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Most all of us have been wounded in some way by experiences and/or relationships in life. We
suffer because of this, it hurts, and often that hurt goes to the core of our being. It can do some
serious damage to us if we don’t tend those wounds and we can tend them improperly by taking
on the guilt or blame or inadequacies of self to assume the responsibility for the cause of that
pain…things start to swirl in our head and we start asking ourselves questions. What’s wrong
with me? Why did this happen to me? Why would someone or something I’ve cared so much
about or have given so much to bring such pain—how did it all go so wrong? Perhaps we
suffered abuse or a betrayal, perhaps someone or something let us down and made us feel
unworthy. Perhaps we’ve been violated in unmentionable ways and we feel the guilt or shame
and hide from it…too much to bear, shell-shocked and not knowing what to do we stuff it.

Countless situations and circumstances can, if we allow it, do some serious damage to our state
of being. These are the kind of wounds that create dis-ease, infect our self-worth, taint our
confidence, embitter us and make us cry ‘woe is me!’ to suffer through life so needlessly.

The inability to look at the old wounds beyond the pain becomes pronounced. It isn’t easy to do
that, the pain is raw and we want it to just go away, just cease and desist. So we stuff it deep
inside ourselves where it’s safely tucked away, in a place that we can forget about it…at least the
rawness. We hid it there from others, no one has to know; no one can see it there. We tuck it into
the inner shadows or dark corners where it tends to hide and fester. We shove it aside, but not far
enough…it keeps coming back to nag at us and violate our happiness, to victimize us over and
over and over again. Suddenly we’re spilling with it, dumping it in someone else’s lap, looking
for answers that just don’t come. It doesn’t really belong there either though and as time passes
events or memories that re-trigger the pain cause the festering to ooze up, and we don’t want to
deal with it again so we stuff it back down. Or perhaps we take it out and look at it and become
that Victim again, we feel that rawness again, and then we want it to stop, to go away. Or maybe
we just slip into denial and pretend it didn’t happen…we ‘forget’ it and push it aside, pretend
we’re okay…here we go again…deal with that later, not now.

We are the ones responsible for how we react to that pain and the wound that caused it. We have
a choice. We can learn to heal from it or we can allow it to hold control over us from the
shadows within. If we give it a place to reside within us we become its keeper…a slave to the
misery, we give it a home and we become its victim. How does someone overcome that
suffrage? How can we heal and put an end to it once and for all? It happened, we can’t deny that.
It hurt…still hurts…we can’t deny that either. If we don’t deal with it then it starts to spill out of
us and the role of Victim takes over. We have a choice…to be the Victim in the role of ‘why
me?’ or the Survivor that takes the role of ‘no more!’ If we choose the role of Survivor we can
also choose the role of the Conqueror who learns to take the role of the Healer through the
healing process…and uses what’s been learned to help others survive and conquer too.

When the time comes to heal you can bet the raw pain will surface, and that happens when the
Solar Feminine energy is active. To heal pain we are suffering we need to see it for what that
rawness means…what made it raw in the first place? Did someone do it to us or did we do it to
ourselves? Was it a bit of both? The only way to find out is to take the role of Witness and look
into the issues…step out of the emotional attachment long enough to explore the experience that
brought things about. And I do mean explore…every little detail until there’s nothing left to look
at…until we know what WE did to contribute to the overall situation and what choices WE made
to allow ourselves that experience in the first place. Sometimes that hurts too and we enter into
examination of self-infliction.

Solar Feminine And Lunar Feminine Energies

Solar Feminine energy is a bit different than the Lunar Feminine. The Lunar Feminine contains
the passive/receptive qualities we enter into…the deep inner journeys of self-discovery. That’s
where we go diving to find the things we’ve hidden in shadows from ourselves…those deep
inner truths. In its contrary effect it is the energy around the role of the victim…the helplessness
that allows these wounds to continue to infect the spirit. It’s where we crawl into our shadows to
hid from ourselves. Both aspects are important to understand.

