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By NorthernStar

In one thread the topic of skin problems was discussed and what to do. It was not the main topic
of the thread, therefore I started a new one. Please remove this post if it is not okay because I
also mention special products here that hold a holistic view of the body. Well - in my business I
need to use lipstick and bronzing powder and a bit of rouge to "get the appropriate look". When
no clients are announced it will be okay with lip gloss and a bit powder or with "nothing" on it
(...on the skin! ). Nevertheless also with a the bit of much make-up I use sometimes I felt like
"painted" and like hidden under a mask though I did not use allover make-up but only powder on
the face. I also felt that my skin did not always like the products and that my skin let me know
this with a feeling of tension or with simply not accepting the products: they would not stay on
the skin but slide away. I had to use more and more till I understood: this does not fit for me no

Looking for products that hold a holistic view - not only make-up but also for skin care - I started
my search. I came back to the products from "Dr. Hauschka" by WALA who from skin care to
make-up follow a holistic view. They only offer some products because they say that for them
there is no need for hundreds of products. Each skin "knows" deep inside about the healthy
status. But it forgot this. Something lead to leave the balance for the skin. This may be stress,
food, dry or cold air or whatever. Also things that go long back into youth or childhood. It is a
homeopathic approach. This includes that when you visit someone working with these products
they will talk with you - and they will listen. Carefully, open, and they will watch. My
experience was that the result that comes out was very friendly and soft but straight to the point.
They could name things in a gentle manner. They do not throw hundreds of products over you
then. They have some products for each skin - but t is the combination and how to use and apply
it (easy to work with... :o)). The subtle way to use them and to combine them will help the skin
to "remember" the own healthy status again.

One example (very general and a short version; each person will be seen different!): They say if
you have oily skin then your skin forgot how to produce oil in the appropriate way. Looking
deeper this skin "feels" that it is dry. Therefore the skin started to produce oil and oil and oil to
help against the "dry" felt status. Of course the skin will look oily then. They will put oil on the
cleansed skin to let the skin remember how it feels like to be sheltered and nourished in the
appropriate way. If the skin feels "oil is there" it will not start to produce oil more and more.
(The more one tries to eliminate the oil and to take it away the more the skin will produce new
oil to get the balance again. Therefore they might (might!) say: oil for oily skin). Please notice:
This is a very general description. Each person is to be seen as an individual.

Well - having taken the products in the hand I felt the difference in the frequency, too. They see
the body as a partner, they want to work in co-creative partnership with the body. They do not
want to "erase" or cover something. The color and the scent of the products is important, too.
And how you use them, in which direction you put it on the skin. How often... How to work with
water... Colors: An example again very general: If you have your eyes "closed" (literally) they
will recommend other colors for you may be as eye shadow (if you use this) as for other people.
The colors for make-up also correspond with the status quo of the skin. If the skin is not
balanced they will also offer make up colors that help the skin to balance again. Also make-up is
a "remedy" and it always lets the skin shine through. It will not "cover" nature. But shelter first,
help with scent and color...All the products are natural products (I will not go too far into this
aspect here).

Well, I wrote this because it might help to get a different view about skin problems and the
attitude to "fight them" but to see them as basically healthy but may be at the moment not in
balance. This can be achieved back again. And: Skin teaches us many, many lessons. Do not
fight your teacher. Skin is worth to be loved. It is a part of you.

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