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Sound Healing Discussion
By Earthwalker

Can anyone speak about the use of sound to heal. My thoughts are that like light which is a vibrational wave, sound too is a vibrational wave. Are ancient languages developed based on this knowledge?


Indeed sound is a very important vibration in healing. It is used in many forms throughout the
world. The easiest is the mantra chanting of certain notes that is found from Catholicism to
Buddhism. Try one of the many CD's of these such as Tibetan chants or bowls. Yoga uses the
same. Chants or simple held notes are found universally practiced. Tuning held over the body or
against it are another form used in healing. The low vibrations work the lower chakras and the
upper notes the upper chakras. I use an "e" held as long as possible and repeated several times
to clear sinus or head ache. "a" for the throat.

Benjamin Franklin invented the musical instrument the "armoninca". It consists of a series of
crystal bowls horizontal and inside each other. It became very popular and compositions were
made by all the major composers of the day. It went out of favor because it was noticed it deeply
affected the audience and therefor became regarded as demonic or simply dangerous. Today it is
still manufactured but it is very rare. It works just like the glasses of water. The flute and drum
are instruments found throughout the world used for "religious experience" such as meditation
or shamanic healing. I hope this gives you an idea of the wide use of sound vibrations and its
long history. Namaste (Sanskrit - the divine within me bows to the divine within you in oneness)


Earthwalker, I made an interesting discovery during my meditation classes. I always used
background sound to help relax my students. One day I decided to try an experiment so I wrote a
meditation, then using my voice and with the help of Steven Halpern's music and his permission
created a meditation tape. This time the results were well worth noting, every student in the class
mentioned achieving a deeper state of relaxation and had an easier time connecting with their
inner Guides. Their feedback ... the spoken meditation was more relaxing, soothing and
heightened their spiritually awareness. After that experiment, I came to the conclusion that the
sound of "voice" is as important if not more so than any other sound to the human ear. Dr.
Emmett E. Miller, M.D., John Bradshaw, Franklyn Smith and Starr Fuentes to name a few, are
good examples of how voice + sound can help others achieve a state of deep relaxation and enjoy
feelings of inner peace, joy and well-being. Guided Meditation/Imagery, combined with soothing
music, can be bring about the state of mind and body most conducive to healing and is
worthwhile trying.


Urban, Thank you for giving me much to delve into. Sound is just becoming important to me and
I appreciate that which you have shared. When I first read you post I was surprised thinking that
somehow the sound should be opposite of what you were suggesting. It seemed to me the lower
energies should have higher sound since their frequencies are higher and wavelengths shorter
and the higher chakras have longer wavelengths ( visual observed as less dense). But then I
realized that to heal you would need the balancing tone not one of the same. Thank you for this

Lotus, The spontaneous wanderings most often happen when the physical body is performing a
rote mindless type of activity. Do you think the same attachment to the human sound in the
physical is what could allow the focus to change during mediation. It seems a way of
circumventing the chatter of the mind which I suspect we all need to occasionally get through.


“Do you think the same attachment to the human sound in the physical is what could allow the
focus to change during meditation.” If I am understanding your question correctly, I would say
yes, that may work well but I also believe that frustration comes with the territory.
Circumventing the mind's chatter reminds me of training a puppy. In training the mind or the
puppy, we have to start over and over again, gently. And you're right, it's not always easy to
concentrate on a spiritual practice.


Lotus, I agree it can be frustrating when you want to go much deeper and you’re in a situation
where you cannot let yourself, such as when driving or walking in a potentially dangerous place.
However I think the body can adapt to a situation. When you need to take a test in a noise filled
place or fill out an application in a noise filled room. One filters out the noise while remaining
conscious of it; yet are still within the quiet of the thought process. I would suspect writers do the
same. In fact I personally find at least occasionally when it is too quiet, I cannot get to that place
of complete focus. I suspect this a conditioned response which would change based on different
environmental circumstances.