The Solar Feminine is the aggressive/assertive qualities of healing…dealing with what we find
inside ourselves and our lives by taking action to heal; it’s the active principle of bringing things
up out of the shadows to tend them. In the contrary effect it is the aggressiveness that tends to
pour salt on those old wounds and make them sting, or poke a finger in to see how deep they are
without numbing them first. Ouch!

The Lunar Feminine balanced with the Solar Feminine calls for us to delve into issues, to witness
past hurts, explore emotional matters that we keep buried deep inside us by bringing them out
into the light of day and really examining them. This hurts and pain from old wounds becomes
raw again. We can often find ourselves sobbing with tears and not understand why…a clue we
need to look inside ourselves and begin purging the pain. We’re being asked at such times to
bring the pain up to conscious awareness, work through that pain, push through our fear and
grow from the teachings it brings us to…to transmute the Lunar Feminine energy into the Solar
Feminine energy and just plain do something about it. Easier said than done though, the raw pain
stings again, we feel it burn, and it brings us to our emotional reactions. Suddenly we’re right
back where we started and we risk regressing into the old pattern. If we’re not aware of what
we’re doing what happens? We become the Victim…again. We suffer the Pain...again. We
Crumble…again. We grow Weak…again. We Self-defeat…again. And we Stuff it…again. Quite
the vicious cycle isn’t it?

How many times have we heard others say: “Through Spirit all things are possible?” How many
times have we heard: “Healing has many levels: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual?” How
many times have we heard: “You must be open to receive?” Well if we want to receive healing
we have to want it and open to it on all those levels and the spiritual level is the one we need to
start with when we’re beginning our examination. We have to take an active role—we participate
and co-operate on ourselves. We physically drive ourselves to the doctor to tend what we can’t
and we follow the doctor’s advice in the aftercare tending ourselves through recovery. Mentally
and emotionally we seek therapy to heal. When we’re dealing with spiritual wounds we need to
look at them spiritually too…either on our own or with the assistance of a practitioner. Is there
any reason all these wise sayings and aspects to healing are there in the first place? Of course
there is, they would not stand the test of time if they were not true. We have to co-operate…with
our physicians, with our therapists, with our Healers, with Spirit to cleanse and mend the
wounds, dress them, and heal. That means we have to CHOOSE to heal. Tough decision? You
bet it is!

Healing Methods

There are many different approaches to healing but all methods contain basically the same
principles. We’ll be looking at a few based on my insight into indigenous ways. It’s what I have
to share on the basis of the teachings I’ve received. One of the methods is time…time does heal
the wounds but how much time do we choose to spend suffering the festering infections we carry
within us before we seek that healing? How long would you sit with the pain of a broken arm
without seeking medical attention? How long would you sit with depression without trying to lift
it? Why would someone choose to sit with the pain and become its victim? The only answer I
have to that is fear has taken over and there is likely an ignorance of a way to go about treating
the wound. It is a choice we make…consciously or not. If we stuff the wound unattended within
us it’s going to ooze out again and again. It needs tending and it is demanding that, but are we
choosing to heal or are we choosing to remain the Victim who lays where they’ve falling hoping
someone will come along and take care of them by chance?

Some of the methods to address here are Solar Feminine energy, seeking a Spiritual Healer,
turning to therapy or alternative approaches, regression work, self-healing and co-operation, the
Seven Sacred Directions and the Medicine Wheel. There are deeper articles on these throughout
our libraries, what I’ll address is how they apply to our old wounds in context with the overview.
But if you can’t heal an old wound yourself and you don’t have access to the techniques a
spiritual path to that healing offers, or a physical path to healing accessible, then you need to
start to explore options and look into them deeper. It’s your choice which route you want to take.

Solar Feminine Energy

Let’s look at the healing process through the Solar Feminine energy. We know what the victim
role is like, we know how uncomfortable and miserable we are in that state of mind. Let’s look at
how to use it as we strive to survive and conquer shall we?

