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Sprained Ankle
By Sunflower

Mouse or anyone who might give an interpretation....I sprained my ankle last night. I am
thinking along the lines of being off balance, which is certainly true at this time. Anything else or
suggestions for re-balancing would be appreciated.


The general essence of ankle (paraphrased): The ankle represents the flexible giving of direction
and taking of new turns; yourself giving shape to your life - not letting yourself be dominated by
others, but instead depending on your own Authority. Proving yourself, manifesting yourself
independently, without letting yourself be too strongly influenced by others. Solid reliance on
yourself, not on others.

The general symbolism of a sprained ankle (paraphrased): Depending too little upon your own
basis; not seeing everything clearly - what direction might you take? You consider yourself to be
somewhat clumsy or unable to take charge in something; extering yourself for a certain cause,
but not really being involved with it. "What now, what next, I now know what my possibilities
and energies are, but how will I make use of them?"

Personally, if I were to sprain my ankle, I'd also see it as a cue to stop in my tracks, and sit for a
while with wherever I am at in my life at that point. To stop moving forwards, and to take in the
present from the different perspectives so that a new direction might be found. Hope that helps
Sunflower. (((((((hugs)))))))) and sending healing to your ankle and love to you.


I have had the whole week off because my dearest friend volunteered to take my daycare kids for
the week. I was just telling her this morning that I should just go out and find a real job now
because it feels so good not to have the stress of the "daycare". For once in 3 years I felt what it
was like to have a real home again. I am seeing this in another perspective. Maybe I will take it a
step further and see what options are out there for me right now. I am glad you shared this with
me, Mouse. I might have just blown the idea off, some more thinking about it will do me some
good. Thanks!!!

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