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Sinus Infections Discussion
By WhyteFox

Ever since I can remember (and I have memories from my crib) I've gotten 2-3 sinus infections a
year. I've been to many, many specialists, had mucho x-rays and tests, taken antibiotics till the
cows come home, vitamins up the hooha, used a netti pot, etc. Nothing keeps them from coming
and very little helps the pain. The old family doc who delivered me and did house calls told my
mother that I was allergic to my own dead bacteria and would have sinus problems all my life.
Perhaps he knew more than all the specialists who came after him. Anyhow, what seems to give
me the most relief is cleansing meditations. Does anyone know of herbs to burn or something
else that may aid in my cleansing?


Hey Fox, I suffer from pretty bad sinuses - I have found that lifestyle has a lot to do with my
problems - too much coffee in particular (I am addicted to coffee!) and I have found that the best
cure when my sinuses get bad is to over-indulge on water - it just seems to flush out all the toxins
all over the body but seems to really drain my sinuses of all the gunk....Water before bed and
first thing in the morning in particular seems to help .......along with a glass of water for every
cup of other stuff like tea coffee soda etc...I have found that no herbal/medicinal stuff really
works - but if I am good and drink plenty of water, the results are pretty significant in a very
short period of time! Everybody is always telling us to drink plenty of water and it becomes a bit
like an automatic resistance to do so reaction - or at least it is with me - until it's too late and my
sinuses are clogged - but when I do do as I am bid - they clear pretty much overnight!


Three Ideas come to mind:

One, find and osteopath that is trained in manipulative therapy. An old school osteopath can do
cranial manipulations (a fancy way of saying they press on your head) to make very slight
realignments of the bones and structures in your skull. Sometimes if things are slightly out of
whack you end up with fluid pooling in places that you should not have fluid, and they act as
breeding grounds for bacteria.

The second is diet. I would suggest, as an experiment, cutting wheat and dairy out of your diet
for 60 days. Both dairy foods and wheat gluten can increase mucus production and cause
autoimmune reactions. This is something I am trying myself right now, and although I am less
than a month into it I am seeing some serious improvements with sinus issues and joint issues
that I have been having.

The third is to add a lot of fresh garlic to your diet. Garlic is a natural antimicrobial agent, and
has other good effects as well. It might help keep the undesirable bugs out fo your system,
without all the negative effects of antibiotics.


Thanks. I've been going to a chiropractor this week due to the pinched nerve in my neck. In
seeing the x-rays he took there is much alignment needed throughout the cervical vertebra. The
first and second are way out of alignment and are probably helping to create an atmosphere for
the sinus infection...headaches, too, which add to the tension, which pulls things out of whack
and so on in a circular fashion. I know that dairy has always been a culprit with sinus infections.
I limit my intake to small amounts for calcium. Wheat I haven't noticed so much. I'm not a big
bread/baked goods eater anyway, never have been, so it's mostly what comes along with
something else, but I will keep an eye on my wheat intake to see what may be going on there.
And, YES, fresh garlic! I do use that whenever I can.
Thanks to all for your suggestions and help.


A good Chiropractor should be able to do the adjustments Wolfsong was talking about - mine
does - and it does help - as does Indian head massage (from a massage therapist) for some reason
(don't know why - perhaps someone here will). I have a suspicion that the sinuses are on the
kidney or liver meridian - so anything that improves this function should help your sinuses -
hence why water works for me i think...But all the points Wolfsong made are valid points - like
you I eat little wheat products - and I've found that goat's milk is a good substitute for cow's milk
(soya milk can be a bit yukky!) when I get a bad dose of gunky sinuses. Cheese is particularly
nasty to me for some reason - but micro-organism yoghurt drinks (ie yakult) help.


Thank you all for your suggestions. The infection, however, has gotten worse and I will have to
head for the doctor. I've had this happen before...when I've let it go on for too long without a
doc's attention, I start getting some rather odd complications, like my skin breaking out,
including eruptions in my nose and on my lip (in my lip, actually...not an ulcer, but an actual
pimple in the middle of my lip!) Yuk! My system gets very acidy. I've been drinking boatloads of
water to flush things through my system...then I wind up getting cramps in my legs and feet
because it flushes out the potassium with everything else! Yeah, time to surrender and go to the doc.


Hello to you, this is not a "remedy" but it hopefully might help a bit to accept what might be
going on, too. I learned that a disease starts at the spirit level and then takes its way through the
mind level, the heart level and then is seen on the body level (very general overview). Healing
goes the same way: it starts at the spirit level and then takes its way over the mind level and the
heart level till the body level is healed, too. This "explains" why instant healing is possible -
when things change (are balanced again) at the spirit level it might at once be experienced at the
body level, too.

I experienced in my life that very old patterns, that still were hold on the spirit level, came to be
seen on the body level during the healing process. That means that after a healing taking place at
the spirit level some weeks later I felt for example an allergy on the body level. The old things
came to the surface. The more I "fought" them the worse it was. It agreed with the allergy to love
it for being seen and then to let it go. I even started to speak to my allergy like speaking to a
child. When I accepted it was better. When I was not in a good mood it got worse. It changed
even from minute to minute. I had to laugh about this and I got so many lessons from it. "Mind
over body" was really experienced.

When old things are seen on the body level then it might be (might) that a cleansing taking place
that started before on the spirit level. If you find the way to be gentle with the allergy and thank
the allergy to bring things out via the skin (it is a cleansing process) instead of damaging the
inside than it might be a help for you both: for the allergy and yourself. Sometimes I felt it from
day to day that "things were released" then. And the allergy vanished "in one day" though I had it
for months before. I found that the allergy held information for me and that it "wanted to be seen
by me". It was not always easy to "love" it (ha ha ha) but we found our way - then. Not easy, but
helpful in the end. May you all be sheltered and safe and warm!

From my Buddhist teachers I learned to dedicate pain and everything - even our mistakes and
what we do not like - to the highest God, to All-that-is, to Creator, in the sense that it might serve
All-that-is in the best sense. To dedicate something may help, too. We accept that there is
something behind the things we experience - and while dedicating it we stop fighting against it
but release things. In the best sense... We do not hold it back with our "ego" and on this level.

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