Activating Solar Feminine energy is something we can choose to work with. Or it may come at
us unexpectedly at a time when we need to learn to use it so we can grow. Either way, as we
bring the raw matter up to consciousness we also bring it out into the light of day where we can
do just that…assert ourselves to resolve those issues… but how? Well we have to make a choice
first…to willingly explore the pain, to put forth the effort to grow or we’ll stay where we’re at
and more than likely wallow as a Victim of the pain. That latter choice leaves us sitting at the
bottom of a very dark pit…sitting with the unknown fears we can or can’t name…fears we are
too terrified to confront and destroy…fears we choose (consciously or not) to allow to grow
more powerful and take control of us. Fear feeds itself.

Choosing the former means we really want that pain to end. It means we really want to come out
of the misery the fears have brought us. It means we *want* to get out of a dysfunctional
comfort zone because we’re through contending with it. But how do you get beyond it or let go
of that baggage so you no longer have to drag it into the future with you? How do you end that
suffering? You choose to and then you begin the process. How long we suffer is up to us.
Aggressive actions are called for to cleanse our infections and heal properly. Making this choice
means doing what must be done, not because it’s fun or easy but because we need to do it.
Pushing Through Fear and Pain

This type of healing takes courage; it takes inner strength—things we often have to dig deep to
find…we have to take the initiative, make an effort to find that within ourselves. To do this we
have to make a decision to become determined, to become disciplined, to do whatever needs to
be done to accomplish our results. It means we have to accept the responsibility for the
experience. Ouch! Me? I’m responsible? What a horrid thought! But consider this: if the self is
not responsible for the self, who is?

It’s not the other person’s fault we allowed them to hurt us. We got involved with them by
making a choice to do so. You may tell yourself you didn’t choose your family for instance, and
didn’t choose to be abused or badgered by them…but your Self…your Inner Spirit may well
have made that choice and spiritual methods of healing will bring that to light if it’s needed. It’s
not the other circumstances around us that caused our pain, it was our choice to become involved
in those circumstances in the first place. Spiritually speaking our Inner Spirit chose those
experience as life lessons. We can also put ourselves in harm’s way…consciously or not. We’re
a part of the whole given situation or relationship. We need to stop casting blame…on others, on
life, or on ourselves and push through the fear of feeling it or more again. How? We make a
choice to face it, then step out of the pain, step out of the blame, step out of the victimization
long enough to see our own role and the role others played in the experience. We come to the
lesson then and the healing begins as we learn to apply the lesson to living our lives and the
paths we walk as we pass through them.

Stepping out of the pain and victimization means we have to step out of our emotions for a bit
too. (Please see the article in the Main Library on Emotional Triggers if you’re working through
this task.) Once we do that we’re able to see the issues, apply logic, and use that insight to see
the lesson.

Once we find the lesson we begin to understand it, we start to grow from it and evolve in the
light of new enlightenments…we raise our conscious awareness and we begin making new
choices for ourselves…better choices…choices that allow us to heal. The emotions begin to
subside immediately because our perspective shifts from pain to healing and we neutralize them.
A huge step taken at that point but it started with the choice to push through the fear of the pain
or what’s hidden within us and really examine it. To feel it again but this time with a new
perspective…asking why did *I* choose to experience this? What didn’t *I* see before and what
can *I* strive to see now? Why didn’t *I* see my role, my responsibility in this and the choices
*I* was making? What can *I* learn from this? Well the answer to all that begins to form when
we step into the role of Witness and see through the eyes of our Inner Spirit. Pain and emotion
free, we find clarity without distractions.

