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Sugar Discussion
By Community

Is sugar a legal drug??? As I was posting the Numerology Birth Day Number thread, I found
myself crashing after a sugar huge intake of candies after lunch. My eyelids began drooping
around the time I was posting "17 Birth Day" and I was dern-near sleeping by 21 Birth Day;
made definite plans to lay down after I reached 31 Birth Day, then thought to post about this.
Sugar. Kids love sugar; I know I sure did, and still do very much! I have my moments for the
most part when I don't particularly care for sweets except for maybe fruit, and that not too often
either. Speaking from my own experience, eating a lot of candy saturated with sugar and other
very sweet and sugary things throws me into a state of near-bouncing-off-the-walls.

After a while, I crash; total opposite energy, and I get extremely drowsy. So drowsy I tend drift
off while in the midst of whatever task I was doing. I go into a semi-hallucinogenic type of state;
borderline sleep; borderline waking, where I am very relaxed (drowsy) partially dreaming, yet
aware of the sounds in my environment and what's going on around me. Just before that
sleep/wake state, my eyes are usually open; lids getting heavy and difficult to keep open. When
that happens, I see these moving images and patterns; usually black and white, and the first word
that comes to mind to describe them is "Mandala" (except I know it's not; that's just to describe
that they are interesting patterns).

I have a friend who is addicted to dope (heroine) and I noticed (before I found out about his
addiction) that he ate lots of candy; bought packs of candy and ate them back-to-back. When he
made his coffee, he'd put LOTS of sugar in it. I'd joke with him and say, "Have some coffee with
your sugar." One day while at McDonalds, I needed some sugar for my coffee and I asked one of
the workers how come they don't keep the sugar out like other places. She answered that "The
drug addicts always take them all."

It was some time after my friend confessed his addiction to heroine that I mentioned this sugarthing.
He explained to me that the "overdose" of sugar had the same effects as dope would; the
daze and sleepy-like state; nodding it's called, that they go into. Gosh... I forgot why I began to
post this... Well, I AM under the influence of sugar at the moment... Hmmm... I need to go get
some air... I'm having a cup of green tea with orange in hopes that I will "wake up." I don't like
this drowsy feeling; I have too much to do to be in this lethargic state. Wow ~ I really did forget
the purpose of posting this ~ there was something I wanted to ask but I cannot remember what it
was. I know I was going to mention that I like brown sugar, and used to eat it by the chunks. I
used to like to snack on sugar cubes as a kid, and I've had sugar-cane as a kid, but never was all
too fond of that for some reason. I remember that one of the questions pertained to white sugar
(granulated I believe it's called). Something I wanted to ask about glucose. Sheesh, I'm wiped out
right now! No more candy today.

Well, if you have any info on this you can share, I'm interested. Otherwise, I'm going to go out
and get some air and see if perhaps the purpose of posting on this will come to my remembrance!


From Christiane Beerlandt's book "The Horn of Plenty", in the process of being translated into English.

Sugar stands for the longing to be taken up into your intimate, joyously sweet self; sugar
provides longings with oxygen and makes that all inhibitions can freely find their way
throughout the body. Sugar puts off the sour tastes until "later", the discomforts are put away
"more deeply"…; Sugar says: "Let us immerse into the now-moment and forget all the unpleasantries
for a while". Sugar crystallizes itself in our thoughts into a dream palace with
golden coaches and clear tones as if from a heavenly organ.

The dreamlike atmosphere that Sugar calls up is far beyond the truth, but she comforts and
softens the harsh, the chilly and cold of heart. She offers a kind of saturation to those who don't
know how to saturate themselves at the Source of Life. Sugar brings hope… for happiness, for a
sweeter, more happy existence. Sugar "revives" man, lets man feel that there is "more" than all
the daily stuff.

