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Some Herbal Uses
By CinnamonMoon

Just sharing some herbal uses you may want to explore.

Cedar: One of the four sacred herbs used in smudging. It can be used in tea for its vitamin C
benefits, in the bath for women after their moon time to attract positive energy and balance. It is
sacred to the south on the Medicine Wheel.

cleanses, protects, stimulates the senses, bring spiritual inspiration, heightens perception, helps express impressions, draws to the solar plexus.

healing, calming, clear perception, blocks emotional links. Dab on 3rd eye and shift to psychic perception. Massage on hands to sensitize fingers.

protects, stabilizes emotions, allows objectivity.

: sharpens intuition. Anoint palms to shake hands with others and pick up on them
in reading their energy signature. Placed under the eyes and on the brow brings senses of the face
to heightened perceptions. Effects last and it is not needing to be repeated between readings.

healing, spirituality, psychic powers, love, protection, purification, stimulation, achievement and success.

Juniper/Juniper Berries:
Element of Fire
protection, winter rites. A sprig of juniper will protect the wearer from accidents. Dried leaves
and crushed berries made into incense. String the matured berries for an attractive charm to
attract love. Sometimes used in anti-theft sachets, it guards against thieves. Grown at the
doorstep for protection. As an evergreen, the resin may be collected, dried, and used in incense.
The berries are gathered, dried, and may be used in amulets, ground, or made into a tea. The
needles are sometimes taken, and may be burnt upon charcoal as incense, even when fresh.
Juniper is excellent in rituals for good health. It's energy banishes all those things which are
injurious to health. It will attract good healthy energies. Berries are a stimulating diuretic,
beneficial in the treatment of urine retention, gravel, pains in the lumbar region, bladder
discharges and uric acid buildup. Four to six drops of the oil, taken with honey three to four
times a day, has been a successful home remedy for these ailments. Larger doses are irritating to
the urinary tract and the berries should not be used if there is inflammation of the kidneys. Good
used to disinfect a patient's room in a wash solution as it destroys bacteria. Berries can be

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