Role Of Victim

The role of suffrage and victimization is comfortable though isn’t it? I mean others feel sorry for
us and they put their arms around us, say nice things about us, do what they can to make us feel
better and that sympathy feels good…it bandages the wound. But it isn’t cleansed and it becomes
infected and we need more comfort to feel better and the infection spreads. It spreads to more
aspects of our lives and it infects others. That’s not healing, and it’s not making anything better
is it? Nope. We have to step out of the comfort zone and explore that responsibility. Why are we
choosing to be the victim? Why are we choosing not to learn our lesson? And isn’t that why we
keep repeating the course? When you continue to do the same things you’ve done in the past you
will find the same results, so what needs to change? Why do we fear change? Why do we fear
responsibility? Why do we fear the unknown in ourselves yet willing submit to the unknown in
others, in life situations, in being complacent? Fear begets more fear doesn’t it? So why do we
feed it and why do we feel sorry for ourselves? Those answers are in each of us and only we can
say why. It’s our truth, no one else’s…it belongs to us.

When we step into the role of Witness we begin to shed the role of Victim and can then summon
Lunar Feminine energy. Inspecting the wound, we delve into the introspection. Once we find it
we summon the Solar Feminine that calls for activating feminine principles. The Lunar shifts to
Solar…the internal shifting to external manifestation…emotions are being summoned to the
surface and out into the light of conscious awareness so we can see them for what they are.
Fears, pain, emotions, blockages, challenges, it’s all there…out in the open, what have we given
birth to? What have we expelled? What have we allowed to threaten or intimidate us? How could
we not take the responsibility for the perspectives we held? What conditioned us to the old
perspectives and what tools do we have today that we can use to re-condition them? This is
Woman’s Medicine manifesting to take form as we begin to act on things in the physical sense.
There it is! We did it! We pushed through our fear and we neutralized our pain! Yay!! Ohhhhhhh
but now what? We look for the lesson that will show us the way to healing…there it is…over

Finding The Lesson In Pain

Once into the light of conscious awareness where we can openly examine our pain…what hurts,
why, who did it to us, what we allowed, what we compromised for, what put us in that situation,
what we learned from it…all these issues are part of that lesson. Is it something we do or do not
want to experience again? Once into the conscious awareness we can step out of ego, out of
emotion and into the light of the true issue to examine it from pure logic…what happened to
cause that pain? How can we avoid it in the future? What in the future would we need to apply
this lesson to and how is it going to serve us? What new parameters are we going to set in place
because of this experience.

Free will is ours, we can choose to rise above matters and change things but it takes courage.
Often our choices are going to be challenged by others…others who think they know what’s
better for us than we do; others who have expectations of how we should conduct our lives; who
may or may not approve; others who may take advantage of our weakness at the time for their
own selfish motives; others who feed their egos by trying to control others to make themselves
feel strong; others who belittle us and try to make us feel unworthy; others who have issues to
look at themselves. Others? What about us? What about YOU? It’s your life, and there is no one
but you that has the right to determine it so why have you given those choices away to Others?
We have to recognize these others have their own problems and fixing to do and we need to
press on with ours. That’s their responsibility to themselves, we have our own responsibilities.
We can bless them, but we need to tend to our own needs and keep working on them if we are to
complete the journey through life we came here to experience. The Pain is part of that
experience. It impresses itself on us, what impression we take from it is up to us.

When it comes to the life you live those choices are yours and if you allow others to dictate them
then you make the choice to live life as a follower, not one who reaches for and finds the true
happiness that is theirs. You choose to self-victimize and life always feels lacking as it’s lived
according to the standards of others and rarely meets them anyway. They usually find fault
because it’s not being tended right and they start in with more orders on not only what should be
done but how to do it. What if you did it your way…with respect naturally, but what if you took
the initiative and assumed the responsibility for your own life? What if you claimed your own
freedom…from fear, from pain, from suffering, from raw emotions…what if you took control of
your life?

At this point we can examine the lesson and whomever may have been involved in inflicting that
pain begins to shift from the instigating perpetrator into the initiating teacher, the role
morphs…shapeshifts…it’s new now, and it’s all suddenly ‘different’.

They may well have been a Shadow Teacher…someone who comes into your life and takes
charge of a course in the School of Hard Knocks…those lessons usually hurt or exhaust you to
the point where you want to drop to your knees and give up or roll over and play dead. But it’s
through these lessons that we learn what it was that the person gifted us with.