Sugar symbolizes the belief in something that is much more beautiful than that which man has
experienced so far: this is about a beautiful sensory atmosphere in and around man himself.
People with passions or heart aches, with tendencies to harshness and coolness regarding
themselves, possibly start to eat more sweet foods than others: so that the chilly draughts should

Sugar stands for the blissful joy of feeling oneself in the warm glow of life; one longs, dreams
and hopes… and doesn't want to leave this fuddle. Giving oneself every chance for happiness.
He who longs strongly for Sugar sometimes struggles with duality: shall I take care of myself, or
must I take others into account? May I enjoy myself here, or shall I leave this alone? This person
does well to listen deeply to the Language of his HEART, his longings, at least for as long as this
is not coupled to desiring something from another –he shall make his life sweet and pleasant for
himself, without first having to get permission from his "rational mind", from another person,
from his "past" (indoctrinations: "May I do/have this…?"). He shall also have to completely
"untie" himself from both the people in the present, and the influences from the past, so that he
can decide completely autonomously what is and what isn't good for him. "Others don't have
ANY say over me", is what the Sugar-person may learn to say, "only I decide (from my heart)
and I know what is good for me!" He may set his bounds strongly. In this manner his happiness
becomes reality and he doesn't need to search for the realms of dreams, the silent realms of
paradise islands. He is always happy with himself.

Sugar urges man to drink: to drink of the Water of Life and to jump into Life energetically,
without holding back, and with a powerful jump for joy. Don't hold in those energies, don't hold
yourself back: jump into life with full force! Sing, dance, be happy, and know that the future can
only be more beautiful when you take your life into your own hands, as a master, and you then
also create from your EXPECTATIONS! You determine the direction that your life's path will
take through your expectations and intentions!

He who longs for Sugar in fact wishes very strongly to believe in this beautiful life. Sugar always
sees the bright side, knows an enthusiasm that is second to nothing; he almost lives with his feet
above the ground. It is therefore also very important that the Sugar-eater doesn't let himself slide
from ups to downs, that he focusses his life in even-ness, in balance from a constant feeling of
faith in himself, in the existence of a happy reality without an end.

Sugar urges man to dress himself warmly, to nourish himself, to take very good care of himself,
without even letting himself be troubled by what another may have to say about him.

"Dress yourself warmly, feed yourself sufficiently, dare to dress yourself with a layer of fat and
don't pay any attention to the Cult of Appearances. Be one and be perfect with and IN yourself!
In this way you are not "dependent" on your environment, you stand on your own two feet
happily and firmly, independently and freely.

Sugar also says: " Search for the Good, the LOVE, the warmth, the belief, the satisfaction…
WITHIN YOURSELF and let the rest (things and people) go." With this, dependency and
addiction (that is: you Cannot do without) vanish.

People who just like to eat Sugar products are not addicted: they feel that their bodies have a
great need for it: they shall therefore enjoy it fully, without feelings of guilt, so that, after a
while, the signal of saturation appears in the brain. These people can, if necessary, do without
sugar products, but long strongly for it: this is not an addiction, but a need for Sugar products.
This person shall therefore eat these products with enjoyment, on the condition that this is
coupled to the warm covering of the I, with warm-hearted self-fulfillment, with the liberation
from each and every coldness and harshness against the own I.

Sugar asks that you remove all sorrow, harshness, cold negativity from the I, so that life becomes
one sweet harmony, full of joy and self-satisfaction. Faith returns to a person's life, when he fully
comes to the awareness that HE alone is creator of his Paradise on Earth, that he alone can
bring himself HAPPINESS, a life without illness, without suffering. Sugar says: "You have to do
it Yourself! Believe in yourself, let go, go into yourself and bring yourself onto a newer, higher

Sugar also stands for: when reality is still experienced as too harsh, not yet perfectly happy, a
means to escape from this, a softening: " it will soon be better!". In other words: someone who is
too cold and harsh with himself, unconsciously has the longing to lift himself out of this...

Sugar Believes in Life's Happiness! Sugar leads a pleasant existence, is Full of herself and
knows that everything will always be present to let her experience this happiness. She gives it to
herself, without hesitation; she knows that nothing or nobody outside herself has to give her love,
softness or warmth. This loving self-sufficiency is a necessity for Living.

