice one for me was, after I had either taken care of most issues with my parents, or
had taken responsibility for most of them (the issues, not my parents) within my own heart and
life - I wrote them each a card. In this card I listed and thanked them for the things, the qualities
and the values and the heart-gifts that they had individually given me. For example, with my
mother, it was a love of people and an enjoyment of the moments of life. With my father it was my
integrity plumb-line and my freedom and safety to pursue 'the mystery'. It was sweet, in going
through my father's things this year, I found that card that I had written to him. I wrote it back in
the 80's and he had kept it. That was a lovely healing for me to look at me, and them and
acknowledge me, and them in thanking them for the heart-gifts they had passed on and given to me.

5) I had a boss who was a manipulative bully - mentally, emotionally and bureaucratically. With
him, it was simple and I was fortunate to have an office rather than a cube while he was my boss.
At times when he was yelling at me, I'd picture him naked, wearing a pink ballerina tutu (he was
a scrawny sucker with a turkey neck). There were times that I couldn't hear a word he was
saying because I was trying so hard to keep from laughing at the awful mental picture of him
that was playing in my mind - ick - naked in a tutu - funny but terrible. Other times, if he had
come into my office to chew me out about some manipulative trivia I would make a very rude
physical gesture after he had left my office. It was very freeing. One time, I got so ticked I stayed
away from work. He sent my immediate supervisor to my HOUSE to chew me out. She came to
the door, told me that she'd been sent to chew my ass, and we went into my kitchen, got drunk
together and had a wonderful time!

6) I go sit under a tree or on the earth or on a big rock or by a creek.

7) Energy work or massage when i have any money - mostly the $15 dollar kind you get at
psychic fairs. Counseling, AA, talking, whatever presents itself.

8) Laughing, finding the objectivity and the humor whenever possible.

9) For some of the deep pain, for which I have not had words, i have been blessed to have my
Hunny, or my dear friend in Heaven whose birthday I celebrate today - they held me while I just
groaned from deep within my bowels. No words, just deep groans that would force their way up
through my body. Then, with my friend, I was able to tell the story in the third person. I couldn't
say it was me. I told it to him like it was someone else. My husband knew the story or stories, so
there was no need for words, he just listened and held me and witnessed my release in those deep groans.

10) Anger, rage, tears, sobbing, laughing, yelling, screaming, cursing, making fun of things and
enjoying the hell out of it. The enjoying the hell out of it is essential to transmute it to fun and
laughter. Permitting myself to be unjust and unfair in my private world to release the garbage.
Anything that helps and doesn't hurt me or others. That's what I've got, Honey. If i think of
anything else, I'll put it down.

Dragon Veils:

Minna, that was wonderful. I love your list of healing. Especially with your Bear, how beautiful.
Several I have done them, lol, and few times to say the least. I am actually going to "borrow" a
one of your ideas on your list if you don’t mind. “I wrote them each a card. In this card I listed
and thanked them for the things, the qualities and the values and the heart-gifts that they had
individually given me. For example, with my mother, it was a love of people and an enjoyment
of the moments of life.” I have done the opposite with my unsent letters and the few I ended up
sending. I think maybe it may be good for me to write some more unsent letters but this time,
with the thank yous. Bring this to a healthy an full close with positive energy instead of just
releasing the negative. i tend to forget to fill myself back up with the good after I clean out the
bad. Thank you for that reminder Minna. And for #9 (((Minna))) for I know those deep rooted
moans and what it took out of you. Thank you my sweet Minna for taking the time to answer me
and share.


Greetings! I am getting around the board slowly these days. Migraines are my physical sickness.
I've tried everything. It's time to seek a medical clinic. But what I do to ease the pain is Sweat
Lodge Ceremony, whenever I can. In the dome of the willows and with prayer I've overcome an
ulcer, addictions and many personal pains. Affirmations work well for me also. My "teacher" for
affirmations is Louise L. Hay and her books Heal Your Body. I also do Reiki treatments on
myself one of the symbols helps with emotional healings.