This is usually combined with lessons that tend to bring us to enlightenment with Light
Teachers…those who step into our lives and gently or firmly show us the way… to our courage,
to our strength, to our intent and integrity and the ethics by which we conduct ourselves.
Shadow Teacher, Light Teacher, Life’s teachings, whatever the means of the lesson we learn
what we don’t want, can’t abide with, will not do to others. Why? Because it was done to us and
we know how much it hurts and we don’t want to hurt others like that. Can you see the gift in the
lesson yet? Can you find the value in it? Did you need the experience to see this? Probably so;
we come to a knowing once we can place the roles people are playing in our lives…about life,
about ourselves, relationships, anything that we can emotionally or physically attach ourselves to
would relate here.

Indigenous Methods of Healing Pain
So many experiences in life hurt don’t they? Why do we suffer them? How do we approach the
healing? Well there are lots of reasons and it would be a long list, but looking at the pain and
honoring the experience is in keeping with the indigenous teachings toward healing. The
approach these teachings use can be summed up with one word: HONOR.

If we honor the experience, and the person/s involved we begin to take a negative issue and
neutralize it. Once the issue is neutralized we can transmute it into a positive learning
experience. We discover the tools we need along the way and learn to apply them to our future
needs as we use them to serve others…to become Healers of such matters because we have that
experience to base our own techniques on. We begin to emotionally detach and we apply logic to
the lesson and we start to understand, we know by experience, we’ve gained insight and
knowledge…and in the assimilation of that painful wound we gain our wisdom…we know when
and where it is to be applied and where it is wasted by what we see before us…we know when to
share and when to pray and ask for blessings that will open that person to themselves and then
we walk on to serve the next person who reaches out and means it. All this takes Time. Be
patient about that.

If we honor the experience, we assume the responsibility for holding that insight or information
and we begin to use it to our advantage. We can then thank Spirit for the lesson we received,
even thank those who taught it to us, or thank ourselves for getting involved in it. We may be
able to see into the lives of those we once felt victimized by and see where their role was
teaching them an important lesson too. How many times have we hurt others and wished we
hadn’t? Intentional or not…we too inflict pain. How many times have we spoken words we wish
we could take back…or betrayed a friend sharing their secret that was entrusted with us? How
many times have we been imperfect and learned the hard way? Can we learn a lesson in
tolerance from this? How about one in forgiveness? How about one in releasing resentments?
How about one in getting out of the way of others so they too can learn? And perhaps one about
setting ourselves free with a little more wingspan…enough to rise a little higher and evolve into
a little better person? It happens a little at a time, evolution is an unfolding process and we’re all
a work in progress now aren’t we?

We can reach that stage within ourselves if we ‘choose’ to do so. If we put forth the effort
required by drawing upon our own Solar Feminine energy and doing what must be done because
it calls for the doing…like it or not, it’s the right thing to do and we see it. We can see what
we’ve gained as time passes and then we can begin to really heal and take something bad making
it into something good.

Manure and compost stink but they make a beautiful garden healthy…a strong garden that
flourishes, and the compost of life can make us stronger too. Honor is how we need to approach
our life experiences…through honor we perceive how we would conduct ourselves and how we
interact with others. We can see that even those who do wrong against us need to be honored for
what they have done…they have their own lessons in this and we can wish them well with those
insights to bless their path while we press forward. We can send Spirit’s blessings to anyone we
choose. Why not bless their path with Spirit’s Light and keep walking in it yourself? It
contributes to the whole, touches another’s life with goodness, makes the world a little better
place because we have learned to carry forgiveness in our hearts. And while we’re at it, why not
bless ourselves with forgiveness seeing our own mistakes as learning experiences to re-condition
ourselves and evolve…to rise above making them again. Life does start to get better then. I think
one of the hardest things to do is forgive ourselves. Spirit doesn’t judge us though…we sit in
self-judgment and Spirit merely shines the light of truth upon us so we can see things for what
they are. Learn to forgive yourself and take a new and stronger approach to living your life from
that point forward. That’s all Spirit wants to see.

