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I've heard several people talking about pain in the shoulder recently. I've had a sore right
shoulder, and have been journeying into it to see what was happening, and thought that sharing
about it might bring relief or insight to others...I've always relied heavily on my masculine side.
That side of me has had to be strong, I shouldered a lot, and the masculine in me shouldered the
protection of the feminine, which was partly in hiding. Over the last months, a lot of healing has
been done on the feminine aspects, and as the feminine grows stronger, and is able to "shoulder"
more, the masculine has to rebalance.

The right is the masculine, the left is the feminine. As the muscles on my left side gain
confidence and strength, the right muscles no longer have to compensate. But they are so used to
the work they were doing, that they are now trying to stay stronger than the other side... Imagine
a bone. There is a muscle on either side, they are each other's antagonists. One starts to get
weaker, the other needs to get stronger to keep the bone upright. If that weaker muscle gets
stronger again, the antagonist can slow down... but is stronger still than the muscle that was once
weaker, and so pulls harder. Letting go of that need to pull harder is a gradual process... for
muscles too.

So what I was shown with my shoulders, is that the masculine is *reluctantly* letting go of the
need to work hard, now that the feminine is getting stronger again. An equilibrium needs to be
found, so I was asked to not use that shoulder so much. This way, I am actively exercising the
weak shoulder that is gaining strength... and allowing the stronger shoulder to have a welldeserved
break. But I'm so used to shouldering things with my right (masculine) side, that I start
with that one. Now that my shoulder is hurting, I can start to see that my body is asking me to
rethink the pattern. When I feel the shoulder hurting, I can now ask myself: Am I going to
assume that the masculine will shoulder this, or can I now start to delegate some of this to the
feminine? How will I distribute the weight? Where have I become reliant on the masculine, and
where am I not allowing the feminine any space? I hope that this helps someone else too. I found
it very insightful.


Wow, Mouse, that gave me something to think about. My weak side always has been the left,
including my left arm, which I never could move too well. When I had tendonitis .. my left side,
bursitis .. my left side. Nowadays the left side is much stronger ... now my right arm starts
playing up. I am not so sure, if it is my left shoulder that is really the problem, but presumably. I
now can move the arm straight up at least, but moving it to the side or backwards, doesn't work
yet. Amongst my oxycises there are also exercises for my arms, so I hope over time that this will
balance out. Thanks for giving me something to think about.


interesting as my right shoulder has hurt since my son was born. The only feminine bit I show is
compassion. When I was younger I misused my feminine charms. I'm afraid of my feminine
side, vulnerability and sexuality. Any more masculine and I'd be a she-man! LOL. I'll have to
learn to be more feminine, I've become hard over the years. Now is the time to heal and put away
my armor.


This is very interesting in that I came to see the same thing - masculine/feminine balance -
regarding the pinched nerve on the left side of my neck. For 20 some years it was always my
right side that gave me problems - my years of being the wife of an alcoholic and mother of
young ones - always in charge, always in control. The muscles in my right shoulder even
calcifying in compensation. My right shoulder muscles are like a rock! When meditating and
asking for guidance regarding my pinched nerve I actually "saw" that my energy was off balance
to the right! That shook me up even more than the pain I was feeling on the left side! I'm really
not sure yet how to go about balancing that. Haven't really received guidance on how to go
about it yet.


This is very interesting...As you know I have been struggling with muscle problems on my right
side (i.e. my left as someone else would look at me) for some time. So is this my masculine or
feminine side? Also I got a bit lost in your discussion about stronger and weaker: which side of
you is sore the strong side or the weaker side? Is the strong side getting sore as it slows down or
the weak side getting sore as it comes into use again? I understand what you mean about muscles
needing time to settle down to change - my problems are not nearly as severe as they were - but
they are still there. Time is the great healer! I also know, from a dream I have had recently, that I
am finally beginning to let go of issues surrounding my father's death, your thread has come in
perfect time!!


If it is YOUR right side, then that is your masculine side. This thread is already older, and I am
no longer experiencing that pain anymore (even though I get "reminders")... The "sore" side is
the right side, the masculine side, for me. It is the side that has been working hardest, that has
been "shouldering" most.

It's a bit of both. The sore side is so used to working hard, that there is tension from all the work
that needs to be released. It's like coming home from a hike, and taking off the backpack; that's
when you feel how heavy the pack really was. The left side, the feminine side, isn't very used to
shouldering things, so that side is quick to fatigue. Just like going to the gym to work out when
the muscles aren't used to it. So if I've been using my "feminine muscles" too much, the left side
of my body tends to get tense for not being used to so much activity.

So right now, I'm only getting "reminder" twinges. My left side is happier now to shoulder things
from the feminine perspective... the masculine side is happier to let go now, and reminds me
when I am slipping into old patterns by giving me a signal. As soon as I become aware now of
my right shoulder, I see where I am needing to rebalance... and that often is enough. I've had one
or two things that require more time to rebalance, and so I just acknowledge "hey, okay... still
work in progress", and that seems to be enough too... my right side happily shoulders it knowing
that I am aware that the feminine will be helping soon.

I was reminded the other day of the balance thing by the peace symbol: the circle with the
vertical line in it, supported by the left and right diagonal supports. That is exactly how it feels...
I am the vertical line, and the line was sort of toppling over to the left since the left support
wasn't getting any nourishment or love, the right had to work extra hard to keep me, the vertical
line, upright... now that the left support is gaining strength and getting nourishment and love, the
right support is needing to re-establish how much effort is needed to keep the vertical line
upright in order to maintain a balance. The complementary function of masculine and feminine
was shown clearly to me in the image of the peace sign.


I understand this now and also understand my own pain - I think it had something to do with my
dad dying - but I have to work on that - but there is a lesson in here for me about my dad - his
aorta burst going down into his right leg...I feel that there is a connection somehow!!

NorthernStar* came up with something on this and I am going to meditate on it this
weekend...Thanks again for elaborating Mouse!

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