Dragon Veils.... I was looking forward to the response you were going to receive - as I'd like the
answer to this myself! Minna EarthKeeper has given some wonderful things to work with. I,
myself, find it hard to make the emotional healing stick. I'm notorious for living in the past -
something that I'm trying to stop. My life now is good - loving/caring hubby, good friends, great
job.... so why the heck do I let the pain from the past still bother me? I think one of keys - if the
pain is from past experiences - is to live totally in the present. This may seem too easy an
answer, but if your living in the present.... you can create your own reality - and make it a good
one! You see the glass as half full instead of half empty. As Cheryl Crow said in her song - "It's
not having what you want, but wanting what you have". Your perspective in life is being content.
Okay.... now if only I would practice what I preach ...I sure hope I made some sense here.


Dear EOS, Yes, it's the songs of the past that can mar our present. But sometimes, the songs of
the past come into the present because we are now ready to clear them, lighten our load in so
doing, fly to freedom.


For living in the past I try and find the lesson in it. I pick it apart until I see what I could have
done differently to improve myself. *cause you can't change others * I assimilate what I can and
leave the rest. I'm not saying it always works, or that I'm good at the process, but I keep trying


Sigh.... your right of course, Minna EarthKeeper. It's so much more comfortable just blocking
out the past. I guess it will never really go away though... will it... unless the lesson is learned as
TerraMoon stated, and then they can be cleared and your burden lightened. I hope to be able to
learn how to do this. You've both given me food for thought - Minna and TerraMoon. I hope
Dragon Veils finds this helpful, too.


Dear EOS, I'm not inside your story. Only mine. And in a lot of ways I've had a fairly easy life.
You will do what it is that you need to do in your own perfect time. Only you will know that, not
me or anybody else. I trust that you and your Spirit will do what's perfect for you.
Terra, yes, I look for the lesson, either what I helped me to learn, or what i have yet to learn but
might have an opportunity to learn. Every single thing that has happened to me led me to today
and today is very good. I wouldn't have had today if i hadn't lived yesterday. Also, a very nice
thing I was thinking of today is that - is it every seven years that we have exchanged all our cells
out? The Minna of 40 years ago doesn't exist anymore except in my memory. (I certainly don't
LOOK anything likeI did...) Anyway, apparently, the exiting brain cells pass the word on to the
new guys. But I am new today and hope to choose what is in my world. Anything unwelcome, I
hope to work with in my new cells and find the lesson. I hope. I looked up what Louise Hay has
to say, and that sounds very good. Some of the people I've known who had migraines are such
beautiful Lights. This may sound so silly, but for some reason I have also always thought that it
has to do also with one's crown chakra opening. But maybe I just made this up, because of the
Beauty I've seen in the people who have had migraines. Also, sometimes allergies might
contribute. I so hope that you get some relief from this. There's something organic that one can
take too, but blast, I've forgotten what it is. So sorry.

Dragon Veils:

Look at all these wonderful replies. Thank you all for sharing. I think I am going to ramble this
morning so bear with me. Maybe the physical is much easier cause its physical. Emotions are
harder to get a hold on to. A little less black and white. Definitely not solid mass. OakSprite, I
hear you loud and clear. I am bad about that too. hard habit to break, although I have come a
seriously long way. Life for me isn’t and hasn’t been too good for quite some time, although in
some areas there are improvement. For me there are a few major ones that are in a grey area. I
am great at making things worse LOL and being afraid to believe. I used to be great at making
things better. I don’t know how to get that back. I keep trying and then life gets me down. Then
all of a sudden, I noticed that I don’t feel a certain way anymore or a small piece of the old me
that I do like is coming back. It’s so confusing. LOL

I will tell you guys what happened last night, I spent another night not sleeping well over house
issues and a few others. I was at the point where I could feel the anger coming back really strong
and hopelessness. then all of sudden I was determined not to do that. I wasn’t going to get down
again and be "that" person again. That isn’t me, my gift is to make it better. For others. OH!
That’s what it is, I don’t know how to make it better for me, or should I say I am still learning. I
knew how to survive but not make full happy improvements for myself. Out of the dark came the
light. Maybe belief, trust in ourselves and Spirit and carrying a big ol’ flashlight around with us
is the key to this. I still say there has to be a way to self-heal emotionally along the same lines of
healing the body.