What About The Meanies?

You might ask yourself: Why interact with those who are less than honorable themselves? Why
set ourselves up for hurt or betrayal or pain of some other sort? We do these things sometimes
intentionally, and sometimes blindsidedly, and sometimes in ignorance or foolishness, happen?
Life brings us the lessons we need. We ‘experience’ them physically. That’s what we came to
learn about…the physical experiences—aspects that challenge us and teach us things. Those are
the purposes we came here with—to study and grow with. It’s what we do about them that is the
purpose we serve with be that for good or bad and of course the blessings or consequences those
paths we choose to walk bring. (There’s that magic word again: Choice…Free Will…how

We are going to encounter mean people in the world. They exist. We’re going to encounter
selfish people in the world. People who seek power and control to feed their egos…they have
their lessons to learn in their own experiences and the actions they take too. Encountering these
“Meanies” teaches us to read their energy signatures. You know what a selfish person feels like,
you ‘feel’ their energy and intent. You know what power-hungry people feel like. Whatever
negative nature you’ve encountered in one person is instantly recognized on an internal basis
when you meet another with similar energy. Read it for what it is, trust that feeling even if you
can’t put a finger on why it’s there. Recognize the Shadow Teachers and CHOOSE if you need
to learn from them or want to learn another way. It’s up to you.

These are the reasons we need to look for the choices as we pass through our experiences or why
we take the role of Witness to the experiences of others and learn from them…or are fortunate
enough to have someone point them out to us so we can learn from their teachings. There are
lessons on all levels and at all perspectives…lessons with all sorts of price tags to them. Pain and
suffering are powerful teachers when we see them as such. The Solar Feminine energy helps us
do our homework, polish our skills, and serves with the hands-on work. It is the Solar Feminine
energy that brings forth what is within us and projects it out into the world so it can manifest
form. Form, the child of our womb.

Learning to honor the issue/person that brought the pain/experience to us as a lesson and
stepping away from the emotion into the issues that teach so we can grow…all that takes so
much courage, so much strength, and yes, it takes time too. It means we have to face our fears
and those who would challenge us along the way so we can begin to process the truth. That’s the
honorable way and honor will humble the Meanies. If we can see it happened for a reason then
we can see it’s up to each of us to discover what the reasons are. We can see we need to assume
our own responsibility for what we choose to experience and things start to change as we make
more discerning choices for ourselves…and for the benefit of others. We begin to use that
knowledge to contribute to the betterment of the whole and in the process have passed through
our own healing into healing others when they cross our path with similar confrontational issues
of their own. We can shine a light and show them the way through the pain and role of Victim.
We can help guide them to transformations into Survivors and yes, even Conquerors in a very
healthy way.

We can turn to indigenous techniques, we can seek to find the honor within things; honor is a
very transformative energy…as is love, as is respect, as is integrity, as is responsibility, as are
many other positive traits within us that we can summon. We can seek those to help us regress
and process, we can ask for guidance to assist, we can take the initiative ourselves and be willing
to delve into these matters from a pain-free perspective. We can seek the spiritual Healers that
understand these things and those who help others fine-tune themselves. We can then numb the
pain with neutralized emotions and understanding…use the natural pain-killers that will let us
tend the wound within us and later share with others so they can do the same. We can call upon
the Solar Feminine to do this.

Understanding How the Solar Feminine Heals
Understanding how the Solar Feminine brings forth healing is the Medicine of the
Bear…SpiritKeeper of healing…it’s Women’s Medicine though so if you ask for this Spirit
Helper to assist you look for a She-Bear *Smiles*.