With that said when I want to journey deeper and tune out all, I would think the human voice or
at least mundane sound (birds) would provide a subconscious sense of security that one is still
attached to the mundane. I personally like to journey with a background of drums but with the
presence of stringed or flutes instruments, and nature sounds, as well. The sounds evoke
difference responses; it almost seems to give you choice. The nature sounds give me the
connection to the mundane, the drums yield the pulse of the earth and life whereas the flute or
the stringed instruments help me to travel or see the waves of surrounding energy irregardless of
form. I would suspect the reaction to voice maybe dependent upon the speaker as well; yet, I can
see why the voice would be comforting.

Lotus, I suspect your voice would be very soothing and comforting however I wonder about a
high pitched energetic type of voice. Would be distracting? Personally, I have never journeyed
or meditated in the presence of others so can’t be sure. But I do journey often in the presence of
background noise (TV / movies etc.) emanating from other rooms in the house; for the most part
they are just tuned out as background noise; not ideal but something that is there and something
that ensures connection and keeps the mundane component of the mind “out of the way” or from
interfering. What works best for others?

“I personally like to journey with a background of drums but with the presence of stringed or
flutes instruments, and nature sounds, as well.” Me too, and my preference has always been,
similar to yours, the sound of stringed or flute instruments and as you mention nature sounds ...
definitely. I am told my voice is soothing Earthwalker, and it's definitely not high toned but low
and sometimes described as soft whatever that means. I have difficulty with any sound that is
high pitched and I know I could never relax listening to a voice that was similar - high-pitched or
even one that spoke too fast. Like you, I can easily tune noise out, unless it is repetitive, constant
and overbearing such as the noise we have been experiencing in our new suite from all the
construction around us. No matter how hard I have tried to remove myself from the sound of
cement being drilled, pounded, and the echoing sound the jackhammer makes I can't. I must
remove myself or I become a "crazy" woman *grin*

What I am actually looking for is the vibrational connection of light, sound, and thoughts to
healing. All of these heal but what is common between them and what is the process of say wave
function to cellular function which yield healing. I apologize for getting people bored with this
type of analysis but there is a connection between the three. It helps me if I look at things from
many perspectives therein I can see connections and find answers.

ShadowWhisper/Desert Moon Rose:

Greetings! I had read this message earlier but, I was drawn to this thread again. I was reminded
of some earlier experiments I had done in lab coursework in college. There were some
interesting things I found about electromagnetic energy. Perhaps, looking into this, it might
connect to the patterns of light, sound and healing. If I also remember correctly, I did run across
a website with someone incorporating vibrational energy into paintings. I would try to paste the
link here but I don’t have access to my links right now. You might want to try a search on google.


Hi, Earthwalker and everybody. Earthwalker, I was struck by this that you said: “the vibrational
connection of light, sound, and thoughts to healing…” ...and I can't figure it out, but I'll give it to
you anyway. It got me to seeing and thinking about the particle, wave, string theory thing.
Energy of all sorts. Waves in the web. Ripples in the water. Healing sound particles carried
through and in the dream weave, being energized and received by our own hearts' particles,
clearing, balancing, healing our focus of the energy field. Our ears are only one of our receptors
and they work together with our others. We are all here together, we receive, we ripple and we
are healed and we heal and we bloom, some more. Can't get it and this may have already
bounced up beside you, but - it's sort of maybe like this and the sound and feel and energy
ripples of amusement, chuckling, giggling and great hearty belly laughs too..


Minna, Thank you for your thoughts and I agree with you. They are all ripples and picked up by
our different senses. I wonder if all don't activate a certain receptor sites in our brains which can
yield healing through a cascade of biochemical effects. My question came from the different
types of healing and the similarity in the healing effect. As I read about sound healings and light
healing they all seem the same in terms of outcomes. Therein I wonder if I need to bounce
around trying to understand or just chose the path that seems most sensitive. Is there a difference
in the types of healing each of these frequencies use? I would also question if different
vibrational frequencies can truly be attune to healing specific parts of the human organism and or
other types of animals.

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