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Upbringing and indoctrination, religious narrow-mindedness and prejudice: Are you building
your life on this unauthentic Authority? Turn towards yourself in all honesty, turn towards your
divine authority deep within yourself, and listen to your inner wisdom. Stop letting yourself be
unconsciously manipulated by narrow-minded philosophies that don't have respect for each
individual person, that pigeonhole people into the categories Black and White. Look at yourself,
put your feet on the ground in the here and now, and sober up: put those fantasies on a leash.
Stay present with reality and discover the beauty within yourself, in life. The Evil in this world is
only the consequence of a lack of insight. When you focus on the dark, or on that which you
judge as dark, then this says that you don't truly believe in the power of the goodness within
yourself. Has someone told you that human beings are "bad" and that you should beware? Then
you will be waiting for darkness, and strengthening/enforcing it, because you are concentrating
on it. Dare to allow love and true joy for life, lighter expectations instead of fears into your life.
Then you will be adding to the construction of a new world. Allow light and joy in your life! Let
your resistance against your inner Self go, don't build your life on dark prejudices; acknowledge
the beauty within yourself and within others; surrender to it; bend with it flexibly instead of
"knowing best" in a stubborn, short-sighted way. Stop listening to the destructive influences
from your upbringing, but open yourself to the whole variety of people... everyone has their own
story. Not a single authority, system, law outside yourself owns the truth. Listen to your heart
and look at that which is most beautiful in life. Break with that stubborn mind of your own,
become more flexible and softer. Turn inwards and stop judging.

Translated from the Dutch book "The Key to Self-Liberation" by Christiane Beerlandt.

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