Healing means that there will likely be regression work—those deep introspections of the West
and the elemental force of Water. It means that we will enter the womb where the pain was born
and we will witness it germinating and watch through conception into the growth and where it
led us to the point where it is purged from us out into the world. Lunar to Solar is
balance…Feminine into Form…the trinity is birth on some level when we achieve that in
balance. We need to know what balance looks like if we are going to strive to achieve it. Healing
comes from the teachings of the West…a feminine element, with the SpiritKeeper of Bear
overseeing the teachings of many different factors…the plants, the stones, the creature-teachers
that hold the Medicines needed to heal. The She-Bear guarding over her cubs to protect and heal
through nurturing love…a love that teaches self-survival. In the spiritual sense her cubs take
many forms…but the healing is placed for us to explore in a variety of ways. Solar Feminine
energy is one path.

The trinity is comprised of the receptive and active principles that give birth to form…the
parents and child. Masculine energies rule the physical and the Feminine energies rule the
spiritual and they balance each other. Air and Fire are masculine active or aggressive elements.
Water and Earth are feminine passive or receptive elements. Directly across from one another
you will find Air and Water, Fire and Earth…opposites that balance each other. Opposites attract
through balance. Side by side you have a strong dominance of either masculine or feminine and
to balance that we need a dominant mix…equal parts of Air and Fire balance Water and
Earth…and vs/vs…the greater whole.

Healing With The Seven Sacred Directions and Medicine Wheel
As we come to experiences or lessons, to know the fullness of them, we must pass through the
perspective aspects of each of the elements to understand the fullness of the lesson. To hold each
perspective in balance is what we strive for, so what we understand thus far in any given lesson
depends on what perspectives we hold. To complete that lesson we can learn to see what needs to
tapped to fill the gaps and be tended to this way. This is how we use the Wheel to Dance…we
must follow a path back to the teachings of the given directions that will fulfill our need for a
given perspective. Holding the perspectives of each of the Seven Sacred Directions provides us
with a more comprehensive picture and understanding of the matters we’re dealing with. The 36
stones placed within the layout of the Medicine Wheel guide those paths. Each stone is a body of
lessons that lead to greater understanding and form pathways to that knowledge. We can walk
from one path to another or go from point A to point G creating our own paths if necessary. We
can Dance the Wheel this way utilizing traditional paths of intentional study or create our own
Dance as need dictates.

Looking at the layout of the Medicine Wheel (Please see articles in the Medicine Wheel Library
for greater details on this) we can see the overall lesson that we are coming to by any given
route. Use the Medicine Wheel to help you direct the Solar Feminine energy within you as you
explore your lessons and you’ve got a vehicle that will definitely get you where you’re going a
lot faster than any hunt-and-peck method. You can do this yourself or you can ask for help along
the way. We have many teachers here at Spirit Lodge that understand the many techniques of
mapping the Medicine Wheel. You only need to figure out where you want to go. Those of us
who have come to those lessons can share what we know if you feel confused along the way too.
You can choose this to opt for this method of healing if you like. But the pattern of every lesson
we come to will pass through the perspectives of the Seven Sacred Directions. Look at them and
you will see what I mean.

1) The lesson began in the East and the elemental force of Air…the concept of involvement and
obligation we felt to explore the experience initiated us. The situation was seeded here.

2) From there it moved to the South where the element of Fire brought us to the physical
experience itself and the pain of the burn got our attention. This is the experience that allows us
to grow from it when perceived properly.

3) Healing with the elemental force of Water in the West by summoning the Lunar and Solar
Feminine energy and calling that up to conscious awareness in the confronting of the suffrage
and pain. We harvest the rewards of our efforts here. Experience combines with knowledge then
and that leads to understanding and healing.

4) From there, when the work is done, the lesson moves to the North and the wisdom gained
from the remainder of the work we’ve just completed…the application of that knowledge and
knowing when to use it or abstain from it.

5) We can now look back and see why things happened the way they did…looking into the past
is the stage found in the Below World.

6) How we have grown from it presently is the Middle World stage.