There is a point we all get to that make what someone said to me true. “Being better and
knowing that your better...are two different things” so maybe that’s what I am looking for. I have
done most of the work, I should be much better, but I don’t fully believe that I am, I am still
afraid if it being taken away from me. I can tell cause I still get too defensive with my parents
and a few others when they are pulling the same old same old on me. My new found freedom.
Took off the emotional chains but haven’t put them away? Something for me to ponder.


“I still say there has to be a way to self-heal emotionally along the same lines of healing the
body.” Yes my darling there is.

“I have done most of the work, I should be much better, but I dont fully believe that I am, I am
still afraid if it being taken away from me.” And there is your answer little one, "fear." Nothing
can be taken away from you unless you allow it to be so. Have faith in who you are Dragon and
trust the process of your journey.

Lady Littlebit:

“Fear." Nothing can be taken away from you unless you allow it to be so. Have faith in who you
are and trust the process of your journey.” That's me as well. Letting go and trusting the process
is indeed a challenge for me. Good news though. I've been making a conscious effort to do this,
and thus I feel "in the flow" and less fear now resides.

To answer your question Dragon, I have talked myself out of pain, not thinking sio much that I
possessed a power, but more so a determination of a "Mind over Matter" situation.

I imagined the pain being dissolved and lifting off my body, disappearing into the atmosphere.
This week I was suffering from a painful migraine type headache, and for a few minutes, felt the
pain grip me totally and a panic set in so I let a loss of control and dominance to the pain. I went
to my office, closed the door, sat in the dark, and began to slow my breath, talk to myself, and
imagine the pain now cornered . I talked it into submission so to speak, then willed it to leave my
body and lift off. After a few minutes of this, and massaging my temples and pressure points, the
pain lifted and vanished. I thanked my body for listening and then went back to work. I haven't
looked at myself as possessing internal powers, though I am not doubting we do have such. Just
that I have not tapped into it and really explored it. just know my mind and spirit are strong, and
a "Mind Over Matter " approach works well for me.

Dragon Veils:

Lotus....thank you for once again reminding me that its only fear that holds me back. I can feel
the process of my journey and I have days, like yesterday and today, that show me without a
doubt that it works. I just have to re-learn to trust it, like I did oh so many years ago. I am a
different person now than I was then and I guess I have to re-adjust and just believe.
You know Lotus, just before I called my landlord(the person I talked to that I mentioned in the
Elders Med thread for today) I was doing the dishes and asking what I should do and to please
just help me to get our new home etc, and I just knew, so I said, ok, I know you want me to
confront these issues with the landlord for whatever reasons you want. And I am not going to get
my new home until I do…am I? LOL. Divine humor. After I did it, I realized that this was an
important step in standing on my own 2 feet. Today I get a call from our realtor for a house on a
local horse farm that my husband and I have always loved and it has so much of what we want. I
am not saying it’s meant for us but there are so many coincidences with this place including the
landlord being related to my moms’ best friend ...as I just found out.

And the cats would be more than welcomed as he is a retired vet and one of the best. In fact I had
looked up his number and called him at home when my cat got hurt by some animal many years
ago.....He was supposed to be caged at the vets for 6 months to be sure he wasn’t infected with
rabies. Of course I was distraught at the idea. He was at that time anyway, the top guy for animal
control and the owner of my pets vets office and said he trusted me to keep my kitty indoors for
6 months at home instead and I could call him day or night if I was worried about him or saw
any symptoms. All cause he could tell I really loved my cat he said. he has a wonderful
reputation as a person as well as a vet and he and his wife are more concerned with getting in a
nice family to rent this small house than the money. It all points to good. I am seeing it for the
1st time tomorrow. I am trying very hard to leave this in Spirits hands.

LittleBit, whatever name it be called by, you’re doing a wonderful job at healing yourself. Your
mind and Spirit are very strong. (((LittleBit)))

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