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Other than time itself, there is no cure for shingles, only pain relief. Here are the most common ones:

From a herbal perspective, echinacea, pau d'arco, St. John's wort and valerian are suggested for
shingles. They are, however, not primary herbs, but supportive to the healing process.
Diluted use of apple cider vinegar (applied topically, directly on the skin) is said to be helpful in
healing the blisters and relieving the itch.

Increase Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5), Vitamin C, zinc and if possible, silicea/silica.
Increase water intake dramatically, so as to help the body remove toxins more through the
kidney/bladder route than through skin (which is normal, but can irritate shingles more, and the
body will be removing more toxins during a shingles outbreak). A gentle diuretic such as nettle,
and small doses of solidago (goldenrod) which supports the kidney function, will help the
process of toxin removal through kidney/bladder.

Do not use ibuprofen or aspirin during an outbreak, as they disable the immune system for
several hours at a time. Instead, use acetaminophen (aka paracetamol).

Antihistamines (such as calamine) or baths with colloidal oatmeal may help relieve itching.
Regarding homeopathy, there are various remedies that could be useful during an outbreak of
shingles. They have slight variations for the stage and severity though -- I will list them here so
that you can pass them on to them should you feel it appropriate. From thereon, they can decide
whether one of the following remedies connects with the symptoms they may have -- if they do
not find a recognition in the following, then they should not attempt to use these remedies.
Apis 6 or 30 Large vesicles (blisters) which burn and sting like hot needles. There is a puffy,
rosy red appearance to the area. Better for cold applications, worse for warmth and touch. Person
is very restless.

Arsenic 6 or 30 for intense burning pain, relieved by warmth. A fussy irritable person who feels the cold.

Mezereum 6 or 30 Violent burning and itching; pain which remains after the rash has gone.
Much worse at night, from getting warm in bed and from touch.

Rhus Tox 6 or 30 May come on after being out in cold, wet weather. Worse at night, cannot lie
stil in bed, may feel very despondent

Staphysagria 6 or 30 Stinging, smarting pain that precedes shingles. Itching changes place on
scratching. Much worse from touch. Mentally also very touchy. Symptoms worse when angry.


I can tell you from personal experience that shingles are triggered by stress, and that what will
help is total bed rest. Quiet energy, a dim room that allows one to relax. That can take a week or
more to establish and should be sought throughout the recovery period. Neutralized energy
zones in whatever fashion they can formulate for themselves are important. If they stay in the
stressful situations it aggravates the condition. I've dealt with it all my life, and it runs in my
family to do so. We internalize too much and the stress needs to be released or the valve plugs up
and it oozes out through our pores as shingles. They are dangerous too, and where they are
externally they are also erupting internally as well. If they work around the body they can choke
it. Rest is an essential part of the healing process, and naturally other recommended treatment
by a physician should be strictly followed.


The following is from "The Key to Self-Liberation" by Christiane Beerlandt, about Shingles,

Herpes Zoster:
A good-natured clown sticks his head in the sand like an ostrich. Nameless fears about
something threatening, a giant energy which could take possession of you - anxiety about death
or imaginary world catastrophes, about sex, about the Devil or Father, about a dark philosophy or
school, etc. In fact it's about mistrust regarding yourself. You want to avoid a part of your nature,
which you mistrust. You cling to a basis that is built on sand, to unstable structures "outside"
yourself, which don't offer you any rest or certainty.

Out of fear of your own shadow side - anxious about not being able to keep under control certain
negative energies in you - you bind the "girdle" around yourself, hold yourself with a band, a
certain structure which violates your nature. So, you flee, as it were, into a Tower with your
blinders on, whereby your receiving channel to your deepest Self is also being closed off.
You wish to see only that aspect of yourself that you think good and beautiful: a duality comes
into being. Out of inner uncertainty and anxieties, you perhaps cling to superficial exhibition, an
outer Crown or ambition, or "good works" with the anxiety of being dethroned. These physical
symptoms call out a halt to you: you can't flee any farther.

The return to your oneness. Come toward acceptance and integration of all your suppressed or
hidden feelings, so that nothing is experienced as being frightening anymore, True love for your
Self. Inner kingship, no outer affirmation. You were not bad, you are not bad: you are always
evolving. Understand this growth-process, for then you don't condemn yourself. Revise your
thinking patterns: you can only feel good and solid if you live in all freedom from out of your
heart. You are allowed to experience your nature to the fullest: no protection is necessary. Trust
your own nature, and this trust will give you joy. No one but you, yourself, has been your enemy.
Therefore, no longer anxiously run away from yourself or from what frightens you: confront
yourself with it. Only through confrontation can you resolve suppressed feelings and thou.

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