“Speaking from my own experience, eating a lot of candy saturated with sugar and other very
sweet and sugary things throws me into a state of near-bouncing-off-the-walls. After a while, I
crash; total opposite energy, and I get extremely drowsy. So drowsy I tend drift off while in the
midst of whatever task I was doing.”

Nodding - this is very much the influence of sugar. The insulin/adrenaline (fight/flight) balance
is entirely upset by straight sugars, and initially there is an extreme burst of energy, followed by
a "sugar dip" which can be equally extreme. The sugar high and sugar crash can be quite
intense eh?


If I might add sugar nutrients for healing, especially burns. Long before I became a nurse, my
husband had a horrible burn from melted mold. He of course had seen a doctor and was being
treated. I read in a herbal journal of the healing powers of sugar, and because of the nutrients.
Honey has a lot of this too. I put actual sugar on hubbies burns and lo and behold they began to
heal a very rapid pace. I found this amazing. Have any of you as healers ever heard of this?


Very interesting topic! I never liked sweet things as a kid, I'm afraid I don't fit the sugar mold. I'd
much rather have a packet of crisps or cheese. I'd eat raw turnips before I'd eat an apple. I hated
other kids birthday parties as most times all they'd have to eat was sweet stuff. I have grown to
like sweet things more as an adult, but I still don't like it half as much as savory. You want to
give me heaven? Stick me in a deli! Crabby loves sweet things. He lives on a constant sugar
intake. What's really annoying (as a constantly dieting short chubby woman) is he eats about
three to four choccie bars a day, plus coffee and tea with lots of sugar and yet he stays thin!
..but then he has signs of being hypo-glycemic?? I mean the low blood sugar problem, not
diabetes. He has to keep choccie bars with him at all times. If he does too much strenuous work
he can start feeling very weak, shaky and nauseous and then he has to stop and eat a sweet.


Crow, I'm a savory kinda gal too. I do have 1.5 spoons of sugar in tea and coffee, but I too rather
prefer having a chunk of cheese, some salami, or veggie as a snack rather than something sweet.
I'll have a veggie juice over a soda any day. Chocolate is not my favorite thing in the world.
Though I do appreciate a *piece* of very dark chocolate now and again, I'd not grieve if I had to
leave it be. I've got hypo-glycemic (looked it up!) tendencies since childhood - it's a family thing
with us. What works for me is cheese on bread, or something else that is high in starch. I find
that straight sugar doesn't help me, but decent carbohydrates do help. I have to just sit down for a
few minutes to let it kick in and it'll last for a good few hours, whereas with straight sugars it
kicks in immediately, but it lasts for about half an hour until I get a next dose of sugar. But I'm
not actually hypo-glycemic; I've got a tendency toward it if I don't monitor my activity and carb


Hi Cedar/Mouse, Oh yes, salami! YUMMM. It's interesting what you say about cheese and
starch. I must suggest that to CB. He's also a cheese fanatic so he'd be quite happy to swap
cheese for choccie and it might keep him feeling better for longer.


I am very prone to hypo-glycaemia and not a particular lover of sugar. Just as Cedar Rose
suggested cheese and starches are excellent. Complex carbohydrates are best. I have had the
fortune to be referred to a nutritionist who specializes in low-blood sugar and diabetic persons.
What helps me the most is eating 4-5 times a day in small portions (believe me they are small)
and sticking to whole grains for my starches. The least processed the food the longer your body
has to work on it and gain the benefits of level-long term glucose. I eat and snack on lots of fruits
and veggies, and include a good dose of legumes to my diet too. I have to admit when I do have
a craving for sugar it must have substance! No angel food cake or fluff stuff ... send in the pound
cakes baby ! Oh, and I do love the Dove Dark Chocolate pieces. Now I eat about 6 or 7 pieces
every few days.

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