7) How we will apply that lesson in the future is the Above World stage…and there we are,
centered amid the Seven Sacred Directions with She-Bear—Healed and Whole and One.
Can you see where you are with your pain or confusion or wound? From there, where on the
Medicine Wheel do you need to go next to find the Medicine that will help you restore balance
and honor your path as you go through your healing or lesson…and what is the next wound you
will heal in that process? One thing always leads to another and we are always a work in
progress. We have many wounds in life and they are layered within us through the years so as we
heal one the next layer becomes the next lesson in our self-progression of evolution. We came to
the physical experience for a reason…to know the physical aspects of life and learn our
lessons…learn to see what they are for yourself and then take responsibility in learning them the
best you can…see where you’re going and what you’re moving into before you get there. And
see where you’ve been, how it wounded you, and what you need to do to heal it. Be responsible
to your Self for your Self and share what you can with those who are going where you’ve been.
Student Teacher/Wounded Healer. The wounds are the lessons we come to learn and share. We
must choose to open to all of them and that’s why Spirit gave us Free Will. Will you use yours or
will you give it away to being a Victim?

Passing On Healing Techniques

We cannot heal others until we learn to heal ourselves. We learn that by experience as often as
not, until we have completed our lessons (in whatever form they are presented) and accepted
them for what they were. What we learn along the way is our knowledge to share and with it we
can help those who cross our path seeking a way out of their own pain. We have the skill then to
discern if they are an individual wallowing in their suffrage and choosing to be a victim, or if
they are a serious seeker choosing to heal old wounds…we learn to read that energy signature
too. *Soft smile* It becomes something we can share with others then…others open to receiving
but then they must demonstrate that willingness too…show us that they need that lesson and the
knowledge we hold about it don’t they? We don’t need to waste time preaching to those who
can’t embrace that choice yet, nor with those who have chosen to be a Victim and drain the
energy and efforts of others hiding from their own responsibilities. You can’t heal those people,
they are closed to the healing process. So again the old principle that the individual must ask for
help before it can be given applies…and it implies their willingness to do their share of the work.
Asking may come in many forms, but it is always wrapped up in the indication they are truly
seeking a way out of things.

When the Solar Feminine calls for people to face their emotional pains and bring them to the
surface of conscious awareness, it also asks them to step away from the emotion, into the logic,
through the fear of the unknown, back into pain, through it out into the world…out into growth.
Individuals at such times in their lives are being asked to look at the emotional issues to resolve
them...higher mind devoid of ego and emotion...into the spiritual view where enlightenment
brings clarity, healing, and application of the lessons learned. It’s a tough road to walk at first.
It’s bumpy and crooked with lots of detours to dead ends and more searching for answers. It’s a
road that calls for assertiveness and the willingness to keep walking it no matter how rough it
gets…or how much time it takes.

The Wounded Healers will recognize the need for this and they will be compassionate in
working with anyone who genuinely wants to be healed. They will be hard-nosed about it too,
strong enough to confront those fears and help someone address the truths they are
uncovering…and they will insist the individual does the work they need to do so they learn their
lessons. They want to see the commitment or they would be wasting time and effort when it
could be better used elsewhere. It’s not a ‘fix me’ situation, it is a ‘guide me’ process so that the
patient becomes part of the healing process and allows for a total healing, not just a partial one.
It’s a process by which we fix ourselves…alone or with the help of others, we have to make that
choice….to step out of our pain, out of our comfort zone, out of our fears, and back into living
life fully again. We have to take that first step to get to the second and third, to the fourth and
fifth, to the sixth and final seventh perspective completing the process and then to keep walking.
The first step is in making the choice to survive, then to conquer, and onto our own path of
conviction. The choice to no longer be a Victim but to opt to be a Survivor and through that to be
a Conqueror a powerful lesson in life…one who has learned to walk in that Power and share it
wisely is one who can Walk Their Talk…a Wounded Healer, a Student Teacher…a person who
honors themselves and can therefore honor the paths of others.

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