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Thyroid general issues:
The unconscious refusal to be yourself, to transform. Possibly being under strong authority: the
authority of your father, a religion, a sect, a partner. You don't really believe in the inner
authority of your deepest Self. You live cut off from your beautiful innermost Core: you don't
believe in your worth. You are slave and servant, unworthy and a "sinner", unable to create. You
treat yourself too coldly, with too much distance. You live like a clown; you hide your feelings;
you possibly only live for others, not in true joy for yourself. Your longing to live has been
throttled because you are preventing a breakthrough in yourself. Do you have more respect for
others than you do for yourself? Then something is amiss. Fear and powerlessness prevent that
you manifest yourself via your creative possibilities. You don't really live from yourself. When
you don't first love yourself, how can you be loving for others? Your work will then be the work
of slaves, instead of an original expression of your own uniqueness. You lock yourself out. You
think and dream; your anger and frustration get pent up, but it is all within yourself. Dare to say
"I AM". Express youself, stick up for yourself, create, be fruitful, discover the warmth in your
own Solar center and *radiate* this warmth to others. Coldness will also push away others. Don't
block your intuitive powers; break with the influences of certain limiting indoctrinations and
realize your worth. Stop refusing to be yourself now. Take responsibility for your existence.


You are avoiding responsibility for this life; you flee in idealizing thoughts, in dreams, in unreal
fantasies. You run, you experience life as too taxing, you would rather look for it elsewhere...
you turn onto an alternative path; high up there in your mind, that's where you can deal with it,
that's where you don't *really* have to live. You no longer participate; initially you clamp onto
others, eventually you climb into higher and higher clouds and regions. It will be better there,
you believe you will find safety there, without fear. No real experience of reality anymore, an
unreal situation. Denial of your Divine Self. Flight...

Warm feeling of Self-awareness. A warm contact with that which is earthly, physical. They are
kind to you, don't be afraid. Comfort. Earth is not full of dark danger: come back, it's okay. Feel
safe in your own warm sunlight. Know yourself to be protected in that divine core, your deepest
Self: you don't have to run away. Nothing evil will happen to you, when you live in trust. Create
your life *yourself*, here on earth, not just in your dreams. Love for yourself, manifestation
towards the outer world, with both feet on the ground. Grab the bull by the horns.


It is as if a long wall within you prevents you from making contact with your deepest Self, so
that you feel cold, lonely and denied: because you don't really believe in yourself! You feel
trapped, in structures, in laws or in the grasp of others, but in reality you are more caught in
yourself. You refuse, or you feel that you are not able to be youself, to manifest your feelings
and possibilities outwardly. You refuse to look deep within yourself; you deny your own worth,
your divine core. You stick to the surface. You are angry at yourself; you think you are bad or
less worthy, perhaps even worthless. Self-destruction. Angry thoughts, being cut off from your
intuition. You don't like to see yourself; you possibly feel imprisoned in a task, in a religious
system, but you have called this to you all by yourself, by denying and not acknowledging
human Worth. Fear; you don't have a clear view of yourself; you don't really know who you are;
you want to *leave* the situation, but you can't see how the cause of this lies within your
convictions. You lock yourself out, you feel held back by others and that makes you so angry! It
is as though you *must* and *should* more and more, and eventually you push everything and
everyone away, because you don't see any other way out of how you can escape from this feeling
of inprisonment. You blame others, but in fact you are angry at your own powerlessness, your
own feelings of inability, specially where it concerns creativity and self-manifestation and
contact-experiences with your deepest Self. You feel cold and closed out, because you deny and
ignore your own warm heart, you ignore you divine center.

Express your longings, your feelings. Stop locking yourself up. Open yourself to your intuition
and let the deepest Powers within you burst open like a flower in springtime.

Translated from the Dutch version of "The Key to Self-Liberation" by Christiane Beerlandt.

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